Celebrate the Divine Feminine in you… and birth yourself into new freedom.

Celebrate the Divine Feminine in you… and birth yourself into new freedom.

Women’s Day is celebrated around the world.

People are marching… donating…giving flowers… breaking bread… or celebrating in their own personal way.

That’s a strong vibe running in the collective consciousness, one you can ride to new horizons in your world.

Which means, it’s the perfect day to celebrate the DIVINE FEMINE in you. Yes, whether you’re wearing a female body or male body.

Remember, you’re a Divine Soul having a human experience.

You’re a magnificent being of Divine Light.

And anything your Inner Critic tries to fill your mind with is nothing more than a head-trip into the quicksands of unnecessary limitation. Use the collective consciousness of Women’s Day to send that head trip on permanent vacation.

Use the Divine Feminine in you to birth yourself into a new freedom and new ways of living your Light.


Whether you live in a female or male body for the duration of your Earth experience…

Action plan cartoon: Ideas without action are just daydreams. Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger, author and spiritual coach on DivineLightVibrations, Inner Critic

Do this to let the Divine Feminine in you bring you to new freedom:


1. Think of ONE THING your Inner Critic tells you. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation.


2. Say, “I love you, but I no longer choose to live with that fear.”


3. Release it to Divine Light and let the vibrations of Unconditional Love transform it into illumination. (You’ll start to feel better, lighter, right away if you really release it.)


4. Then specifically DO SOMETHING NEW to affirm your passage into new horizons of emotional and personal freedom.


Now THAT’S a pain-free birth! And it only takes ten minutes of your time.


Sending a smile…




P.S. If you’re unsure how to do that, get the Guided Meditation v.2.0 mini-course from Waymakers Academy. It’ll take you step by step through the process. Plus, there’s an extra free goodie in there for you.

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Let’s chat!

What head trip from your Inner Critic do you want to send on permanent vacation?

Share it in the comments and I’ll send you Light from afar.

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