How do I know if I’ve merged 100% with my Divine Soul?

If you have to ask, you probably haven’t.

Just to be sure, though, ask.  If you get a full out yes where the hairs stand up all over your body, you know you did.

However, if you consistently think in terms of ‘me’ and ‘my Divine Soul’, you haven’t consciously merged 100%.

This can fluctuate from situation to situation. Pay attention to your inner dialogue.

The Step-by-Step Video Guides of the online course, “Meet the Infinite You—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom” reveal how to understand and recognize your Divine Soul’s communication.

Once your ego-intellect has merged fully with your Divine Soul, there is no judgement. You’re fully aware of how there is no separation. And you consciously create by free choice, knowing you’re on the right track. Judgement from others? A piece of cosmic cake! Now that’s full freedom!


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