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International Best Selling author, Jack Canfield chats with Glenn Younger

Discover the makings of a spiritual fiction story. Where it came from. How it was written.

And, more importantly, what it can do for you.


You heard Jack and Glenn talk about her spiritual fiction and non-fiction books.

Let them change your life, too.

Love. War. Fear. Laughter. Which will win?

Not even the All-Knowing can predict the outcomes when Rah’s jewelry box mysteriously disappears and then reappears. There is no logical explanation. She has total amnesia of who truly she is and where she comes from.

Her search for answers sets off a chain reaction with far reaching consequences throughout the Universe.

How much damage can the Graion mind manipulations wreak in the human psyche? And how much will the WayMaker’s mission prevail?

Take the journey through this spiritual fiction story and find out for yourself.

WayMakers—The Beginning

"Waymakers:The Beginning", spiritual novel by Glenn Younger,; unconditional Love; Divine Mission; available in print, Kindle, Kindle app

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Reviews for “WayMakers—The Beginning”
“Glenn Younger’s witty writing combines with important spiritual and personal growth concepts in such a way that we all benefit from watching Rah’s struggles and personal growth. And then, by quiet comparison, we are compelled to check with ourselves to see if we are listening to our own better nature. What I super love about this book is the fact that the ideas have snuck into my thinking in such a wonderful way. I find myself calling pessimistic energy draining people Graions now without thinking.”
∼Dr. Deanna Beech
“After reading Rah’s story I feel I am closer to finding my true purpose (Divine Mission) and it has inspired me to make exciting changes in my life, to try harder to let go of the past, examine goals that no longer serve me, and I have become more tolerant of my everyday stress and hurdles.”
∼Kelli S.
I felt as if I was being transformed as I read the book…The love that was being sent through the light to Rah brought tears to my eyes. The earthly struggles that she and the others were going through so they could find their way back to that unconditional love that we all have but have forgotten…I will reread this book many times and get copies for my friends..”
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It’s your life. Live it your way.

No more being a mini-version of your glorious self. Not with this jewel of a guidebook on your side.

Go from hiding your truth, your power, and your joy from the world… to singing it on the rooftops or humming it at the grocery store.

The fictional premise is fun. The 14 Principles of Unconditional Love are powerfully simple. Easy action steps are included to put theory into practical action. Now you can live the life you came here to live. And not the one you were conditioned to squeeze into.

How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience

"How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience--14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love", spiritual book by Glenn Younger, send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation; Available on amazon in Print, Kindle, Kindle app

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Reviews for “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience”
…I was looking for a way to feel calmer on a daily basis, to slow down and enjoy life more, find what is missing. After reading several books explaining “why” it is so important, and giving examples of other people’s success, I was left still searching for a book on “how” to accomplish that elusive sense of peace and contentment. This book provides the “how” and when you do the simple instructions, you will notice a change immediately. The author presents the material in a fun, conversational way, it is a pleasure to read. I also truly enjoyed the meditation (a link provided, free). It is a perfect 10 minute experience that refreshes and energizes you. I also have been sleeping all night without waking up at 3:00 a.m. for the 1st time in months. It is wonderful!

∼Kelli S.

If you resonate with the notion of Law of Attraction, then you will love this… “
∼Kimberly Powers
“As an intuitive energy healer and author myself, I will definitely be recommending this to my own clients as part of their own growth! Great, easy read with lots of great info for all levels!” 
∼April Adams

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