Am I God… the Universe… or What?

Am I God… the Universe… or What?

Today’s question comes from Maria Lucia. It’s a refined version of a long-debated question, “Am I God?” By the end of the article, you’ll have that question answered… and more.

I keep hearing people say, “Oh, I got a message from the universe… the universe told me to do this… universe told me to do that.”

So they’re probably talking about their version of God. My question to you is this: Is my Divine Soul God or is God working through my Divine Soul?

OOOH, that’s a big question! It’s got four layers of questions packed into one. Go get a cup of java and relax into this one! I’ve got a short answer for you and an in-depth one.

The essence of your question is one that many have asked ever since Shirley MacLaine published OUT ON A LIMB in 1983: “Am I God?” or is “God working through me?”

Since you’re aware of your Divine Soul—the Infinite You—your question is more refined, of course. Still, by the very nature of how the question is worded, it tells me you’re trying to put something huge into words that are way too small.

All words are way too small to describe infinite power, by the way. It’s like trying to fit the ocean into a thimble. You can’t.

As you know, you have to experience infinite Unconditional Love to truly know it. THEN you try to find the words to describe it.

But it’s not always easy because our human ego loves to understand new information by putting it into old boxes. The problem is, the old boxes muddy the new illumination. You can’t put new wine into old wineskins without turning the wine to vinegar. Guess what? You can’t put new illuminations into old mental boxes, either. Same thing happens to the illumination as does the wine.

Still, I’m going to try, anyway. 🙂

To help you BRIDGE your old understanding so you experience a new one, do this: Place your attention behind your solar plexus. Try to listen to my answer from your Divine Soul knowing, okay? That’ll help you perceive it on deeper levels.

(To a new reader/visitor: If you’re new to my work of using vibrations of infinite Unconditional Love, read my book HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EARTH EXPERIENCE (14 Principles of Living Unconditional Love).  It’s a handy easy-to-read guidebook you’ll refer to time and again. You can pick it up on Amazon.)

NOW… let me give my best shot to your answer using words.

Starting with the short version…

“Is my Divine Soul God or is God working through my Divine Soul?”

The short answer to your question is: Yes… no… both… and.

Yes, in that you are OF God and thought into being BY God. You are an aspect of God.

And no, you’re not God per se. You were created by God, not vice-versus. You have the power of God, but not ALL the power of God. Think of it like you have an unlimited allowance to co-create with God-force because it’s always flowing through you.

Since it’s unconditional in nature, you can do with it what you choose. You reap the rewards… or carry the burden of your choices and actions.

And then there’s “none of the above”, but you have to read to the end so you’ll understand how multi-dimensional your question is.

Let’s take it piece by piece so your human ego-intellect can process what that means. Plus, anyone reading over your shoulder can understand the answer.

My goal is to take you along a path that will get you to the full multi-dimensionality of your question. Or, at least, the doorway.

First, let’s talk about God. Then the rest will go fast.

As you read, ask yourself, “Where am I in my learning curve of Divine self-awareness?”


God is a word that means many things to different people.

How someone first understands God depends upon their worldview and spiritual practice. Yet we use it as if we’re all saying the same thing. We’re not!

Nor do people who say “the universe”.

Try to see your evolving self-awareness through my own re-awakening story, okay? And when someone talks about “the universe”, try to discern where they are in their awareness.

Katherine Jarvis was my teacher 35 years ago. She gave me this as my first spiritual re-awakening exercise. I can’t recommend it enough!


“Your idea of God will change with this practice,” she said. “Try to let it evolve.”

“Okay,” I agreed. I had no idea it would mean I was embarking on a 20 year sojourn of evolution in my self-awareness. She was one smart cookie!

My enthusiasm was on fire. Focused attention was my intention.

My execution had a shaky start, though. I kept forgetting.

So I wrote it on a yellow sticky note—PRACTICE THE PRESENCE—and stuck it on my daily to-do list. But I didn’t live with my Daytimer stuck under my nose all the time. So I wrote another note. Then two. Three. Pretty soon, I had sticky notes on my dressing table… the refrigerator… bathroom mirror… steering wheel of the car… bedside table… sofa. By the end of the week, I was living in a yellow sticky-note world.

But she was right. My perception of God did evolve.

I hadn’t realized I was still carrying my mother’s idea of God in my subconscious: A mysterious figure up above, judging the quick and the dead. Rewarding those who are good. Punishing those who are bad.

Intellectually, I knew better, of course. But a good part of the world—RELIGIOUS OR NOT—works off the model of the Hamburger Universe. Good is above. Bad is below. We’re all scrambling between. It’s a challenge to step away from it.

My learned version of God came up out of my subconscious and into the Light. (No pun intended, but I like the imagery.)

IMPORTANT: Once something comes up out of your subconscious, it’s ready to be transformed into EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. That’s a good principle to remember for all situations of evolving self-awareness.

I re-studied the Bible of my youth. Looked for deeper meanings. Tried to see where my natural childhood talents of astral-traveling and seeing people’s energy fields fit in.

In short order, my perception evolved. God was no longer a mysterious male figure imagined in our likeness. The flowing robe, long beard, and staff dissolved. A different energy emerged—a feminine energy.

God’s name became Father-Mother-God when I heard someone else say it. I liked it!

It was close to my religious roots, but far enough removed to give me room for the emotional freedom to grow. I used it for a while until a new term for God came into my orbit.

God’s name evolved again when a new teacher came on the scene.

The next evolution of God’s name came from Jim Goure at the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. He was retired from a secret government agency that’d been working on all sorts of “out there” projects. They’d studied the possibility of time travel. Extra-terrestrial communication. The effects of group prayer and Light work. That’s where his founding of the Light Center in a geodesic dome came in.

Jim’s core teaching of how everything was made of vibrational Light supported Katherine’s. The idea of extra-terrestrials and the time-and-space continuum resonated with childhood memories I’d buried deep inside of me. So I was curious as all get-out.  I hungered for outside confirmation of what I knew in my heart-of-hearts!

Even so, my doubting mind still questioned the possibility of it all. That is, until one day by accident, I saw some non-redacted government documents in his private study. I can say that out-loud now because he’s no longer living in a physical body. At the time, though, I was sworn to secrecy for as long as he lived on Earth. That is, after he’d finished filling the air with some pretty strong language. After he calmed back down, he was kind enough to answer some of my questions. That, in turn, opened up a pot load of new questions… and sent my spiritual re-awakening into high gear.

It goes without saying more, Jim was an interesting man. He attracted people of all faiths and religions due to his scientific approach towards Light work. Priests, Rabbis, Tibetan monks, Angel followers, Tarot card readers, Crystal lovers, housewives, sportsmen, and the newly re-awakening like me all came. He was the one who sponsored me for my first trip to Peru to do LightWork at Macchu Picchu high in the Andes.

The name Jim used for God was the “Creator”.

That name was vague enough to hold my evolving perceptions of an Infinite Male/Female/All-Knowing force. So I tried it on for size.

With a new name, the “Creator” became more user friendly. There was more love and less judge, in my mind. Plus, it helped me release all the judgement people had thrown at each other growing up. All in the name of God, of course.

I could sense the “Creator” in me, which held a double edged sword. On one hand, God was closer than ever. On the other, it scared the living daylights out of me! It meant I could do anything. Gulp. Was I “up” to it?

No more room for paltry excuses.

When I took full responsibility for my life—and stopped taking responsibility for other people’s schtuff—the Creator became more of a force. Invisible, yes. But equally everywhere, and always, present.

What do you name a God-force that’s equally everywhere present?

The Hebrews had it right when they refused to WRITE the name of God because, they said, God was truly unknowable. They named aspects of the God Force, but not the Source name itself. The Creator knows his/her/its creation. But we can’t fully know the Creator because the concept is too flippin’ ENORMOUS for our human minds to handle.

Of course, I thought I could. Cheeky little thing, wasn’t I?

When I asked in all sincerity to know—and meant it—a doorway in my mind and heart opened up. I got a glimpse of infinity. It was just a glimpse, but it lasted long enough to… TAKE. MY. BREATH. AWAY. The vibrations were sooooooo strong, I spent a week in bed feeling the after-effects buzzing through me.

Needless to say, my human ego was humbled into a livable state of awe.

That’s when God became the “Universe”.

In my mind, the power was still outside of me, but at least it was taking on the true immensity the concept deserved. Plus, it made God even more accessible than ever, as long as I kept it at arms length. I had things to do in my life and couldn’t afford another vibrational bed-rest. 🤣

In theory, I understood that I was a part of the Universe. The Universe was a part of me. We were one, together.

In theory.

God’s judgement might not have been a factor anymore. But my own self-judgement was still in play, doing the job for him/her/it.

My re-awakening was still in the “practice makes knowing” phase. Actually, that phase never ends. What you learn through practice grows. It expands… and evolves in an ever ascending spiral of illumination. There’s no limit to how far you can evolve. And in which direction.

How far, wide, and deep you grow is a matter of choice, and where you place your attention.

By that time, I’d been introduced to the concept of a “Higher Self”. With its broader vision beyond my human ego’s, it gave the vast concept of “Universe” a container that my human ego could hold onto. And was willing to listen to.

I began to understand that the Universe manifested what I asked it to. In whole or in part.


More or less.

This was well before the “Law of Attraction” was part of the pop culture, so I was swimming in unknown and underpopulated waters. We only whispered about it in the corners of society.

It took more experience to understand that I was manifesting exactly what I asked for. No more. No less. I took credit for the good stuff. Became a master at being philosophical for the other stuff. I still struggled with the idea that it was somehow my “fault” if things didn’t manifest as planned.

Oh, that fault-driven Hamburger Universe model that I lived in!

“Practice the presence of God” shifted into a whole other league of knowledge…

… when I had that famous metal-crunching three car accident-going-65mph-on-snow experience. Time slowed down. I saw the world in its Divine Light form. And the equally-everywhere calm voice said with all-knowing wisdom, “Let go.”

Walking away from that accident without a single scratch on my car—and a few other miracles to boot—I was a changed woman. Again.

Now I KNEW THROUGH EXPERIENCE that living in linear time is flexible. The world IS vibrational, made up of Unconditional Love. Felt and UNDERSTOOD how there is no separation, only the illusion of separation.

The name of God-the-Creator turned into “Divine Light” for me because I had SEEN and FELT it that way. Infinite Intelligence. Omniscient all-knowing wisdom. Omnipotent all-powerful Unconditional Love.

PLUS… calling it Divine Light meant I could say it without using the article “the”. That was important because the minute you add “the” to a word, you diminish it.

For example, look at the difference it makes when you compare the ideas of God and the God. Get it?

So, today, when I say Divine Light… I’m talking about God/Creator/Universe/the All/Source/Father-Mother-God/Whatever-name-you-use.

Divine Light Vibrations is the manifesting movement of it all. And even that’s too small for what I experienced that day and every day since.

Bye bye Hamburger Universe. Hello multi-dimensions of Unconditional Love.

Years later, the concept of God… the Creator… the Universe…the All… Source… took on a multi-dimensional form when I rediscovered my Divine Soul. I understood how it was my origin spark of self-awareness. My Divine Soul was thought into being by…

…choose your name for the unnameable Origin Source of All Creation.

That discovery moved me out of the worldview of the Hamburger Universe.

I finally KNEW the one-ness. RECOGNIZED in every cell of my being. It was no longer a theory I lived and breathed as truth. I’d crossed over into the KNOWING. The BEING it. The IS-NESS of it.

The pieces of the puzzle came together with new meaning.

When my Divine Soul gave me the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation, I started to remember how to use vibrations of Unconditional Love to transform the limiting thoughts and ideas the world around me lived as truth. I recognized the limitations I was living under because I’d thought, “that’s how life on earth is.” But it didn’t have to be that way!

That’s when real clarity… calm… courage… and emotional freedom became my ever-evolving norm.

I realized how the Universe isn’t out there. We don’t need to “channel” it. Or tap into it.

The Universe is already moving through us. Always.

We only need to open our minds and hearts to remember it. The more we remember, the more we allow it to flow with a richer quality to it. The cleaner our manifestations become. The more present we become. Loving. And decidedly more aware of what we’re manifesting.

With the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation, you can shift and recreate your paradigm from the MOMENT you recognize you don’t want that limitation any more. It’s a matter of making the choice. Letting go. And living the new freedom.

Here’s a bonus if you’re an empath by nature. You no longer get knocked flat and sucked dry by other people’s Light gobbling at this point. Whew! That was a relief! Although, I will admit it took practice to feel the difference between my feelings… their feelings… and the feelings of the collective conscious of humanity.

Next up, was learning how our Divine Soul consciousness is…

Equally-everywhere present in space-time and every-time.

In another ahah! moment, I realized how multi-dimensional this Earth experience is. Always had been. Religious childhood teachings snapped into a new focus.

“So THAT’S what Jesus meant,” I realized in meditation, “when he said, ‘It’s not me who does the work, but the Father within me.’ Hmmm. Tell me more.”

Ask and it will be given. Memories from before I was born into this human body came to me. They’re still coming.

Each new illumination—every step of the way—carries its own vibrational refinement. I had to let go of an old belief… an outdated worldview… or a limiting idea that once seemed huge… so I could evolve and take on the next new awareness.

But we all do, even if you’re not interested in spirituality at all. It’s part of our human make up. Look back on the huge shift you lived through graduating from grammar school with one teacher… to Junior High School and a new teacher every 50 minutes. I don’t know about you, but for me, it was traumatic. For about two solid weeks, I didn’t know if I was coming or going.

When I re-discovered my Divine Soul—those are more stories for other days—that’s also when I realized how my Divine Soul had been guiding my human ego all along. It was all part of the Divine mission I’d signed up for.

This is true for us all: Transform the human limitations. Break the family patterns. Live your Light fully and freely.

Throughout it all, I learned how simple it is to use vibrations of Divine Light’s Unconditional Love to transform the learned limitations of our youth. And how hard we make it ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way!

When I look back, I can only smile and shake my head with love at myself. My fear made me so very obstinate in refusing to jump into Unconditional Love as soon as I discovered it. Rather, I thought it couldn’t be that simple. So I used all that innate power to feed my Inner Critic’s fears and doubts. Oy vey.

But those are other stories for another day.

What’s important is YOU. Keep doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation 2.0. That’s KEY. I still do it every day because not only does it let me evolve gently and profoundly, it heightens the quality of the LightWork I do with others.

Also, review the material in your online course MEET THE INFINITE YOU—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom. The questions in the eJournal will always take you deeper. Even if you’ve answered them before, you’ll be able to take a look at them from a deeper perspective. Pay attention to the module on the “Three Stages of a Spiritual Reawakening”. You cycle in and out of those three stages on any given transformation.

Bottom line, we’re ALL Divine Souls having human experiences.

We’re all at different stages of transforming the limitations we learned in our youth. Our language for God evolves as we do. The more we let go of fear and ideas that are too small for our true self-expression of Divine Light, the more we remember the immense beauty of our Divine Soul’s Unconditional Love.

We return to the conscious awareness of how we’re connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be. There’ll be moments where your human ego takes such a back seat, you’ll cross into other realms of knowing.

The question of God doesn’t exist in those deeper dimensions of Unconditional Love. There’s just the IS-NESS of it all. Including you.

That’s when you’ll know that the full answer to your question…

“Is my Divine Soul God? Or is God speaking through my Divine Soul?”

It’s yes… no… both…  and none of the above because the words are too flippin’ teensy. You have to live it to know and understand it.

When you do, you’ll still be here on Earth. Incarnated. Still needing shelter and food and clothing and money to pay for it all.  But it WILL be a  freer, richer Earth experience altogether, that’s for sure!

Until then, ALWAYS follow your curiosity. Open yourself to answers. Your Divine Soul will guide you every step of the way. It’s enough to get into the habit of looking within for all your guidance. If you can’t hear your Divine Soul’s guidance straight away, come to me. I’ll show you how. Or go to another coach. Take a course. Pay attention to the music playing in your head. Listen to your guides, the angels.

However you get your answers, look within and confirm your understanding with your Divine Soul knowing. That way, you know you’re always on the easiest path for your highest good, and the highest good of all involved.

Fearless curiosity is key to living a rich and fulfilling Earth experience.

Your talents and enjoyment of life grow as a result.

For example, my particular talent is to be able to communicate with other people’s Divine Souls. Untangling psychological and emotional knots for clients is easy peasy. Using different vibrations of Unconditional Love to transform limitations brings them to new awakenings and emotional freedom. Clarity and courage follow. Not only is this part of my personal Divine Soul Mission, it’s where my insatiable—and very passionate—curiosity brought me.

Someone else’s curiosity might guide them to become a Social Media master…. or coach… a yoga instructor… or take Reiki to a new level…. be the best pasta maker in the neighborhood…. or use Tarot cards as a vehicle for others to begin to discern that there’s more to life than the limitations served up in the sandbox of their youth. There’re no limits to your choices.

What’s important is expressing your Light fully and freely, no matter what you do. One isn’t better than another. We’re all in this together!

We each have our place in creating a positive chain of change the world so needs right now.

So let yourself evolve into understanding the full depth of your question: Am I God? Is my Divine Soul God? Or is God speaking through my Divine Soul? Be prepared for more refined answers to rise up from within as you continue to grow.

To help your process, take a page out my first teacher’s playbook. Use it to get the answer that YOUR Divine Soul is urging you to understand.


You’re going to LOVE your evolution into your true nature of Unconditional Love.

Now that you have the base, I can wrap up the last bits of your question in a skinny jiff.

Quick check on what people mean when they say “the universe told me…”

Your question included:

 “Oh, I got a message from the universe… the universe told me to do this… universe told me to do that.”

When people say any one of those things, they could mean anything. It all depends upon where they are in their spiritual re-awakening. Their worldview. Religious or spiritual practice.

Some of their reasons for giving credit to “the universe”—but not all—would fall into these general categories.

“The universe” often gets the credit when…

*People want to give themselves permission to do something they wouldn’t  normally do. They hide behind… “the universe”.

*Something is coming up from their subconscious mind, and their human ego doesn’t know what to do with the information. Since they don’t know how else to frame it, enter stage left… “the universe”.

*There’s a capricious disincarnate spirit having the time of its cosmic life connecting with humans and imparting their disincarnate “wisdom”. The person receiving that message thinks they’re in contact with an Ambassador of… “the universe”.

*Spirit guides from their home dimension are in contact, but the person isn’t yet aware of them. So their messages get labeled as being from… “the universe.”

*Their intuition—that voice halfway between Higher Self and Divine Soul—is picking up on their Divine Soul’s guidance. But since they haven’t yet recognized their Divine Soul Knowing, they give credit to… “the universe”.

*They’re hearing their Divine Soul loud and clear, but nobody around them has mentioned the idea of having a Divine Soul. So, again, they give credit to an unformed force called… “the universe.”

None of these are GOOD or BAD. We all have our place in the world. When you engage in conversation, however, try to discern what “culture of thought” they’re coming from.

Keep in mind, our learning curves are unique to us. So is our way of going about finding the Infinite Love of our origin spark of self-awareness: Our Divine Soul—The Infinite You.

One thing is sure: Your Divine Soul is always guiding you towards shining your Light fully and freely. It’s our human ego-intellect’s choice to say, “YES!”… or… “Ummmm, I don’t think so. I’d rather play over there for now.“

When you do choose to make friends with your Divine Soul—the Infinite You—you’re taking the short route home to the Infinite Love of YOU. You’ll discover that everything you’ve been looking for is right there inside of you. It won’t be theory. It’ll be a proven fact.

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz as she clicked the heels of her ruby red slippers three times.

My six year-old self at the time, looked to the cosmos with a deep sigh of longing for home.

My teenage self had totally forgotten, even though my heart still ached for it.

Today, I know home is in my heart-of-hearts with the Love of my Divine Soul knowing. I say, “Amen, Dorothy, there’s no place like home. And I’m there no matter where I go!”   🙂

You can take YOUR journey back home to your heart-of-hearts with this online course showing you the way… and it comes with the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation v2.0!


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