Am I substituting one belief for another?

No, you’ll be doing something altogether different and infinitely better. Here’s why. When you try to substitute one belief for another, the main tool your human ego uses is will-power. That [...]

Why can’t I let go?!

Of course you can. The real question to ask yourself is, ”Why don’t you want to?” In the course, “Meet the Infinite You”, I talk about how your subconscious wants can fight it out [...]

How do you put away emotions?

Oh, please don’t do that! Keep the ones you want. Use Divine Light Vibrations to transform the ones you don’t want. Unexpressed emotions and those you try to keep bottled up become like a [...]

Where is anger stored in the body?

Each person is different so there is no one answer. If it’s chronic unexpressed anger that began in childhood, you’ll see it in the way you hold your body. You might think it’s [...]

Can Beauty tame the heart of the beast?

Yes, if the beast learns to see it. What is the beast?  The unawakened self, that’s all. What is beauty? Anything when seen through the eyes of Unconditional Love. Just another reason to move [...]

How can I see Divine Light?

That will happen spontaneously once you’re deep enough in your heart space. It’s quite common for a client to shift perceptions and see the physical world around them, or me, in its Divine Light [...]

Why do I feel more when I inhale?

“I feel more things when I inhale…. not only on my exhale.  I am letting it go for right now, but should I focus elsewhere? You mentioned that the giving and receiving both happen on the [...]

What is the ego-intellect?

The ego-intellect is the part of you that you know as your personality. It behaves based upon your conditioned belief system about who you are and the world you live in. It’s also the part of you [...]

What is my Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the part of you that has a more illumined overview of who you are in the human experience. Your Divine Soul goes light years deeper. It’s your Origin spark if you will. [...]

What is a Divine Soul?

Your Divine Soul is pure Unconditional Love. It’s that inner aspect of you that’s consciously aware of your connection to all creation. It can access all knowledge—everything that ever was, [...]

How many kinds of Divine Light are there?

There is only one Divine Light. It is made up of an Infinite Intelligence… All-Knowing Wisdom… and All-Powerful Unconditional Love. There are, however, an infinite variety of Divine Light [...]

What is Divine Light?

Here’s the short layman’s answer: Divine Light is the invisible substance of which all creation is made. It consists of: An Infinite Intelligence that knows all things because it created [...]