6 FREE Holiday Gifts

6 FREE Holiday Gifts

Whether you realize it or not, humanity gives you free holiday gifts every December. It’s up to you to open them. If you do, they’ll take your spiritual awakening to deeper levels… and surely help send your Inner Critic’s baggage on permanent holiday.

No matter where you fall in the December mix of giving holiday gifts—embracing or resisting, celebrating or not—I’d be a class-A Lazy-Lou if I didn’t share how you can make the most of these massive waves of energy floating around in the collective consciousness.

So keep reading. I’m going to share SIX FREE HOLIDAY GIFTS that’ll help you make the most of the energy already generated, and about to be generated, by December holidays.

When people come together and focus their collective energy on one particular aspect of life, that’s powerful stuff! That’s exactly what happens when six major religious events come together in the month of December. It doesn’t matter if you actively engage in a religious practice or not, by the way. The energy they generate is still present, activated, and waiting to be channeled (or not) as you want. 

Keep in mind, life is how you choose to live it. And Infinite All-Knowing, All-Powerful Unconditional Love (aka: Divine Light Vibrations) flows and manifests through whatever point of view you choose. So choose well!

Free Holiday Gifts bow for enlightertainment with Glenn Younger article on DivineLightVibrations.comOkay. Ready to open your free holiday gifts?

**Feel free to “borrow” from each other’s religious celebrations. Since the energy is out there affecting us anyway, we might as well consciously surf the alchemy waves of Unconditional Love, right?



Here’s how you can super-charge your life with the energy activated by each December religious holiday.

Hannakuh’s lighting of the candles to celebrate religious freedom is your first free holiday gift. It reminds people of the Jewish faith that miracles happen when you make the clear choice to focus your attention and let the power of God do the work. One day’s worth of oil that miraculously lasted eight days is a very clear testimony to a power that’s greater than our ego-intellect’s understanding! That energy is still available to channel in your own life.


Let go, and let the All-Powerful flow of Divine Light create a miracle in your life. (After all, a miracle is something “normal” that we just don’t yet understand the “how” behind it.) Be sure to keep Principle #6 in mind, that I talk about in the book, “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles of Unconditional Love)”.

December’s Winter Solstice is another free holiday gift. Pagans celebrate the turn of the season, where longer days of Light begin their new cycle.


Decide which “dark days” of your life that you want to leave behind. Release them to your past. Ask Divine Light to transform the experience into illumination (so you don’t inadvertently recreate them again in your future). And do a dance of celebration because you’ve now chosen to leave those dark days where they belong. The Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations meditation (in the FREE Unconditional Love Package of Waymakers Academy) will guide you on how to do just that. Or click here to access the version of the Basic Activation meditation that will take you even deeper into your Divine Soul knowing.

Consumerism is active and present all year long, but December is frenzy month thanks to the gift giving traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas. Okay, I’m being tongue in cheek when I add this to the list because consumerism isn’t a religion per se (unless you’re a bean counter, economist, or addicted to shopping). But as a wave of energy, consumerism and gift giving are easy to get swamped by because they’re up front and center all throughout the month. 


Look at where you’re giving and consuming because you think you have to. Then stop! That’s not doing anybody any good. Make the mental mind shift to find the “I want to” in the gift giving. Yes, even if it means stepping outside the box of how you did it in the past. Remember the Principle Giving and Receiving Are a Two-Way Street. They’re best done freely.

Christmas is December 25 (January 7 for Orthodox Christians). Christians’ free holiday gift comes from their celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior, the bringer of the message of Unconditional Love.


Celebrate a new birth in your own life. Let the conscious awareness of Infinite Unconditional Divine Love be born in you on deeper levels. Release whatever is getting in the way. Allow it to be transformed into illumination and the emotional freedom to live Unconditional Love more fully and freely for your highest good, and the highest good of all around you. (How to do that is in the FREE Unconditional Love Package in Waymakers Academy.)

Muslims celebrate the birth of their prophet Muhammed in December. Sunni’s also celebrate it in December, but not always the same date. Other Muslims call celebrating Muhammed’s birthday nothing more than a religious innovation and don’t celebrate it all. The alchemy of their free holiday gift comes in the form of your free choice.


Make the free choice on how you authentically want to live and celebrate your life. 

Kwanzaa is December 26 – January 1. Formed in the 1960’s to help African American people remember their roots, as well as nurture unity and community. It’s a good reminder (and free holiday gift) for people of all heritages.


Remember the deepest roots you have: Your connection to the Unconditional Love of everything that ever was, is, and will be via your Divine Soul. Express your Love to others in your community—whether it be geographic, familial, your tribe of like-minded-people, and/or all Divine Souls who are also having a human experience. 

Those are the gifts of Energy/Spirit/God/Divine Light that December brings us. Choose to open them in your heart, and you’ll love the results.

Sending a smile and the warmest waves of Love for however you celebrate the December holidays,



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6 FREE Holiday Gifts

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