Passion and Your Divine Soul Mission: 7 Traps You Can Fall Into When You Confuse the Two.

Passion and Your Divine Soul Mission:

7 Traps You Can Fall into When You Confuse the Two.  

Before we talk about the traps you can fall into when you confuse your passion with your Divine Soul mission, here’s a quick reminder about the difference between your Divine Soul mission and Divine Soul purpose:

Your Divine Soul mission is connected to WHAT you came here on Earth to do. And why you originally came. (Click here to read more.)

Your Divine Soul purpose is all about HOW you use Divine Light… and WHO you’ve come to be. The deeper you move your attention onto your Divine Soul knowing, the more passionate you’re going to become about different vehicles (or activities) through which you learn to express your Light.

“How deep you fall into the traps—and how you handle it when you do—marks the gateways to your spiritual maturity.”

Which brings us to the 7 traps you can fall into when you confuse your passion(s) with your Divine Soul mission.


Once you find a passionate expression of your Divine Soul purpose, the seven biggest traps you can fall into are when you think…

1) You have to turn the passion of your Divine Soul purpose into a Divine Soul mission or a career…

You don’t. The key is to learn to find the “jazz” or pleasure in everything you do. It’s about shifting your perspective into a different mindset.


2) That your Divine Soul mission has to be big…

It doesn’t. So take the load off your shoulders.

It’s not uncommon if your ego-intellect interprets the vastness of infinite Divine Love by thinking, “Whoa! This is HUGE! I’ve got to do something big with it!”

That “pull” towards doing something big is the pull to participate in a ripple effect in the world. You do that best by going deep—not necessarily big—in your day to day living. In and of itself, that’s huge!

Look at Mother Theresa, She didn’t start out by wanting to do something big. She started out by wanting to help the poor around her not go hungry. She went deep into it… it rippled outwards… others got on her bandwagon… and the rest is history. Never, did she set out to create a huge bandwagon.

(To see another great example of the ripple effect in action, read the article on The Difference Between a Divine Soul purpose and Divine Soul mission.)

If you do feel in every fiber of your being—where there’s no room for doubt—that you came here on earth to directly touch millions upon millions of lives then by all means take action. Be vigilant that it isn’t your ego-intellect that’s doing the driving but, rather, your Divine Soul.

To avoid the trap, start locally. Build from there. It’s consistent concrete steps—ones aligned with your Divine Soul purpose and the manifesting power of Divine Light—that move you forward.


3) The applause will be thunderous…

Recognition isn’t necessary to fulfilling your Divine Soul mission. In fact, seeking recognition or other people’s approval can often pull you off track if you use that as your measurement of “success”. Applause won’t gain you more love or make you more lovable.

You already ARE infinite Divine Love incarnated, so seeking applause is simply your ego-intellect looking in wrong directions for what you already have and have forgotten to see… and feel… and receive.

If you want to be in richer alignment with your Divine Soul purpose so you can discover your core Divine Soul mission… learn to GIVE APPLAUSE rather than seek it.

Then… when applause does come to you, you’ll be able to receive it with grace.


4) Results will be measurable on a global scale…

Odds are, they won’t be. And don’t need to be. You’re better off measuring results in your own inner circle, one person at a time.

If you look for measurable results on a global scale, you’ll miss the small steps. Plus, you can get frustrated in the process.

Besides, there is no way you’ll ever know how far and wide your Light has rippled outwards. You touch one person… they touch another… who touches another… and so it circles around the globe.

Let Mother Theresa be your reminder. Her mission was to alleviate hunger one person at a time. It rippled out from there because more and more people awakened to a similar Divine Soul mission.


5) Doing a “traditional job” is selling out and keeping you from your Divine Soul mission…

You might be missing the point. Does your Divine Soul agree with your ego-intellect’s belief?

Some of the best Light work you can do is in a traditionally non-spiritually oriented environment. Not only does that kind of environment need vibes of Unconditional Love, it can be in the highest alignment with your Divine Soul purpose.

On the other side of the trap, you might be better off in a non-traditional job. But don’t let your perceptions be colored by pre-judgement.

Always ask your Divine Soul for guidance.


6) Your Divine Soul mission guarantees you deep satisfaction, all the time…

Deep satisfaction CAN’T be constant.

Your Divine Soul mission requires you to grow out of your human conditioning and into fulfilling your mission. Satisfaction comes from a job well done. It comes from stepping up to a challenge… figuring out what needs to be done… and then doing it to create a measurable result.

Completion of growth steps does bring a deep warmth-in-your-belly satisfaction, that’s for sure. Which means the process of fulfilling your Divine Soul mission will bring moments of deep satisfaction. It just won’t be all the time.

Here’s why. That deep satisfaction you feel soon becomes your new norm. It doesn’t feel so deep once you get used to it. Plus, the growth process itself includes periods of instability as you step from your known world into unknown horizons.

But that’s the beauty of a spiritual reawakening. The next growth step will take you deeper. So will the one after that… and the one after that, too. Each time you complete a growth step, the satisfaction you’ll feel will be on deeper levels. It just won’t be constant.


7) You’ll get rich doing your Divine Soul mission…

Beh. Maybe. Maybe not. You can, of course! But it’s not a given.

The popular phrase, “Follow your passion and the money will follow,” doesn’t always hold water. Not without a pot load of focused attention… personal motivation (that can shift its emotional heartbeat when you’re not paying attention)… and consistent action.

Keep in mind, the cosmos doesn’t work on money. We do on earth, but only because it’s a convenient exchange of energy. The Universe, however, doesn’t give a flying rip about something so man-made.

The classic and comedic Sci-Fi fiction “Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” had a brilliant line right at the beginning about life on planet Earth, and how we use money as our solution to feeling unhappy.

“Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.”

The real riches from living your Divine Soul purpose—and working towards fulfilling your Divine Soul mission—come from your improved quality of life on all levels.

That being said, you can use your Divine Soul knowing and the infinite power of Divine Light’s Unconditional Love to manifest a steady and abundant stream of cash. It does require focused action. Even winning the lottery requires getting off the couch and buying a ticket. Of course, it’s not a given that you’ll win if your willingness to receive is out of whack with the desired result. CLICK HERE to read an example of prosperity consciousness and how I went about (not) winning the lottery.



For many, having a steady paycheck—with time to follow their passion as a hobby—frees them up to touch deeper levels of personal satisfaction. That personal satisfaction makes a huge difference in the world. They bring it with them wherever they go—work included. In turn, that ripples outwards to touch all who come in contact with them.

Others, take the leap with trying to monetize their passion.

Often, the fastest way to suck pleasure out of your Divine Soul purpose is to turn it into a Divine Soul mission with a financial proposition. Especially when you think it will “save” you from the dissatisfaction of what you’re currently doing and how you’re currently living.

That’s not a given.

Instead of the free expression you hoped for, it’s easy to fall into tempering yourself so you can find clients who are willing to pay. You spend a ton of time marketing that passion rather than actually engaging in what brings you pleasure. Popular trends can pull you into the wrong currents. It’s ridiculously easy to lose sight of your all-important WHY and WHO.

In either case, it’s all about perspective.

If you do decide that you want to try to make your Divine Soul purpose and passion into a Divine Soul mission / business, then it boils down to this:


“Do what you love. Figure out a way to sell it to others.”


It’s not for everyone. It’s not easy. The rewards are not always immediate. It’s not always in your highest good, despite all the hype to the contrary. And it will require sales and marketing, which isn’t always something that comes easy to a creative type of person.

If you secretly hope that turning your passion into a Divine Soul mission that brings in cashola will let you avoid the banality and power games of day-to-day life here on Earth, STOP RIGHT THERE. It won’t. Period.

The banality of repetitive to-do’s like cleaning the house and doing the grocery shopping are part of the gig. Unless you have a live-in staff. Then you’ve got the repetitive to-do of managing them.

Humans trying to ply their power games are a fact of life.

Part of your Divine Soul purpose is to transform your headset and how you engage with them. If you’ve forgotten that—or haven’t yet accepted it—revisit the article, The Difference Between Your Divine Soul Purpose and Divine Soul Mission.


Let’s say you do decide that navigating the money trap of turning your Divine Soul purpose into a Divine Soul mission-as-a-business is the right path for you. It’s important to stay hyper-focused on four basic elements:

  1. Who you came to serve.
  2. How you came to serve them.
  3. How you can serve them in a way that they’re willing to pay their hard earned cash in exchange.
  4. Your personal motivation of why you’re focusing on turning the passion of your Divine Soul purpose into a Divine Soul mission oriented business.

Keep all that in mind if you decide to turn your passion into a financial proposition. Releasing your doubts, fears, and Inner Critic’s head trips will be a non-negotiable necessity. Following your Divine Soul Knowing will take even more courage than ever because you’ve got a lot more at stake.

Attentive listening to your Divine Soul Knowing is key. Use the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation V2.0 and release whatever no longer serves you for transformation into illumination. How to do that is in the mini-course that comes with the meditation. (This a good idea for everything you do.)

Soon, your Divine Soul—THE INFINITE YOU—will be your guiding beacon. The traps won’t enter into your equations.

If you want my individual attention to help you in listening to your Divine Soul guidance, then I’m always available for 1-on-1 Divine Soul sessions. I can help you navigate the traps of your ego-intellect… understand your Divine Soul guidance… and stay focused on following through so you manifest the concrete results you want.

“HOW you express your Divine Soul purpose—and WHAT interim Divine Soul mission you choose—makes all the difference in the world.”


Here are three examples of how fellow Waymakers navigated the traps. They put their passions and Divine Soul missions into a new perspective, and are happier for it.

**If you don’t want to read the examples, CLICK HERE to jump to the article RECAP and your free goodie.



Example #1:

I have a client who is multi-passionate about many things. For the longest time, she kept wanting to turn the passionate expressions of her Divine Soul purpose into a business-oriented Divine Soul mission. That made her inordinately unhappy in her actual job. This sucked at her energy, which left her depleted and unable to pursue her passions with freedom.

In short, she wasn’t even living her Divine Soul purpose, although her ego-intellect was convinced she was. That is, until she exhausted herself in the process.

Her major breakthrough came when she finally let go of the idea that her passions had to become a business. Suddenly, her nine-to-five traditional job took on a different meaning. She felt free once again to be joyful in expressing her Divine Soul purpose through aromatherapy, massage, dance, and tarot card readings.

Her current Divine Soul purpose is to experiment with her personal expression. That means transforming the limiting ideas she learned growing up so she can.

Her interim Divine Soul mission is to move lightly in a job that she originally viewed as being “heavy”. The memory of her original Divine Soul mission—her reason for coming to earth in the first place—will unfold as she does. But this current mission does feed into her core mission.

The happy vibe she emits touches the clients she serves in her traditional job. They walk away with a lighter feeling, which touches everyone with whom they come in contact.

The ripple effect of her Divine Soul purpose is in full motion. She may or may not end up being directly paid to share her passion in the future. What’s important is that now she’s learning to live a richer life on all levels. And the world around her is benefitting, including those in her traditional job.


Example #2:

Mike Rowe, the host of the Discovery Channel TV series, “Dirty Jobs,” is quoted as saying, “Don’t follow your passion. Always bring it with you.”

A great example of this is a story from thirty five years ago. A man came to the woman who was my teacher at the time. Frank was concerned about what others were saying about his job choice so was seeking advice.

“Everybody is telling me I can do so much more with my life,” he said, “and that I should get a better job. They say I have low self-esteem issues. But I like my job. I give a good service that the world needs. The paycheck more than serves my needs. I get all my afternoons off so I can enjoy my daytime hours. I’m learning to grow a vegetable garden and I’m learning to paint. I love my life!”

“That sounds wonderful,” my teacher assured him. “What is it you do?”

“I’m a garbage collector.” He shrugged.

That’s a job that many look down upon as being “less-than”. Yet if you were present in New York during the garbage strike, you know how important that role is in our earth experience.

No low self-esteem issues on his part. He was living an abundant life on his terms. On the money front, he had more cash reserves in his savings account than most do even with their high paying jobs.

His Divine Soul purpose was to stand tall in his Light as he experimented with learning new ways of self-expression. His passion for gardening and art was fully nurtured. The car he drove wasn’t big and fancy. But his neighbors sure appreciated all the fresh vegetables he put on their dinner tables as his gift of sharing.

His core Divine Soul mission was to serve on a fundamental level of day-to-day life here on earth.

His garbage collecting did that in spades.

In the process, he also served his core Divine Soul mission on  fundamental metaphysical levels.

Once he let go of the idea of what others thought about his lifestyle, he was in perfect alignment with his Divine Soul purpose and Divine Soul mission.

He showed them by example that their perceptions of his job choice were nothing more than projections of their own fears of not being or doing enough. Plus, his colleagues were always glad he was around because his inner peace was contagious.


Example #3:

By all appearances, a yoga studio owner was right on target.

Her Divine Soul purpose is to explore the physical realms of life here on earth. Her chosen interim Divine Soul mission is through teaching yoga.

The studio she opened was gorgeous. Elegant. Spacious. Quiet. Lots of parking. She was serving her clients—and serving them well. She hosted guest teachers. Guest programs. The number of students grew.

The problem was her ego-intellect spent inordinate amounts of energy wanting to be recognized as the BEST. There was nothing wrong with that per se. It’s just that she let the applause and recognition be her defining measurement. Since the WHY of her personal motivation was from an ego-based point of view, it wasn’t in alignment with her Divine Soul’s.

This became especially key since she’d also made the conscious choice to be on the road back to her Divine Soul Knowing.

Using the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation, she was consistently releasing any thoughts, ideas, circumstances that no longer served her for her highest good. Asking the vibrations of Divine Light’s Unconditional Love to transform them into illumination brought her new emotional freedoms, one after the other.

The transformations also brought her insights into how she could serve her clients on deeper levels. Her Light work rippled outwards.

Still, her ego-intellect hung onto its hunger for the title of “best”.

That hunger for recognition drove her to make business decisions that weren’t always in her highest interest. Her Divine Soul guidance told her one thing. Her ego-intellect resisted and tried to hold on to what it saw as hard earned “progress”. But holding on wasn’t in her highest good.

What ensued was a breakdown of her business. Outside influences shifted the quiet ambience of the space. People betrayed her. Laws changed. Her landlord went back on his agreements.

With her back against the wall, she asked her Divine Soul for guidance. This time, however, she was more sincere than ever in her intention to follow through. The answer was to “let go”. But how could she let go with everything falling down around her? What would be left if she did?

With a deep breath—and a sigh of resignation—she let spiritual wisdom reign. She let go of the fear and asked for the vibrations of Unconditional Love to transform it into clarity and courage.

Her driving WHY of her Divine Soul mission shifted. New visions for her business have opened up. She’s gotten new certifications for teaching different types of yoga. Deeper questions have come to her. And are coming still. More meaningful illuminations have followed.

Her trust in the process is growing by leaps and bounds.

She’s restructuring her business. Redefining what she does… who she’s come to serve… how… and why. Fresh excitement for what the future holds is the new terrain of her emotional world.

Without the old driving hunger, she’s living in truer alignment with her core Divine Soul purpose of expressing herself more fully and freely through the physical realm of yoga as an interim Divine Soul mission.

Her clients are benefitting enormously as a result. So is her pocket book.

In these examples, you can see the distinct growth of how three different people have gone about remembering and fulfilling their Divine Soul purpose and Divine Soul mission. And how they navigated the traps you can fall into when you confuse your passion with your Divine Soul mission… and attach the idea of money to the equation.

In short, your core Divine Soul mission might be something as simple as learning the personal discipline of cutting the grass with a smile so humanity doesn’t have to live in a jungle.

Or it could be something strange and exotic to the masses like opening the collective consciousness to the concept of bi-location.

And everything else in between.

You recorded your Divine Soul mission in your Divine Heart of hearts before you were born… and you can access that memory just as soon as your human ego-intellect is willing to let go and be curious enough to hear it.


ALWAYS ask your Divine Soul for guidance. It’s so fundamental, you can find how to do that in…



To not fall into emotional traps when you confuse your “passion” with your Divine Soul purpose and Divine Soul mission, the things to remember are…

  • Big isn’t necessarily better.
  • Many Divine Soul missions ask us to be unsung heroes, with no recognition at all. But you’ll recognize it from the deepest parts of your being and that will be more than enough.
  • The biggest difference you make will probably not be directly measurable.
  • Freely expressing the Light of your Divine Soul purpose will make a positive ripple affect to humankind’s ascension.
  • You don’t necessarily have to make a living from your Divine Soul mission. You can if you want to, but accept that it might not be as easy as you hope.

I’ve made it easier for you to avoid the traps.


Who have YOU come to be?

What have you come to do?

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It’s Time To Remember Your

Divine Soul Purpose And Mission.


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    Thank you Sarah! Love your illumination/recognition: “success
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    Just shared this post on my facebook page The Numbers Queen, with this comment:
    “I’m a big fan of Glenn (a 35/8 Spiritual Boss & Connector), had a 1-on-1 with her a while ago and
    her words still ripple in my head. The truth always sticks 🙂 This article helped me today
    as I’ve been grappling with working vs my love of screenprinting. This article was a reminder that, “You don’t necessarily have to make a living from your Divine Soul mission.
    You can if you want to, but accept that it might not be as easy as you hope.” It feels luxurious
    to take time out for art class when I have two kids and am the breadwinner of a busy household, but what I’m starting to realise (after getting yet another sore throat), is that success
    without fun and self-care, is no success at all. Hope you enjoy this read, Glenn’s
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