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Hey!  I’m so glad you’re here! Not just on my website. But also here on Earth in these very exciting times of our human ascension. We’re evolving into new ways of being.

And you’re an important part of it. We ALL are, each in our own way.

When was the last time someone told you how absolutely fabulous you are? And that you are this amazing Being of Divine Light?

When was the last time you told yourself?

Chances are you forgot somewhere along the way from birth to now. Or you remember, but haven’t fully accepted it enough to follow through on all your dreams.

Me? I’d forgotten for the longest time. When I did remember, life took a turn into whole new dimensions. And it was already pretty doggone exciting.

I’m here to shorten your remembering curve. In fact, that’s why I wrote “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience—14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love.” I wanted you to have the “instruction manual” I wished I’d had from the very beginning of my Earth visit. With it, you can get on with living the life you truly came here to live. And stop squeezing into the one you learned from others.

We’ll all be better off it.

There’s one key fact they forgot to teach us. It makes all the difference in the world.

We’re ALL Infinite Divine Souls having a human experience.


Maybe you’re still young to your Earth experience. Or you’re in your later years of this short visit here on Earth. In either case, I say, “BRAVA!”

It’s never too late (or early) to start remembering your innate power to create the life you want.

If you want to know more about why I’m in the unique position to write that instruction manual, read on. It’s not a short story. I’m bringing thirty years of experience to the table and I’ve got the wrinkles to testify (she said smearing Strivectin wrinkle cream all over her face). If you want to read my general ‘resume’, then skip this and pop over to the About Glenn page.

But if you’re curious to see if the short version of my personal story resonates with essential parts of yours, keep reading. You’ll understand why I’ve got some really good stuff for you that will shorten your memory curve by miles!

There were two major things that drove me most of my life until I remembered the existence of my Divine Soul. Sometimes I did my best to ignore them. Other times, I tried to fulfill them at all costs. That is, until metaphorical blood ran down my face from banging my head’s ego-intellect against a brick wall.

It’s the story of…


The ‘niggle is the name I put to a certain restlessness that popped up all throughout my life. It was the sense that told me things like…

  • “There is something more to life than just this…” (the toy, the boy, the dress, the city, the job) and…
  • “This doesn’t feel right. Something is off,” or…
  • “I got what I wanted, but it’s not quite what I hoped it would be.”

You know what I’m talking about, or you wouldn’t be here on this page.

That’s your Divine Soul talking to you, by the way, trying to get your attention.

Divine Light Vibrations, puppet in Paris, France
This puppet in Paris, France sang about the "man" pulling his strings.

Like most of us, grammar school was designed to lock in limiting conditioning. I watched my teachers teaching us the standard fare of reading, writing, and arithmetic with varying degrees of love and enthusiasm. I might have been ‘just a kid’, but I knew something was off.

It felt like they wanted us to be puppets of some sort.

“Wait a minute,” I protested to myself as I wiggled in my chair with impatience.  “This isn’t the important stuff.” I tuned it out by letting my mind wander off into autumn breezes blowing through the yellow, reds, and oranges of the tree tops outside the school window.

I couldn’t have articulated what was the important stuff. Like most of us, by the time I was in grammar school, I had turned the corner into the human fog of having intellectually and socially forgotten the infinite cosmic love that I was created from. In my case, it was beaten out of me in the name of love so I would fit into my parents’ idea of polite society. God bless ’em.

There’s a part of us that remembers, though. It colors everything we experience and every choice we make.

As I got older, my teenage interests were caught up with boys and clothes and High School stuff. Dramas and dreams put into hormonal blenders. Still, the niggle would pop up now and again telling me I was somehow missing the point.

There was no denying that I felt it. But I didn’t know what to do with it. An inexplicable frustration would wash over me. If I felt particularly inept at understanding, I’d resist it in the form of anger that was easy to project out into the world around me.


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Have you ever felt that?  Maybe you learned early to speak out, but I didn’t. Mine was a silent scream. I’d been taught that showing frustration and anger was high on the list of unlovable things to do so ‘avoid them at all costs’.

My spiritual memories were also on the taboo list. Things like seeing the world and people in their Divine Light forms of pure Unconditional Love didn’t fit into my parent’s paradigm. When I was six, one mis-begotten minister told me I was possessed by the devil when I made the mistake of presuming everybody astral travelled.

The lesson I got from that? Hide! Keep those childhood memories tucked safely away from the public eye. In short, I grew up solidly entrenched in stage one of the three spiritual awakening stages that I talk about in the online course,  “Meet the Infinite You—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom”.

We all have our own mental lists of ‘unlovable things’ that we hide from the world at large. We create defense mechanisms to keep them out of sight.

What are yours? You’ll discover even the hidden ones as you go through the steps on this website…and learn how to transform them into illumination.

My defense mechanism was to become an observer of people. I quickly learned to be quiet while constructing a social persona that gave the impression of happy-go-lucky me. It kept the wolves at bay and earned me enough positive attention and levels of success to insure I had a reason for being. Plus, it gave me a ton of information to feed my curious and intuitive nature.

Even these Balinese statues know "The Silent Scream".


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Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach, "Don't put me in a box"
Boxes are everywhere. Even in Copenhagen.

Sooner or later, however, no matter how successful or fun the situation, the ‘niggle’ always reminded me there was something more. It was quietly trying to get me out of stage one of the spiritual awakening stages where you’re fighting the Light and into stage two of finding the Light.

As I became an adult (another relative term), the ‘niggle’ inadvertently taught me about the Law of Attraction well before it ever became a best selling concept.

Throwing away the old boxes and recreating newer, bigger, more improved versions of my reality became the norm. I had some incredible life experiences to show for it.

I traveled the world working on a cruise ship and visited over 90 countries by the time I was twenty-five. That’s where I learned how all humans are conditioned to live by the mores of their culture.

No matter the belief system… no matter the cultural rules and regulations… we all have one thing in common.

We’re also all taught the fear of being unlovable… of not being respected, which is a watered down version of being unlovable. I had totally forgotten how we are all Divine Love incarnated into the human form.

By the way, if you’re tired of looking for love and respect from all the wrong people… in all the wrong places… and if you want to get started in remembering how all you seek is already yours, then the Free Unconditional Love Package in Waymakers Academy is a great starting point. 

 You can go get it now or you can keep reading about how I got to the simplicity of it all.

Divine Light Vibrations, Divine Soul Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach with Elvis Statue
"Looking for love in all the wrong places." Turkey
Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach, bus reflection in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Reflection on a bus window in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Before I was thirty, I was an NSA speaker and the Charlotte Observer wrote me up as one of the ‘up and coming young entrepreneurs’ for my motivational business and training programs. My clients were Fortune 500 clients like IBM, National Insurance, Banks, as well as growing small to mid-sized businesses.

It was exciting, but my interpretation of the niggle told me that I was still missing the bulls-eye.

Not understanding how the niggle was my own Divine Soul trying to get my attention, I threw it away to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a professional actress.

Oh, you should have heard the resistance from family and friends as they projected their fear-ridden doubts onto me. All in the name of love, of course.

“What, are you nuts? … You can’t do that!… Get your head out of the clouds… You need to work hard and get ahead… Do you want to starve?… The odds are against you.”

My own fear-doubts danced a passionate tango with theirs.

“Can I really do this? … Who am I to think I can? … I’m too old… It’s too late.”

Yes, I entered into the profession late compared to those twenty one year olds fresh out of acting schools. But I had a basic knowledge of Divine Light Vibrations on my side. Plus, I had a wonderful spiritual teacher at the time. My Divine Soul was able to guide me through her and helped me keep my focus despite the odds.

Plus, some downright miracles had already happened so I knew anything was possible if I allowed it. Those are another story for another day, but I held my focus of staying fully immersed in stage two of my spiritual awakening: finding the Light.

I never had to wait tables in the process of becoming a professional full time actress. In fact, I developed a line of jewelry to support me as my acting career unfolded. Saks Fifth Avenue even asked me to replicate my line of jewelry using semi-precious stones. They offered a national contract for big bucks.

It was a seductive offer, but I kept my focus on letting Divine Light Vibrations flow into my acting career.

My acting eventually brought me to where I was earning three times what I was before. I bought a Mazda Miata on the residuals from just one commercial. Won awards. Loved everything about it.


It was when my career was starting to get legs that I panicked. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted the gold ring if it meant paying with my anonymity. My privacy was more important than the applause.

So I gulped down my fear of missing out on some mother lode audition. Stepped outside an acting box that I adored. And took six weeks to wander Europe while I figured it all out.

I was in Germany when I heard the lyrics to a song:


They sang straight to my heart and the revelation was cosmic at the time. (Revelations are always relative to how self-aware you are. What’s huge one day, will become matter-of-fact the deeper you go.)

That was it!

I’d finally figured what the niggle was: I was looking for a heartbeat just like mine. Not just one person, but an entire set of circumstances. I wanted to feel like I really belonged somewhere. Time would show me my interpretation was a little off, but I was getting closer.

Love is a many splendored thing and I thought I’d found that heartbeat in Italy. I gave up everything—my career, my financial status, my culture, my family and friends—to follow what I thought was love. Suddenly, I was in a foreign country where being an outsider made me exempt from other people’s boxes. Or so I believed. Still…

Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach's hometown of Vicenza, Italy
The heartbeat of Vicenza, Italy runs deep.


Throughout it all—the traveling, speaking, training, acting, creating, building, teaching, coaching, loving—the niggle was a constant companion. Sometimes silent. Sometimes roaring so loud, the only way to quiet it was to pay attention.

“What am I missing?” I asked myself in frustration more times than I can count all throughout my young adult life.


Throughout it all, I talked to people and studied spirituality. A lot. The answer was somewhere, I just had to find it.

The great religions and teachers of the world each had seeds to plant in the garden of my mind. So did ministers, priests, and rabbis. I read ancient texts that were so deep, I couldn’t get through one paragraph without falling asleep because the vibration of that knowledge was too refined for my then current level of consciousness to handle. Now I read them with ease.

The mind and body connection was a private passion from way back in High School when I did my senior thesis on Body Language. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was a breakthrough for me at one time, but it didn’t quiet the niggle. I read psychology and science journals, and I devoured anything that translated the theories of quantum mechanics into English. Maybe that, I thought, could explain the underlying questions.

Working with Jim Goure at his Light Center in NC when he was still living in a physical body here on Earth almost gave me the breakthrough I was searching for. He taught that everything was made up of Divine Light and we were Divine. Flat out miracles started happening to me. A car accident one snowy afternoon changed my life. I won’t go into it here because I wrote about it in “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience” and I know you’ll get around to reading it sooner or later.

Suffice it to say…

If miracles—big OR small—aren’t happening to you on a consistent basis, you need to open your mind… and then deepen your belief patterns.


Accepting the Unconditional Love of Divine Light—that it’ll manifest anything we ask it to—was  a pivotal part of my learning to step over the fear-of-failure threshold to become a professional actress. They were integral to getting my first television role, working with Carroll O’Conner in “In the Heat of the Night.”

But my ego-intellect still couldn’t fully wrap itself around all the absolute freedom that’s inherent in our birthright.

Despite all the concrete proof, I believed…

Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger, A Divine Soul having a human experience
Big questions in Pergamon, Turkey


So I made sure I was right by walking away from it.

Our ego-intellects are quirky that way—they love to be right, even if to prove we’re wrong.

Various forms of meditation taught me to quiet my mind, but they didn’t teach me how to focus in quite the right direction. Gurus were interesting, but I didn’t love the requisite costuming. Plus, the ashrams I visited didn’t have a high tolerance level for ‘different’. The boxes their zealous followers wanted me to squish into was like trying to fit my size eight body into a pair of size two jeans. India was a lot more enlightening to me outside the ashrams. Like bathing in a bucket, for example, took me well outside my comfort zone.

Nor did the various forms of energy work put the niggle to rest. Reiki was the most commonly known, but there were other approaches, too. My spiritual teachers ranged from fun, to serious, to gentle, to strong. I learned something from each of them. Dream interpretations gave me additional insights to my subconscious processes.

Let’s not forget the different times in my life in which therapy was an interesting tool to discover what the niggle was trying to tell me. I uncovered a lot of old memories, but none were connected to the niggle.

Even my desire for an acting career was based upon wanting to know myself on deeper levels. Improvisational theater and my mother, by nature of being who she is, taught me to find the humor in all situations. So I already knew that…

Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach in India bathing in a bucket
Bathing in an Indian bucket definitely meant letting go of my known world.
Divine Light Vibrations, Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger, author & Divine Soul Guide
Goofing around during the Arkansas crystal activation

So what was I missing? For sure it wasn’t a new pair of shoes. My closet was overflowing as it was.

“Oh!” I thought with excitement. “The key is service.”

I passed on my knowledge by founding a Cultural Association in Italy that sponsored my course on “Intuition.” There was also my improvisational theater company that taught personal growth and used practical spiritual principles of Divine Light in all its games. Word of mouth grew. Clients came to me for group and individual sessions.

Life was extraordinarily good on many levels, while working its way to new dimensions in others. But there was also a driving fear-factor in play. It fought like a beast in direct confrontation to the niggle.


Do you know the feeling of hiding in plain site?

Everything about our social system—from school to parents to friends to the workplace—teaches us to fit in at all costs. So we learn to create an idea of who we are, and then do all we can to stay within our personal safety zone.

Even those who pride themselves in living outside the box, define themselves by the box. They’ll do all they can to stay outside of it. That, in itself, is a limitation.

I’d never seen a course offering, “Know Your Divine Soul 101″ in any school I went to. That’s just one of the reasons I started this website and wrote the online course, “Meet the Infinite You—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom.”

They don’t even think about the price they’re asking us to pay because they’ve paid it themselves. They think that’s how it’s supposed to be here on earth, that it’s normal.

It might be normal, but it’s not natural.

Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach playing with a stone statue in Bath, England
Fitting in with the stone natives of days gone by. Bath, England

I won’t even go into all the yo-yo dieting I went through. The prevailing myth that surrounded me most of my life was, “You have to be beautiful in order to be loved by a man.” So I’d go on the next hot diet and weight lift to create that Madison Avenue body you were ‘supposed’ to have. The sexual attention it garnered was too much, so I’d gain the weight back (and more) to hide out in my body again. That made me too invisible, so I’d try a another next-best diet. And so on…

My spirituality saved me when I learned the simple value of choosing “inner peace.” Because without that base to start from, you never find stability. I eventually did.

The deeper I went into experiential study, the closer I got to the answer. The niggle was starting to shift into something else.  I still didn’t know into what, yet, but it was changing. I studied with Drunvalo Melchizadek and fell in love with his ‘Flower of Life’ and Merkaba meditation technique using sacred geometry. That took me further along the spiritual transformation spiral, but not the whole way.

By that time, I was working full time with Divine Light Vibrations asking them to transform any thought, belief, old fear, and old experience that no longer served me into illumination. The fog was lifting!

Then one day it exploded out of me in a burst of tears that racked my body, and finished cleansing my human heart. Finally! I was able to recognize the one driving desire that had been present throughout my entire life.


My desire wasn’t calling me home to my family. It was something more ethereal, but concrete nonetheless. I wanted to go home because I remembered it!  Home was a dimension where Unconditional Love was the norm of the day, not the power games our modern society loves so much.

At first, I looked to the stars for ‘home’ and made peace with all the violence I saw in the world. Then one day a deeper illumination hit me in a flash that was positively electric. It sparkled and crackled through me before it burst into a warm technicolor celebration of Unconditional Love.

…the part of you that is connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be.

From there, all the pieces of the puzzle snapped into new perspective. That includes all the studies, all the experiences, all the old pain of everyday life that I’d buried in my psyche and hadn’t even realized was there until I was free from it. Even all the love I’d never expressed for some unconscious fear that held me back.

I’d changed channels and was launched into a whole new way of living that contained only the flow of infinite unconditional Divine Love. Yes, right here on Earth.

That’s what I’d forgotten and I suddenly understood.

It wasn’t about will-power and harnessing the power of your mind and human heart. It was something altogether deeper and infinitely more simple.

Divine Light Vibrations plate from Vietnam
Mache' plate from Vietnam.


  • How deeply you focus your attention towards your innermost heart of hearts. Not your human heart. Your Divine heart.
  • Having a close relationship with your Divine Soul who knows how to guide you to your highest good.
  • Letting Divine Light Vibrations do the transformational work.

It’s easy peasy, if you want it to be. Nobody should have to take the long route like I did.

I’m here to shorten your memory curve.

That’s why this Divine Soul, who’s also having a human experience right along with everyone else, is now writing about the ‘how’. So you can remember, too.

Putting a name to my Divine Soul happened about ten years ago. And that was after twenty-years of trial and error. I told you I had well-earned wrinkles.

I’ve lived in direct communication with my Divine Soul ever since. There’s no more niggle because I now listen directly to my Divine Soul in everything I do. Once you do that, you can talk to Divine Souls anywhere. It’s like having a built in vibrational telephone that doesn’t need cell towers to work. Now how cool is that?

Yes, I’m still having a human experience. That means there are loads of opportunities to use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) to transform circumstances and thoughts into my highest good. Still, I never fear of being cut off from my highest good and deepest desires. That fear has been transformed by Divine Light Vibrations.

There is only the living, breathing, and experiencing of more Unconditional Love than I’d ever dreamt of in my wildest imagination. Now that’s a ‘WHOWZA!”

Let’s talk about your “Whowza!”

In addition to the online courses in Waymakers Academy, here are two of the instruction manuals I wrote to get you there. One is straight up how-to with simple, practical action steps. The other puts the Principles of Unconditional Love into story form. As Rah struggles with her human predicament and then grows in her Divine abilities, so can you open up doorways to yours.

Click on one to look inside…

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