A Divine Soul Session helps you say, “Bye bye Inner Critic… Hello FABULOUS YOU!”

And open your heart to the transformative power of the Unconditional Love flowing through you.

Ivan was first introduced to Divine Light Vibrations and the concept of a Divine Soul when he participated in my Improvisational Theater Company in Italy. Using the power of Divine Light Vibrations and following his Divine Soul guidance, he found his courage to follow his heart song. He moved to London. No small feat for an Italian to pick up roots and move so far from home. He became adept at acupuncture. And started attracting clients. So much for the naysayers in his life.

Fifteen years later, he was at a crossroads and needed clarity. So he asked to do a private Divine Soul Session with me. During the session, we uncovered the root memory that had created a subconscious belief system… the one that had been blocking his career growth. He released it for transformation, I held the vibration, and his illuminations came flowing forth.

Afterwards, he shook his head and smiled. “It’s one thing to read about all of this and another to actually do it.”

I laughed in agreement. You’ve got to live it to know it.

“You know,” he added, “to actually feel the vibrations you add to the mix… well… they’re powerful!”

He lowered his head with that look adults give children to punctuate the idea that the child should know better. “You need to give people more direct access to you so they can feel the difference, too.”

He was right. That’s when I stopped taking individual clients by referral only and added this page to my website.

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Here’s the scoop about doing a private Divine Soul session with Glenn.

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Why would I want to do a Divine Soul session?

Divine Soul sessions are all about helping you go deeper into your Divine Soul knowing, that’s why. The deeper you go, the richer your life becomes, the changes you’re looking for flow easier, AND you know you’re asking for what’s in your highest good.

They’re personal, vibrational in nature, with a power that’s gentle and deep. They’re for you if…

  • You’re ready to release a limiting idea about yourself or a heavy duty habit. You’re ready to be free of its burden.
  • You want clarity because you’re facing a big life decision or transition. You want to move through the transition with confidence and grace.
  • You’re in a situation that’s no longer for your highest good, and is in serious need of transformation and evolution. You want to be free of the chains that bind you.
  • You’re doggone exhausted struggling with a poor body image.
  • You’re in a relationship that isn’t doing anybody any good and you don’t know how to shift it.
  • Your ego-intellect needs to find its way to trusting your Divine Soul knowing. It’d be like you’d hold someone’s hand in the dark until they find their orientation.  This often happens when you’ve been posing a big question to your Divine Soul, and you just can’t manage to understand Her response.
  • You want deeper understanding on why you keep meeting obstacles while trying to accomplish a goal.
  • You want to discover your Divine Mission.
  • You have a BIG goal. One that seems too esoteric to be real to the people around you. You want someone who can help you navigate your way to realizing it.
  • Then again, you could just be curious to see what going deeper looks and feels like. You’re drawn to new horizons and get jazzed by the new discovery it promises.

Regardless of why you come to an individual session, there is ONE COMMON THREAD: you know there is something more and you’re ready to come home to that knowing.

Bottom line, it’s always about helping you to the next level of self awareness in your spiritual transformation journey.  That means freeing yourself from the weight of past conditioning and learning to hold your focus in the direction in which you want Divine Light Vibrations to manifest.

How does it work?

With your permission, I open up a conversation with your Divine Soul and ask how I can serve.  She (He) then guides me in the best way to assist you vibrationally in any given transformation.

From there, we use Divine Light Vibrations together to set the alchemy of spiritual transformation in motion—I’ll help you hold the vibration to maximize the results. You’ll actually feel it in a palpable way. Once it’s finished its course, I’ll give you guidance on how to maintain that new flow.

If you’re new to all of this… 

…think of it like learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels.  Before you know it, you’ll be taking the training wheels off and bicycling all around the garden of infinity.

If you’re more experienced… 

…working with the vibrations of Unconditional Love, think of it like putting wings on your bicycle so it can fly if you want it to.

I NEVER tell you what to do or make your decisions for you. Rather, I help you hear your own Divine Soul guidance. After all, She (He) knows you better than anyone, including your ego-intellect’s concept of you.  And it’s super important that you learn to understand on your own so you can reside in your own innate power to freely manifest the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

How do I make the most out of the session?

To make the most of the session, do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation beforehand.  (You got access to that in the FREE Unconditional Love Package or you bought the version 2.0 that takes you even deeper. They both come with the EJournal “Get What You Want Because You Can.”)

Doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations meditation will prepare you mentally and physically, which will allow us to go deeper.

If you feel ready, book a session or a series of Skype sessions with me.  They normally last about an hour.  I’ll never leave you hanging halfway through a transformation. I promise. After all, our Divine Souls are guiding the session so how could it be anything less than exactly what you need? It can’t!

How do I know if it's for me?

Bottom line? If it feels right, it is.

If you’re not sure, ask your Divine Soul, “Is it for my highest good to book a 1-on-1 session with Glenn?”

If you get a “yes”—a sense of excitement, expansion, or “rightness”—then it’s a no-brainer.  Book it.

Skype or Zoom?

NO PROBLEM! Skype is a FREE app that you can download at skype.com. There’s a green download button right there on the top of their home page. You may also try Zoom, another Video call service you may discover further here: https://zoom.us

It’s easy-peasy so don’t let that get in your way of experiencing an individual Divine Soul session. You’d be better off acknowledging that you’re not ready rather than making an excuse. And I say that with L O V E !   🙂

If you prefer another type of video conferencing, let me know in the pre-session questionnaire. I like Skype best of all I’ve tried because it can handle the shifting vibrations, but I’m open to your preferences.

What if I want to talk through emails instead?

That’s an option, too.  You won’t have the chance to experience vibrational changes eye to eye, but you do get personalized information to help you along your journey. Think of it like referring to Google maps for directions instead of having an experienced copilot.

This service is most effective when you seem stuck and/or have been going around the mulberry bush for a while.  Or, of course, if your Divine Soul directly guides you in this direction.

A basic principle of Divine Light Vibrations (aka the power of Infinite Intelligence, Omniscient Wisdom, and Omnipotent Unconditional Love) is the more specific your question, the more focused and precise your answer will be.

Here’s what you do:

* Decide what you want to ask your Divine Soul and write it down.

* Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations meditation.

* Place your attention on your solar plexus and the concept of being connected to all of creation.

* Ask your Divine Soul for the answer to your question.

* Then pay attention to your thoughts and the sensations in your body.

If you don’t understand the answer, then book an email session and be sure to tell me what you specifically asked and what happened.  I’ll help you refine your focus by taking it into meditation and talking with your Divine Soul. She/He will give you some actionable steps you can take to get you to where you want to be.

Remember your Divine Soul knows everything about you, including the things stored in your subconscious, so Her/His message will address your issue on more than one level.

How does payment work? And is there a guarantee?

Your PayPal account will be charged upon booking. That holds your space and tells me you’re serious. You can cancel up to 48 hours in advance and your account will be refunded the full amount.

I can’t guarantee HOW you will use your innate power once we’re done, but I CAN make you this guarantee about our session together:

GUARANTEE: If  you’re not 100% satisfied at the end of the session, I’ll credit your account the full amount of the session right then and there.

You seriously have nothing to lose. And EVERYTHING to gain.

Testimonials from happy Souls

  • I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted.  Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.

    Alessia Porro
    Alessia Porro Small Business Owner and mother of two
  • Thanks to Glenn's individual coaching during my studies, I'm now a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner.

    Malia Loke Reid­
    Malia Loke Reid­ Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Working with Glenn changed my life. It was the encounter I always imagined and hoped for in my dreams, but never believed possible. It has been real, concrete, and illuminating. Meeting Glenn meant ‘meeting my true self’, the Divine Light that she is, I am, we all are.

    Anna Morandi
    Anna Morandi Light Worker, Singer, Creative
  • Working with Glenn sped up the process. After EVERY session I've ever had with her, I've felt like she helped me grow, expand by leaps and bounds.

    SJ Hylton
    SJ Hylton Writer/Producer
  • My most amazing moments on my journey of spiritual awakening have come by way of Glenn. A session with Glenn is so profound you may not realize it at first.  Each time the sessions seem to circle back time and again with more profound guidance each time, as if they’re on their own little spiral of energy...  

    Angela M.
    Angela M. Jewelry Designer and Light Worker with Sound Bowls
  • Glenn pulls out what needs to come out on the deepest level you're able to perceive at that point in your growth.

    Patrizia Cristoferi
    Patrizia Cristoferi NLP Life Coach
  • I am feeling, seeing all the signs I need.  I understand the vibration, and know Her name.  I get it!

    Suzi Boydston
    Suzi Boydston Hearing Specialist
  • My Divine Soul brought me to Glenn and I’ve followed my Divine Soul guidance ever since. I was once secretly afraid of the innate inner power of Unconditional Love, but not any more! Old knots and blocks—ones that sat in my chest for too long—have melted away. My yoga studio has gone to a whole new level with new courses and offerings.  

    Luisa Furlani
    Luisa Furlani Yoga Studio Owner
  • What happened in the session that evening was magical. For the first time, I felt the Unconditional Love of my Divine Soul from deep in my gut, something I’d never managed to do before.

    Mitia Vicentini
    Mitia Vicentini Galleria 76 - usati a tutti costi
  • Oh my goodness! I feel great. This is so amazing. I was praying for a mentor/teacher and you showed up. This is the best ever. Laughter and light to you.

    Debbie Lehman
    Debbie Lehman Financial Professional
  • “Know that you know.”  In my experience, there is nothing more empowering and exciting than this. Glenn has the ability to get you on that road to knowing, to get you to follow your instinct for your happiness.

    Ivan Peron
    Ivan Peron Acupuncturist

If you’re ready to go deeper into the love of you… and leave old inhibitions by the wayside…

Then I’ll help you get there.

Not sure if it’s right for you? CLICK HERE to set up a complimentary twenty-minute “Getting to Know You” Skype or Zoom chat.

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