Do you know who you are?


And what you came on Earth to do?

Psst! It’s easier than you think to get clarity on your Soul direction…

and stop getting in your own way.

The Alchemy of Personal Transformation (APT) is as simple as LOOK… LET… LOVE…

Glenn Younger author and transformational coach for Self-Explorers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs and New Thought Leaders on the power of APT (Alchemy of Personal Transformation) is now You’re in the right place!

Dive deep into your inborn power to live the life you came here to live.

I’ve got empowering tools for
the reader… the doer… the dreamer… the thinker… or the mystic in you.

Reawaken into your forgotten power.

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"Who have you come to be?" Roadmap to remembering and fulfilling your Divine Soul Purpose and Mission. Gree EJournal opt in from Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger on and Waymakers Academy; Spiritual Reawakening; Spiritual Transformation; Unconditional Love; meditation

The one you always wanted!

On behalf of yourself and humanity…

take the journey into your heart-of-hearts. It’s what you came for.

cartoon Glenn Younger on a Vespa. Transformational coach and author. Emotional freedom. Unconditional Love. Self-Explorers and New Thought. Light Workers

Check Point: Are you ready for me?

If you’re a…

🌀 Self-Explorer who loves to discover new depths to her Soul…

🌀 New Thought thinker who’s wondering why the Universe isn’t delivering results in her business as fast as it could…

🌀 Light Worker who wants to be one of the best in her discipline.

🌀 Or a StarChild who feels different than other people… has never been wholly comfortable living in her body… and has a restless longing for “home” in the cosmos.

You’re in the right place. Pass “go” to the next check point.


If (doggonit!)

🌀 Your Inner Critic has a way of showing up in your head at the most inopportune times…

🌀 Or you’re not always 100% sure you’re on the right track…

🌀 Or the paradigm you’ve been living in is waaaaaay too limiting… and you hold your tongue in the face of the Outer Dis-Believers of the world.

Keep going! Your ticket to new horizons is up ahead.


And if you’re READY for more…

🌀 Emotional freedom to shine your Light with unabashed happiness—no regrets, no shame, no worries…

🌀 Meaning in your life… on your terms… whether it be bigger or downsized, local or international, going it solo or managing a partner or team…

🌀 Fulfillment in knowing you’re making a positive difference in your world, in a way that’s in deepest alignment with your true nature, talents, and mission… and PROSPERING in all good things, including cashola…


Then, I’m for you and you’re for me!

My empowering books, meditations, courses, and coaching will float your boat on the high seas… the local lake… and every dimension you feel like sailing to.

**IMPORTANT:  If you want to hang on to old hurts… or stay in your head—and still have a better life—well, you’re better off looking for another planet or another coach. You’re not quite ready for me, yet.

When you get tired of looking around the cosmos—and want to transform the weight of childhood wounds into new paradigms of emotional freedom—come on back here. I’ll welcome you with OPEN ARMS… and help you fall in LOVE with your earth experience. (Psssst… when they told you that you were anything less than fabulous, they didn’t have a clue. But you will! AND YOU’LL SHOW THEM.)

“Ready to get your ticket to new horizons?”

The ROUTE you’ll take home to your heart-of-hearts is my signature…

APT (Alchemy of Personal Transformation).

With three simple steps of “Look… Let… Love” you’ll:

🌀Transform your Inner Critic and old habits into new paradigms of freedom. (Finally!)

🌀Be emotionally free to prosper in ALL good things. (Yes ma’am, good times…)

🌀Manifest your Divine Soul purpose and mission. (Now you’re into the juicy stuff!)

Choose your best method of learning.

Where you want to go? How do you want to get there?

Waymakers Academy has just the ticket.

Meet Glenn Younger

“I BELIEVE that Unconditional Love can become our new normal. 

It starts with EACH ONE OF US… and spreads out from there.”

Now, more than ever, the world needs strong links in a positive chain of change. And you’re one of them.

Here’s something they forgot to tell you about YOU:

You’re created from Infinite Unconditional Love. It’s your natural state of being. Everything else is unnatural.

It takes a pot load of your precious energy to maintain the illusion that you’re anything less than miraculous. So the first step to shifting back into your Infinite Light, is gaining your own emotional freedom from the hurts and limiting conditioning you learned in childhood.

Think of me as your Divine Soul Tour Guide… 🙂

Here’s what I came on Earth to do: Help the Waymakers of the world come home to the infinite Love of their Divine Soul Knowing. Break the family patterns. Release the OLD chains that bind you. Transform them into illumination using Divine Light’s vibrations of Unconditional Love. Use your Light to assist humanity’s ascension into new realms of living Unconditional Love right here on Earth. Won’t it be great when hate and fear and power-games are no longer in play?

With an abundant thirty years of personal and professional experience under my belt, I’ve got a hard-earned PhD in Spiritual Trial and Error. That means, if I haven’t tested… lived… and remembered it… I don’t proclaim it.

What’s important is YOU. I want you to have emotional freedom… calm… clarity… and courage to shine your Light with an ever deepening sense of inner-fulfillment and outer prosperity in all good things. Then share it with others in a way that even the Outer-Disbelievers melt their crusty facade. Just by showing up for starts. Being who you truly are will ripple out in the world in wave after wave of positive vibrations. You’ll touch people in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

How does that sound?

Of course, you can do nothing and keep living the same-old same-old all the way to the end of your days here on Earth. But why?

That’s the fast road to looking back with regret. You didn’t do what you came to do. Your relationships got ho-hum without new juices running. A quiet niggling frustration of “running out of time”—and not just today, but for your life— became your back-of-the-mind mantra. It showed up in your energy levels and eventual health.

What wants that?!?! Not you, I’m sure.

Bottom line? Here’s the skinny.

If there are things in your life that you’d like to change… old scores and karma you want to settle… STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW.

It’s time to shift gears. Change dimensions. Create a new paradigm for yourself.

Glenn Younger author and transformational coach for Self-Explorers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs and New Thought Leaders on the power of APT (Alchemy of Personal Transformation)

Use the Alchemy of Personal Transformation (APT) with three simple steps.


🌀LOOK at what’s holding you back.

🌀LET GO of whatever’s not for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

🌀LET the vibrations of Unconditional LOVE transform it into illumination… inner peace… personal freedom… whatever you want.

Because… YOU CAN. It’s really very simple. It just takes a little practice, that’s all.

I’m here to help you remember how. You’ll lighten the load and be that much closer to living the REAL YOU.

Meet YOU. Without the excess baggage of old limitations.

You go DEEPER into your inborn power without your ego-intellect’s Inner Critic dragging you down.

Your Divine Soul Knowing leads the way. That’s the part of you that has intimate knowledge of your connection to all of creation… and goes light years deeper than your “higher-self” ever could. It knows how to create anything you want. Any time. Regardless of circumstances. For your highest good, and the highest good of all involved.

With your Divine Soul Knowing in play…

  • Mental conflict that affects your business… relationships… and even physical health is transformed into vibrant inner confidence and peace.
  • Decisions come easier.
  • Prosperity flows.
  • Your current spiritual practice(s) become richer.
  • The burden of old emotional scars buried deep in your psyche are transformed into illumination and emotional freedom.
  • Time and space take on whole new meanings.

Most importantly,


the reason you’re even here on Earth.

(For doggone sure, you were NOT born to be unhappy nor to EVER struggle with your own sense of self-worth… loneliness… personal prosperity… or letting the Outer-Disbelievers scorn what you KNOW to be Truth in your heart of hearts!)

That’s why I created the FREE roadmap to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission.

If this all seems too good to be true, it’s time to think again.

I’ve seen it time and again.

The work you do with a coach (me or someone else) will go faster.

The coaching and teaching work you do for others will be more effective.

The life you live will be in deeper alignment with your True Self.

And you’ll have a whole lot more fun!

Not only will you go by the beat of that different drummer you’ve always heard… you’ll learn to dance with it… and others will, too.

Yes, your Divine Soul Knowing together with Divine Light Vibrations are that powerful.

It all comes down to remembering how to hear your Divine Soul Knowing from deep in your heart of hearts. It comes easy once the head trips of your Inner Critic and human ego are on permanent vacation.

I’m going to show you how to do that. With a little practice, it’ll make your intuitive voice sound like a first grader by comparison.

The Value of Pure Curiosity; Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger author on

You don’t have to just take my word for it…

Meet some fellow WAYMAKERS.


We come from all walks of life. Different ages. Different professions. The one thing we all have in common is we’re living freer than ever from the weight of our Inner Critics and past baggage. We’re each making a difference in the world—each in our own way—because we’re learning what living in Unconditional Love can do. Especially when we let our Divine Soul Knowing be our primary reference in life.

Here’s what just a few have to say about their experiences with me…

Glenn Younger transformational coach and author, side quote for testimonials "They're all living their Light deeper and more fully than ever before!"
  • For any of you who may be wondering what you really want, or where this is all going—or if Entrepreneurial Exhaustion is going to be your new normal—I have to recommend spiritual coach and Divine Soul Glenn Younger. She’s like a rocket ship of love, straight from the heart. What a gift!

    Sandra Kahale
    Sandra Kahale Wordsmith, Professional Editor
  • Working with Glenn changed my life. I transitioned out of a job I hated and now work with three things I love: music, voice, and children. It took courage, but with Glenn showing me the way to my Divine Soul guidance, I believe in myself now.  My interior dialogue has completely changed, with no more inner battles.

    Anna Morandi
    Anna Morandi LightWorker with children, music, and voice
  • Glenn's Divine Soul connects with your Divine Soul. Her ability to receive, see, and interpret the information is uncanny. She guided me into myself to find cords of attachment, fragments of guilt and un-forgiveness, that were preventing me and my daughter from connecting with each other. With her guidance I dissolved all these things and replaced it with Divine Love. My daughter also appears to be more free and able to step forward in her life. So grateful!

    Angela Miele
    Angela Miele Jewelry Designer and Lightworker with Sound Bowls
  • Oh my goodness! I feel great. This is so amazing. I was praying for a mentor/teacher and you showed up. This is the best ever. Laughter and light to you.

    Debbie Lehman
    Debbie Lehman Financial Professional
  • I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted.  Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.

    Alessia Porro
    Alessia Porro Small Business Owner and mother of two
  • Your work in helping me awaken is also helping many others. I'm creating a manifestation that the world around me has never seen before. My shy Korean students are learning to express their inner desires in English with peals of laughter. I've gotten my masters degree and am teaching at University... all while DJ'ing, riding my motorbikes flying through the mountains under a full moon, and setting up a Vancouver film school over here in Korea. Life is magical...

    Liam Roper
    Liam Roper University Teacher in Korea, DJ, and Entrepreneur
  • I’m now able to communicate with a serenity that I never had before.  It’s enough to listen to your Divine Soul and you know you’re on the right path.  Everything is going to be okay.

    SJ Hylton
    SJ Hylton World Traveler, Writer, Actor
  • A Divine Soul session with Glenn was a beautiful experience. Working with the vibrations of Unconditional Love is a sweet and delicate process. Inner conflict and resistance melts away so you become more aware of your true Divine self. With her guidance, I let go of a pain that I’ve carried inside of me for a long time. Afterwards, I felt lighter and more grounded in the present. Thank you from the heart!

    Maura Noris
    Maura Noris A Self-Explorer
  • Thanks to Glenn, I can now hear my Divine Soul guidance and face new challenges with courage. I've been able to refine and grow my yoga studio in a way that's in alignment with my true desires. And the vibrations of Unconditional Love are amazing. Old knots and blocks, ones that sat in my chest for too long, have melted away.

    Luisa Furlani
    Luisa Furlani Yoga Studio Owner
  • “Know that you know.”  In my experience, there is nothing more empowering and exciting than this. Glenn has the ability to get you on that road to knowing, to get you to follow your instinct for your happiness.

    Ivan Peron
    Ivan Peron Acupuncturist
  • The session I had with you was Ah-mazing! I connected with part of me that I haven’t been in touch with for too long—the confident, creative, soul-driven part of me. It was such a spectacular feeling and has led to me doing so much more in both my business AND personal lives.

    Sue Ellis
    Sue Ellis Social Media Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are YOU ready to shine your Light like never before?

Get started with your FREE roadmap now!

Who have YOU come to be?

What have you come to do?

Roadmap to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission. By author, Glenn Younger with Enlightertainment

It’s Time To Remember Your

Divine Soul Purpose And Mission.


√ The tools you’ll need, to get to your Divine Soul Knowing and the full expression of your glorious Light.

√ Mistakes to avoid, how to spot them, and how to send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.

√ Shorten your memory curve, and say hello to your Divine Soul in all your glory.

√ A visual roadmap, to help you see what the roadmap to connecting with the Inner Light of your Divine Soul is all about.

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