Illumination, Divine Souls, and The Illusion of Duality (Separation )

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Illumination, Divine Souls, and The Illusion of Duality (Separation)

Someone asked this question to one of our readers who’s practiced in speaking with her Divine Soul, as well as working with Divine Light Vibrations. She asked me to write an article on how I’d respond to the same question.

Normally, when I’m speaking with someone individually, I always ask within for the right words that’ll resonate with the person asking. Since this is an article for the general public, the language I’ve used may or may not resonate for you.

So, let’s make a deal, okay?

If it’s too simple, ask me in the comments to go deeper in sharing information.

If it’s too heady, ask me in the comments to clarify what’s confusing to you.

Here’s the question:

In speaking to your Divine Soul, aren’t you feeding the concept of duality (separation)? Which takes you away from illumination?

That’s a huge question, with so many layers, I wouldn’t do it justice by answering on just one level. So let’s start at the surface, and then go deeper.

First and foremost, each person looks at illumination differently. Even if twenty people are on the same path, the way they view their destination will make a difference in how they walk it. Each step of the way towards illumination carries its own vibration, and its own set of experiences.

How illumined are you? As you read, try to take a measure.

First, an intellectual look  illumination.

If you’re…

  • Living your life 100% as you want…
  • … with full inner satisfaction on all levels,
  • …absolutely never in need of the world to mirror back to you your self worth,
  • … and never hungry for what you don’t have (which is different than deciding what you want from a deep sense of inner peace)…

… then you’re probably about as illumined as you want to be.

It’s not full illumination, but you’re happy. To keep from rocking the boat, you might even scoff at the idea of having a Divine Soul. Why try to go further until you’re ready?


If you…

  • Ever feel the need to convince others of your point of view from a sense of superiority…
  • Ever feel hungry for something or someone outside yourself…
  • Ever feel inferior in any way…
  • Ever look for someone else, a situation, or position to feed your sense of self worth…
  • Ever hold yourself back from expressing yourself fully, freely, joyfully, joyously, without limits and without inhibitions…
  • Ever let human fear drive you, even for just a moment…
  • Ever push yourself to do something you simply do not want to do…
  • Ever feel bored…
  • Ever marginalize someone or something as “less than” you…
  • Ever feel there’s something more, even if you can’t quite yet put your finger on it…

… then you still have some room for growth in remembering who you truly ARE.

You ARE an infinite Being of Divine Light incarnated into the human form.

In short: Illumination is consciously remembering on ALL levels the Unconditional Love of your connection to everything that ever was, is, and will be.


That includes physical, mental, emotional, psychic, subconscious, social, and cellular.

The online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Program to Personal Freedom)” talks about the three stages of a spiritual awakening. It’s the process your ego intellect goes through in rediscovering (or remembering) that you already ARE an infinite Being of Divine Creation Light, incarnated into the human form.

Let’s take the conversation on illumination deeper into Stage Two of Discovering the Light.

The experience of illumination.

An illumined person knows there’s no separation, only the illusion of separation. That illusion is created by your ego intellect.

If you know there’s no separation, yet live your life as if there is, you haven’t yet emotionally accepted the concept. With a little unconditional self acceptance, mixed with a measure of curiosity and patience, you’ll get there.

People who consistently do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation, and consistently release limiting conditioning from the past for transformation into illumination, all eventually talk about having an incredible experience in meditation. They touch a dimension of being consciously aware of their own Infinite Being-ness of Unconditional Love. They experience a boundless dimension of Unconditional Creation.

It’s difficult to put it into words. Words themselves exist to contain and define a concept, and how do you contain infinity? You can’t.

How would you describe a sensation of total unity, where fear doesn’t exist? Some call it the Great Nothing because their ego intellect isn’t doing the creating. Others call it the Great Everything because they catch a glimpse of infinite possibility.

They all speak about not having a sense of “I” or “Me”, but rather a sense of being EVERYTHING. It’s too mind boggling for the ego intellect to process. And so they let go. They just ARE.

In that moment, they’re getting a glimpse of Infinite Creation through the eyes of their Divine Soul.

When I do 1-on-1 sessions with people, they often see the world around them as either emanating Divine Light, or as pure Divine Light with few edges to it. You want for nothing in that dimension of awareness. How could you? There are no limitations. There’s no lack of anything, in any shape or form.

Bringing that kind of awakening experience back into your concrete world of every day living becomes another step in your relearning curve.

You know you want for nothing. You experienced it, so you know it’s real. You also recognize how you can create anything you want in your life experience. And more.

In the simplest of practical every-day experiential terms, that’s illumination.

Keep in mind, your spiral of illumination can go as deep as you want to go.

Everything I write about, every service I offer, is designed to help you come to whatever level of illumination you want. And live it in a concrete way, consciously using the power of Divine Light Vibrations. The Principles of Unconditional Love remain the same, no matter where you are in your illumined reawakening.

It’s a process, of course. Every limiting belief you release to Divine Light Vibrations for transformation into illumination not only improves your life right here and now, it takes you one step closer to remembering how amazingly beautiful you are, and what that really means in all its powerful glory.

The more you remember how beautiful the Unconditional Love of you is, the more you see it in others. The more you see it in others, you help activate their own memories on subtle levels. AND the more fulfilling your life becomes because you’re living it from your full authenticity. Without limits.

Yes, even with all the seeming “messiness” created by different dimensional realities coming together here on Earth.

Note: If the idea of different dimensional realities coming together here on Earth is a little heady for you, go sit in a public place like an airport or the food court at a shopping mall. Everybody you see passing by is living in their own dimensional reality.

So if there is no separation, why do I talk about speaking to your Divine Soul, and making friends with Her/Him? Having conversations with Her/Him?

On the surface, it might appear that speaking with your Divine Soul creates a sense of duality. But that’s only surface appearances.

Seeing it as an exercise in duality is the ego intellect interpreting it that way.


Because your ego intellect has been conditioned to believe it’s the center of your being-ness. If you were looking at it through the eyes of your Divine Soul, the question wouldn’t exist. Consider that as another measurement of where you are in your spiritual awakening towards full illumination.

Let’s take the next step.

The illumination between your Divine Soul and Ego Intellect.

Your ego intellect doesn’t habitually see itself as a part of a whole. It’s been conditioned to see itself as THE whole, in a fragmented world. It’s been conditioned to be the driver and creator of your life: the decisions you make, the fears and conditions you create. I talk about the why’s and what-not’s of that in step by step videos in the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)”.

But of course your Divine Soul isn’t separate from you! It’s simply a different part of you. Like your inner child is a part of you, for example.

Speaking with your Divine Soul is a technique to help your ego intellect refocus its attention on the Truth of you that already exists, and you already know deep within you:

You are an Infinite Being of Divine Light creating and living a finite Earth experience, in an Infinite Universe.

This is NOT your Human Soul Awareness, which resides in your Human heart. Nor is it your Higher Self. Those are other parts of your Human makeup. Like your left hand. Right Hand. Heart. Liver. Muscles. Brain. Light Body. Emotional Body. Etc. All parts of you that come together to create a whole individual entity.

Your Divine Soul aspect goes Light Years deeper. It’s your original Creation spark of pure self-aware Unconditional Love.

Your Divine Soul is the part of you that’s consciously aware of how…

  • You exist in that immeasurable dimension of Infinite Unconditional Love. It’s your birthright, your playground.
  • That it’s within you,
  • and that you’re also in the flow of it.
  • All at the same time. Despite appearances to the contrary.

Let me repeat it another way.

  • You’re in the dimension of Infinite Unconditional Love.
  • That dimension is in you.
  • It flows through you.
  • You flow in it.
  • All at the same time. Always.

When the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation asks you to place your attention behind your solar plexus, it’s asking your ego intellect to gently spiral beyond the borders of its past experience where it learned to be the driver… beyond your Human Soul memories… and into remembering this long forgotten Truth of you.

Once you do fully remember, the vibrational communication that flows directly from all of Creation is continual. Of course, it always has been, and always will be. It’s just your ego intellect is now fully trained to sense, listen, and understand.

You see, interpret, and create everything in your life experience through the eyes of your Divine Soul, instead of through the eyes of past conditioning with its limited world view. Once your ego intellect gets over the initial wonderment of it, entry into Stage Three of your spiritual awakening is complete.

You also habitually do the sacred geometry of the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations with every breath you take.

Consciously creating with the Principles of Divine Light Vibrations is second nature to your ego intellect. (The Basic Principles are outlined in the book “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”.

To get to that point, think of speaking with your Divine Soul as a technique to help your ego intellect remember the Infinite Unconditional Love of you (aka your Divine Soul). In Her/His loving embrace, your ego intellect comes to recognize that duality (separation) never existed. That’s when your ego intellect’s conscious merging with your Divine Soul awareness is complete.

Now I have to ask. How would you ever get there if you didn’t look in that direction?

That’s why speaking with your Divine Soul actually melts away the illusion of separation, and walks you along a direct path towards illumination.

Now it’s time to take action… make this practical, with concrete results for YOUR LIFE.


Small actions steps make huge differences for the better!

Action Plan

(Because knowledge without action is a Mind Game at best.)

Illumination: Fully remembering who you ARE.


  • Keep releasing any and all past conditioning that creates a sense of fear, limitation, and/or the illusion of separation.
  • Ask for illumination.
  • Let your ego intellect sit back, and let Divine Light Vibrations (aka Unconditional Love) do the work.

IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


Give your ego intellect more to ponder by following your curiosity and…

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(And if I got too heady for you, ask for clarification. If you want more details, ask. I’m here for you!)

The Principles of Divine Light Vibrations and its far reaching effects…

…are outlined in the ebook How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love).”  It’s the first in a series from “Vibrational Voyages Go-To Guides for Spiritual Beings.”

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  • All Things Come From the Divine Light Source
  • Divine Light Only Thinks in the Positive
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  • Anna Morandi

    Grazie Anima Divina Glenn!!!!
    Questo articolo è straordinario! Forse dovrebbe comparire nell’ introduzione al sito. Spesso sono affiorate in me domande sul concetto di Illuminazione e più volte mi sono imbattuta in discussioni e perplessità su questo tema con persone che cercano nella mia stessa direzione. Ciò che scrivi risuona dentro come le campane a festa!
    Anche riguardo al concetto di Anima Divina/Io infinito/Scintilla originaria ,
    quante volte mi sono trovata a tentare di spiegare che non è né il Sé Superiore né l’anima umana. Questi concetti sono nuovi per la maggior parte delle persone, anche quelle già navigate in ambito ‘spirituale’.Per certi aspetti sono concetti scioccanti e posso capirlo. Lo è stato anche per me!
    Grazie di cuore x questo articolo, così chiaro, pratico e ricco di informazioni su tanti tanti tanti livelli!
    Ottimo carburante per affrontare qualsiasi nuovo shift verso la propria personale illuminazione che oggi x me, mentre scrivo, ha il sapore di Verità e Libertà



  • GlennYounger

    Grazie Alessia… sono contenta che l’hai trovato cosi’! Ti mando Luce per un percorso fantastico…

    Alessia said: Glenn, this article is decidedly illuminating!!! 😉
    I said: Thank you Alessia… I’m happy you experienced it that way. I’m sending Light for a fantastic journey…

  • Alessia Porro

    Glenn questo articolo è decisamente illuminante!!! 😉

  • GlennYounger

    Illumination means total freedom to create my life experiences, without human fear muddying the waters.

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