How to find your balance during an emotional transformation

How do I keep my balance during an emotional transformation?

That question about ‘keeping’ your balance during an emotional transformation came from Maura.

Question: Thank you from the heart for the help you’re giving me. I had a headache for a few days, but when I read your email, it melted right away. (It was a mental block.)

My Divine Soul guided me to ask you something else.

I have trouble maintaining concentration when I feel a higher energy. It’s like my ego-intellect gets left behind to play catch up. Is this normal? And is there a way to get back into balance?

Answer:  You have a couple of things that are tripping you up. Before I get into shifting them to your favor, I want to say, “Brava!” for recognizing that it was a mental block giving you the headache. In addition to using the ultimate organic cure for headaches

…it would be in your highest good to …

Make two small changes to your mindset.

Remember,  the power of Divine Light Vibrations is complete and very precise. Small inner shifts make a huge difference in outer results.


1. Shift your interpretation of what you’re doing.  

In the book, “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience” (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”, I talk about the principle that ‘Thoughts Are Things That Produce Results’.

So in light of that principle…

Switch out the term ‘higher’ energy with ‘more refined’ energy.

Here’s why.

When you think of ‘higher’ energy, the tendency is for your attention to go to the area around your head. Consider that your ego-intellect’s turf.

When you think of transformational vibrations as ‘more refined’ energy, the tendency is for your attention to stay in your body where you’re actually feeling the sensations (and where all that old emotional energy is actually stored). Behind your solar plexus is also where you access your Divine Soul Knowing.

In working with people over the years, I’ve also noticed their ego-intellects have a tendency to want to manage ‘higher energy’, while they’re more willing to discover ‘more refined’ energy.

Why is that so important?

Managing is about controlling. There are times when control is important, naturally, but not during a transformation where new points of view are being born.

Discovering is a more open, and fluid approach, which gives Divine Light Vibrations more room to work through. This will organically keep your inner peace during an emotional transformation.

So… feel out of balance? That’s your sign that you need to go into discovery mode by being curious about how to live the changes you want.

Curiosity is mega-important. That’s why “Ignite Your Curiosity” is step one of the online course Meet the Infinite You. Curiosity brings you to discovery, and lets you feel tranquil while experiencing an emotional transformation. Afterwards, when it’s all said and done, your ego-intellect will understand completely what the emotional transformation was all about. How could it not? You’re feeling a brand new kind of emotional strength and freedom.

Approaching the entire experience with curiosity also gives you permission to feel peaceful during the transformation, which is another word for ‘balance’ in this case. You won’t have to ‘get back’ in balance because you’ll have glided on the wings of curiosity to discover a new balance, with new emotional freedom(s).

 2. Give your ego-intellect permission to be a little bit (or a lot) behind during an emotional transformation.

It’s super normal!

Because it can only interpret things based on past experiences—and since an emotional transformation ALWAYS brings something new to your awareness—your ego-intellect will always be a little bit behind. When you try to ‘keep an emotional balance’, you’re trying to hang on to what you know from the past.

Also, when you want to get ‘back in balance’, you’re fighting against the power of Divine Light Vibrations by asking it to do two different things that directly oppose each other. It’s a dynamic of want versus not-want. (I talk about that in both the book as well as the online course.)

In effect, you’re asking for:

1. A new transformation and…

2. A return to the old, to ‘get back’.

It’s only when the emotional transformation is complete that a metaphorical light bulb goes off in your head, and you say, “Ahah! I get it!”

So be curious, discover the new, and enjoy the changes. After all, experience is always the strongest teacher.

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