Drunvalo Melchizadek’s MerKaBa: A Multi-Dimensional Experience

Drunvalo Melchizadek’s Flower of Life MerKaBa: Multi-Dimensional Experience(s)

Ah Drunvalo. He was such an instrumental teacher in my reawakening process. Thank you Gaia for sharing this archived gem from the 1990’s so I can share it with you. 💖

Since you’re a traveler in consciousness—here to assist humanity into the next phase of evolution in enlightenment—the information he shares about himself and different dimensional frequencies can trigger some enlightening ahah! moments for you.

For those of you participating in Waymakers Academy’s weekly Light Circles, this will help to understand more about what you’ve been experiencing as well as how different dimensional Beings can work with us in sending Light to humanity’s collective consciousness. Let your Divine Soul connect the dots for you to understand this better from your human aspect.

Note: It’s around the 58 minute mark when he talks about the vibrational frequencies of different dimensions that I’d like you to sit up and really take notice.

On a personal note, take a ride with me as I share some of my own history with Drunvalo and his work.

An Inter-Dimensional Story with the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry

Ten years before I was introduced to his work—in 1996—I was participating in a weekend workshop. We were down in Umbria in Italy, seated in an ancient olive grove doing an open-eyed group meditation. Suddenly, my consciousness shifted and I saw the material world around me in its molecular form. Everything was sacred geometry. I sat in wide-eyed wonder looking at the people around me, the olive trees, the grass, the scrub flowers; all with the sound of sheep bleating in the distance.

It was gorgeous. Marvelous. Immense. No words to describe the experience as I acclimated to the new vibrations… and my human mind began to “connect” the dots to see the Flower of Life in its manifested material form. Of course, I didn’t know what it was, yet. I just knew it was somehow important.


Flower of Life Sacred Geometry

I don’t know how long I was in that state, but the sounds of the teacher calling us to the end of the meditation shifted the experience.

Afterwards, I asked the teacher about what had just happened to me. Fortunately, he was honest in saying he didn’t know, and to “table” it until the information came to me. I asked other members of the group if they’d experienced anything like it. But no one did, so I was moving in uncharted waters.

It was years later when a friend of mine told me in passing that he was reading Drunvalo’s book and trying to activate his Merkaba that the doorway to my tabled questions opened.

“What’s a MerKaBa,” I asked? “And who is Drunvalo Melchizadek?”


MerKaBa from Drunvalo Melchizadek
MerKaBa rendering from Drunvalo Melchizadek

He explained a little bit to me and gave me the URL of the website. The minute I opened the website to the Flower of Life image, I felt wave after wave of recognition. That was the image I remembered from Umbria!

Reactivating the sacred geometry of the MerKaBa

It took all of five minutes to sign up for a MerKaBa workshop happening that weekend.

Meanwhile, in the years prior, my Divine Soul—the part of us that is aware of our connection to everything in the All—had given me the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations meditation. Unbeknownst to my human ego-intellect, that meditation had already begun the reactivation of my MerKaBa Light body. It does it organically in the right way, and on a time frame that’s right for each user.

Where it got interesting was during the workshop. The facilitator taught us one step at a time the breathing and mudras of Drunvalo Melchizadek’s approach to the MerKaBa meditation. When asked to share our experiences after each step, I described the following two steps that had come forth organically. It happened again. Then again.

Memories of my home dimension started to come back to me shortly thereafter. Those memories of the vibrations of Infinite Unconditional Love were what I’d been hungering for my whole life.

Inter-dimensional vibrations

Many years and shifts in consciousness later, I finally met Drunvalo in person during one of his Earth, Wind, Fire weekend retreats in Sedona, AZ.

Here’s where the story gets really juicy.

At the end of the retreat, I was guided within to share with him vibrations of my home dimension before I incarnated here on Earth. Before I went up to him after the seminar, a new friend insisted she take a picture of the moment. At first, I resisted, thinking that wasn’t so important, but then reluctantly agreed.

In front of Drunvalo, I told him the request I’d felt within to share those vibrations of my home dimension with him.

“Oh! Where are you from?” I told him. His eyebrows raised, and he nodded his assent. “Okay. How are you going to do that?”

“Through a hug of direct transmission,” I replied spontaneously. Frankly, my human self hadn’t thought that far, but my Divine Soul was running the show anyway.

So I did. I won’t go into the details—that’s another really cool story for another day—but he thanked me afterwards.

When multi-dimensional frequencies don’t match

My friend was practically bouncing in excitement when I got back to her. “I must’ve taken ten photos,” she said. “Maybe fifteen. I just kept snapping.”

We looked at the camera playback screen, but NOT ONE had registered on the digital camera. (Yes, this was before our phones had cameras.)

I was ready to let it go with a philosophical shrug. But she wasn’t. She literally shoved me towards Drunvalo as he was leaving the building, insisting that I ask for another picture.

He laughed when I told him that none of the pictures had registered and did he mind taking one with me?

“That happens all the time,” he said with a nod, “when you slip out of this dimension.” Putting his arm around my shoulder and smiling to the camera, he said out of the side of his mouth to me, “Now concentrate on being in this dimension so the camera can see us.”

You’ve got to love the guy, right? 🙂 Thank you for letting me share this story. 💖✨🌀


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