Go Beyond Polarity Thinking and Into Your Heart

The fact of the matter is this: if you want to even start to grasp the concept of Infinite Love, you HAVE to go beyond the polarity thinking of your ego-intellect.

I received this ‘thank you’ from Ann, an already an established Light Worker who was at a cross roads in the nature of her work. Going deeper into her relationship with her Divine Soul made her clearer on which choice was in her highest interest, as well as the highest interest of all involved.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!


You have taken me (or should I say you helped me find my way) to a new and clearer level of understanding. I now feel confident in my communication with my Divine Soul; having a name makes a difference. I understand how subtle it all is. 


My big lesson was realizing my communication with my Divine Soul was clouded by my thinking mind and, therefore, I was being influenced by others as well.  Oh, the lessons are all so subtle now, but with huge impact.


After 2 days of mourning and releasing, today I took a cleansing bath and spoke with my Divine Soul. She helped me to understand that the ones with whom I was working are steeped in polarity even though they are on an astral plane. She helped me to understand that the idea of polarity also exists in the spiritual realms and it is time to let them go and rise above it.”

Our mind, our ego-intellect, is designed to think in polarity.  Our hearts only know how to create in completeness where the polarities are already fused into the whole. If you want to rise above – or go beyond – polarity thinking, then go deeper into your heart as Ann did.

This is why I encourage people to open up conversations with their Divine Souls. Even if you don’t manage to ‘get’ it right away, the act of putting your attention in that direction will automatically head you towards the conscious dimensions of your Divine Heart.

Do you have a specific area in your life where you want to go beyond polarity thinking?

Write it in the comments below.  Then, let’s send each other Divine Light from our heart of hearts to help us all move beyond polarity thinking.

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