Chaos of the Mind and Medications

Medications can help you until you learn how to use Divine Light Vibrations to transform the underlying problem.

Wrong medications can send you into tilt.  Your body will tell you.  Your psyche will tell you.  Your emotions will scream at you if you’re listening.

I received an email request from a young man who was having troubles living in the chaos of what he felt came from wrongly prescribed medications.  He said they gave him nothing but chaos of the mind.  He was also feeling trapped by the choices others have made for him in the name of his own good.

He asked for help and for me to pray for him.

We can send others our vibrations of Divine Light, individualized in the form of our own unconditional Divine Love.  We can ask for their illumination and ‘healing’.  We can even do it from afar.

However the real work has to come from within each of us.  For ourselves.  In the final analysis, we are the ones responsible for our own life experiences.

I took it into meditation, connected with his Divine Soul, and asked how I might best serve.

The following is what I sent to him in answer to his email. I am including it here should you like to add your own vibration of Divine Love to assist him in his process of finding his own Truth, already written in his heart of hearts. You don’t need to know his exact circumstances since your Divine Soul can connect with his without your ego-intellect having to be privy to the details. You only need to add your intention in directing your Divine Light to assist another fellow traveler in his life experience.

Remember, Divine Light is made up of an Infinite Intelligence that knows all things, an Omniscient Wisdom that knows how to transform all things, and an Omnipotent Unconditional Love that can transform all things. Just declare your intention and let the Light do the work.

Dear T,

I am sending you Light as you requested. I asked within for how I could best serve in answering your request. This is what I have been guided to suggest to you:

1. Do the Basic Activation of the Divine Light Vibration meditation EVERY DAY.

2. Once you have completed it, declare the following while keeping your attention on your solar plexus. After each declaration, allow the vibration of Divine Light to move through you.

A. I choose peace.
B. I release all effects of drugs and medications, which do not serve me for my highest good. I choose peace.
C. I release all thought patterns and belief systems, which no longer serve me for my highest good. I choose peace.
D. I release all dynamics in my life, which no longer serve me for my highest good. I choose peace.

Since your thoughts are habitually chaotic, you might find them scattering here and there during your meditation. No worries. Simply put your attention back on your solar plexus and choose peace. Allow the Divine Light to move within you and do the work of transformation.

There is no need to struggle against the chaos around you and within you.  Chaos feeds on struggle. Simply declare what you want and let Divine Light, which is also known as Unconditional Divine Love, do the work.

I wish you well. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that, with the transformative powers of Divine Light, you can move through any and all dynamics that are on your life’s plate. This is true for ALL of us and you are no exception. Persistence, time, willingness and patience on your part are key.

Do you know someone in a similar situation with funky medications?

Write their name below and we’ll send them Light to help them in their journey.  

Be sure to send your Light if you see someone’s name written.  

You don’t have to know the circumstances because your Divine Soul does and knows how to work with their Divine Soul for their highest good.

Some of the principles of Divine Light present in this entry:

  • Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results
  • The Power of Thought
  • Pain Comes From Resistance

You can read more about these principles in the book “Vibrational Voyages: How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience“.  Click here if you want to see the whole Table of Contents.

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