Am I substituting one belief for another?

No, you’ll be doing something altogether different and infinitely better.

Here’s why. When you try to substitute one belief for another, the main tool your human ego uses is will-power. That might work for the short while, but not the long-term. There are also techniques out there that can affect your waking mind to some measurable results. Hypnosis and tapping are two that come to mind.

But they don’t affect ALL aspects of your being like your subconscious mind, nor your emotional, psychic, and Light bodies.

It also means you’re still operating from the ego-intellect. If you just want some relief, that’s good enough.

If you want lasting change, though, you’re better of using Divine Light.

When you let Divine Light Vibrations TRANSFORM a belief into illumination, you’re allowing it to take your attention directly towards your Divine Soul awareness. That’s the gold of you!

Remember that Divine Light is Infinite Intelligence, All-Knowing Wisdom, and All-Powerful Unconditional Love. Your Divine Soul knows the fastest route possible because it knows everything you’ve forgotten and hidden away in your subconscious, and knows exactly what’s for your highest good in all senses.

In short order, a “belief” turns into practical knowing. As Rah learns in the fiction book Waymakers: The Beginning, the most powerful thing is to “know that you know from deep within.”

Read more about the how and why of the alchemy of Divine Light in “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience—14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love.


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