What is your Divine Soul?

This is an updated article, originally published on February 14, 2011.

What is your Divine Soul?

We were talking over dinner about  her Divine Soul when Barbara held her hand up to interject…

“Divine? What’s divine mean, really? I mean, I can understand a ‘divine dinner’… or ‘divine date’. But…” She rolled her eyes. “Divine shamine, oy vey!

I cracked up laughing.

People’s passions and control mechanisms seem to run deeper when it comes to their world of spiritual understanding. Perhaps it’s because it’s such an intimate experience. Or maybe it’s because the concept of Infinite Unconditional Love and Divine Light is so vast. The sheer immensity can make you feel like a tiny speck in the vast expanse of creation.

On one hand, it’s a beautiful thought to be a part of something so grand.

On the other hand, infinite possibility isn’t something your ego-intellect has been taught to consider. It’s been conditioned to like tidy explanations and concrete boxes where it can manage potentially wayward emotions. Existing inside of infinity is hardly a tidy subject on an emotional level.

Past prejudices of language can also trip you up quicker than anything as you walk along your path of enlightenment and  reawakening on deeper levels to your innate power.

I’ve seen people get into huge pulsating-neck-vein arguments over the use of different spiritual words. Once they quit arguing, they often discover they were saying essentially the same thing.

We’ve all seen people using the same spiritual terminology and mean two different things—and I mean COMPLETELY different things.

That’s why I always try to use a secular language to sidestep past conditioning. It helps you absorb information on deeper levels that are well on the other side of pre-existing prejudice. Once new information is absorbed, then it’s easy to drop that knowledge back into familiar terminology of your own particular faith.

The very next day after my dinner with Barbara, someone sent me an email with the following question.

What do you mean when you say, ‘Divine Soul’?


Two times in 24 hours made me think it was time to put it into writing for your easy reference.

Let’s take a look at the terminology of Divine Soul from a traditional and literal sense of the words. I’m about to cite the dictionary. That’s something I normally cringe at, but bear with me? Think of this as mental exercise for your ego-intellect.

‘Divinity’, according to Wikipedia, is related to holiness and the supernatural.

Webster’s Dictionary says it is…

A) of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God or a god

B) being a deity

Those are two similar—yet strikingly different—points of view.

Here’s how I use the term Divine Soul when I talk about Divine Soul Knowing and Divine Soul Missions. Take the time to  feel the terminology. If you don’t think too much about it, your sense of your Divine Soul will be much stronger than what any human words could ever possibly evoke.

 ‘Divine’ is anything you hold above human reproach from your ego-intellect’s point of view. Obviously, this concept will change and grow for you personally as you change and grow. So will your concept of Unconditional Divine Love.

‘Soul’ is the essence of you that’s able to self-observe and understand your relationship with the world around you.

‘Divine Soul’ is that essence of you that’s beyond human reproach. It’s way outside the league of the ego-intellect that we’ve learned to rely on so much in our left-brain Western societies. Your Divine Soul is the part of you that knows all things about you—both past and present, remembered and forgotten—and is the aspect of your consciousness that’s closest to your original creation vibration of Divine Love.

To put it into worldly, ego-intellect terms: Think of your Divine Soul as your innermost gut instinct that personally knows the doorways to infinity. It’s powerful. Its pure instinct is to create. And it was born knowing how to use the alchemy of Divine Light (Unconditional Love) to create in concrete terms.

Your Divine Soul also goes light years deeper than your Higher Self ever could, by the way.

"Waymakers:The Beginning", spiritual novel by Glenn Younger, DivineLightVibrations.com; unconditional Love; Divine Mission

In my novel, WAYMAKERS: The Beginning, here’s how the concept of a Divine Soul is explained to Sheira, a newly evolved Soul to the Origin Dimension of all Creation. She’s attending Waymakers Academy in preparation for her one-day incarnation on Earth.

Imradon, the head of Waymakers Academy, is her teacher.

Rah, the protagonist of the novel, is the lead Waymaker on Earth.

At the beginning of the scene, they speak in vibrational telepathy. When Sheira creates her human holographic body, they switch to human language.

The lackluster glow to Sheira’s consciousness sphere made it clear that she was struggling with the idea that she had been ready to commit an unwitting violence. Struggle meant she didn’t yet understand. And if she didn’t understand, well, it was her choice to open up and discover understanding from within her own consciousness. His job as her mentor was to guide and assist her vibrationally in her personal journey. The rest was up to her. He sent her a wave of Unconditional Creation Love for her illumination should she choose to receive it.

“Pay attention,” he shimmered. “What are your colors doing now?”

“They’re turning gray.” The gray deepened at Sheira’s disappointment in herself.

“Stop struggling. Accept where you are. Struggle only creates more density, so let go, and let your Light of Unconditional Love shine bright.” He emitted a harmonic tone to assist her. “See the difference?”

“Yes. I do! It feels marvelous!” Sheila’s colors glowed.

“Unconditional Love is your homestead. Remember this. It is key to your evolution, and your participation in the Mission.”

“I’m like Rah, in a way.”

“In that you both need to remember to go first to the Source.” He waited for Sheira to accept the teaching. When he saw that she had to the best of her current ability, he said, “Now. Recreate your Human form. With your new knowledge.”

Sheira began by creating an Origin Heart Sphere around her Creation Essence.

“Very good,” he telepathed. “What comes next?”

“My Divine Heart and Soul surrounds it. Then my Human Heart and Soul surrounds that. Did I do this right?”

Image for freshman level articles of Divine Light Vibrations with Glenn Younger author spiritual books, Enlightertainment, Divine Light Vibrations

“Very good. Now before you even create a physical body to contain the three levels of your Heart and Soul sentience, where does your purest information come from when you’re in the human form?”

“My Divine Heart and Soul.”

“Where does your Divine Soul get its information?’

“From my Origin Essence of Infinite Intelligence, Omniscient Wisdom, and Omnipotent Unconditional Love.”

“Exactly. Now, where do most humans believe their information comes from?”

“It depends on their worldview.” Sheira tilted her Heart and Soul spheres in thought. “Their mind. Books. Experts. Science.The Universe. Their religions. It depends.”

“What were you just now ready to depend upon to get information?”

Shiera’s colors dimmed three nanocyclets. “My Graion mind training.”

“There’s no need to self judge.” He shimmered a loving smile. “That won’t help you grow. The fastest way to evolve is to know where you are in your ascension spiral, and recognize what you are doing without judgment.”

“Why is it so hard for Rah to remember? It’s all right there within her. I mean, it’s not like she’s a Graion like me who ascended to the Origin Dimension. She was born here.”

“It is simple, and not so easy. Once you add other layers of a physical body, plus human experiences from people who have taught her to look outside herself for answers, it becomes a bigger challenge for Rah to remember that she has three simultaneous levels of being: Human, Divine, and Origin.” He emitted a deep glow of love. “Ready to finish recreating your physical Human body?”

When she did, she was still blonde and petite, but with a new maturity that showed in small lines around serious hazel brown eyes.

“What do you sense about Rah now? Asked within.”

“She’s at war with herself, fighting to hang on to what she thinks she knows even in the face of something bigger.” Sheira sighed. “Oh, I so do understand what she’s feeling.”

“Exactly. Welcome to the Human condition. All middle and outer-dimension conditions for that matter…”

Take a moment to wrap your head around that one and see where it leads you.

When you get deeper into your heart space, you’ll slowly come to live in a paradigm where everything under the sun, around the sun, and in the sun is Divine. Now, that’s a lovely place worth traveling to. The best part is you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

There is one catch. Your ego-intellect and its best buddy—your Inner Critic—need to calm down and take a back seat if you’re ever going to access the innate power of your Divine Soul like you were born to do.

The good news is: You can. It’s a matter of choice and remembering. The Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation was specifically designed to help you do that.

From the Light of my Divine Heart to Yours,


Find out about the principles of Divine Light Vibrations—with its far reaching effects—in the book, HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EARTH EXPERIENCE (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love).

Some of the principles present in this entry:

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And if you’re curious, read about some fellow travelers’ Divine Soul Sessions and see how they’re applying the transformational qualities of Divine Light Vibrations in their lives.

Get intimate with your own Divine Soul Knowing. It’s loving, fun, practical, and concrete.


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