What is Divine Light?

Here’s the short layman’s answer: Divine Light is the invisible substance of which all creation is made.

It consists of:

  • An Infinite Intelligence that knows all things because it created all things.
  • An Omniscient (All-Knowing) Wisdom that knows how to manage all things.
  • And an Omnipotent (All-Powerful) Unconditional Love.

Note the word ‘unconditional’.  That’s important to remember in your journey because it takes no sides on any issue and will move in whichever direction you intend it with your free choice.

Also note the word ‘omnipotent’.  That means it can transform anything.

Like the wind, you can’t see it directly.  But you can see the wind’s effect as it blows through the trees or fields of grass or your hair.  If you’re bald, then your girlfriend’s hair or the lady walking down the street in front of you.  You’re making use of a wind effect and creating a small version of it when you blow out a candle.

The same thing applies to Divine Light.  You can’t see it directly; you can only see the outer manifestation.

Like you direct wind when you blow out a candle, so do you direct Divine Light with your thoughts and intentions.

The book “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience—14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love” goes into greater detail about how to consciously use the power of Unconditional Love—aka Divine Light Vibrations.

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