How to Change Your Thoughts so You Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your Life

When you change your thoughts, you change your world. Why? Because you live it differently.

After all, it’s how you perceive what’s happening to you that guides your actions and feelings, right?

If you’re at ALL interested in…

  • And enjoying a deeper clarity and fuller prosperity in all good things…

…then it’s fundamental to change your thoughts. Otherwise, you’d already be where you want to be.

There are two ways you can change your thoughts.

  1. Use good old-fashioned will-power. The problem with this is that your conscious mind will battle it out with your subconscious mind. You can plow on through—do your best to overpower or “destroy” it—but it takes a pot load of energy. I talk about that dynamic in greater detail in step four of the online course MEET THE INFINITE YOU in Waymakers Academy.
  2. Use the power of Divine Light Vibrations to transform it into emotional freedom. That’s the enlightened way of the Self-Explorer and New Thought Thinker who’s also interested being a Waymaker to new dimensions of life here on earth.

When you take the second path, it’s that “AHAH!” moment when the light bulb goes off in your head that’s so cool. The door opens to new emotional freedoms and inner well being. Suddenly, the weight of what you thought you saw—or the bad feelings you felt—just don’t exist anymore. They no longer drive you. You’re free.

If you’ve been consistently doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation V.20, you’ve already been experiencing the emotional freedom and well-being that comes when you let old habits and perceptions be transformed into illumination.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for freedom from past conditioning by changing your thoughts about it.

When you….

  • resist…
  • or try to destroy a limiting belief that’s been holding you back…
  • or try to deny your feelings…

…you’re trying to use your will-power and only end up creating more of the same.

This video shows it in perfect metaphor.

[I don’t usually share material from someone else’s YouTube channel because you never know when they’ll take it down.  But I loved this too much not to share. Pop me an email if you see it’s gone off-line?]

Press “play”. When it’s done, ask yourself, “What does this mean to me?”

Can you identify anything that you’re wanting to ‘overpower’ in your life?

It can be a thought, an old habit, a relationship, a philosophy, situation, anything.

Then it’s time to change your thoughts… and refine your approach to how you go about it.

Using the sword of will power to change your thoughts only creates more of the same!

Use the power of Unconditional Love (aka: Divine Light Vibrations) and your innate Divine Soul Knowing, instead.

Here’s how…

Action plan cartoon: Ideas without action are just daydreams. Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger, author and spiritual coach on DivineLightVibrations, Inner Critic

Action Plan

to Change Your Thoughts

(Because knowledge without action is a Mind Game at best.)

The no-struggle approach to transforming an old fear, belief, or emotion that’s holding you back.


1. Decide what dynamic or belief in yourself is holding you back. If you’re unsure, your Inner Critic is usually pretty doggone vocal on that front. Or CLICK HERE to see the most common list of limiting beliefs I’ve helped people transform during 1-on-1 Divine Soul Sessions.

2. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation V2.0.

(Available for immediate download. If you’ve already signed up for it and want to download it again onto another device,  you’ll find it in your member’s area in Waymakers Academy.)

2. Place your attention behind your solar plexus, and the concept of your Divine Soul that knows how to direct Divine Light Vibrations for your highest good. Note: I’m speaking of your Divine Soul, NOT your Higher Self. They’re two different aspects of you, with two distinctly different functions. CLICK HERE to read more.

3. Declare: “I no longer want to live under the weight of (   fill in the blank  ). I now release it to Divine Light Vibrations for transformation into illumination.”

4. Then… LET GO. That’s the key! Set it free. Let your Divine Soul do the driving in this—rather than your ego-intellect’s will power. When you do, the power of Divine Light Vibrations will do the heavy lifting.

5. Go live the new freedom. To help you stay on track, use the bonus PDF “GET WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU CAN” that comes with the meditation mini-course.

6. If a situation arises that tests your resolve, stand up and let your Divine Soul Knowing guide you. Let Divine Light Vibrations flow from your solar plexus in new directions.

IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


Suggested reading:

  1. Book: “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”
  2. Article: ““How to Lighten the Load of Limiting Beliefs.”  (Includes a list of limiting beliefs to get your thoughts going.)
  3. Follow your curiosity and click on any one of the links in this article.

Are you curious to get answers to this burning question?

Who have YOU come to be?

What have you come to do?

Roadmap to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission. By author, Glenn Younger with Enlightertainment

It’s Time To Remember Your

Divine Soul Purpose And Mission.


√ The tools you’ll need, to get to your Divine Soul Knowing and the full expression of your glorious Light.

√ Mistakes to avoid, how to spot them, and how to send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.

√ Shorten your memory curve, and say hello to your Divine Soul in all your glory.

√ A visual roadmap, to help you see what the roadmap to connecting with the Inner Light of your Divine Soul is all about.

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Divine Light Vibrations Spiritual Transformation arrow2.02.45It’s your turn to talk. What’s on your mind?

What dynamic, belief, or thought are you ready to release?

Share it in the comments below.



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