Life is about to make sense like never before.

The ancient teaching of Hermes Trismegistus have been a long guarded secret. Yet the 7 Hermetic Principles are the KEY to bringing together—and USING effectively—all the pieces of esoteric and spiritual knowledge you’ve gathered in your spiritual reawakening.

Join me, Glenn Younger, along with Tash Mitch, a fellow LightWorker extraordinaire, in an online Kybalion course that is practical and concrete. Between us, we’ve got over 40 years of experience of putting the Principles of the Kybalion into practical action.

Coming Soon!

The Alchemy of Self-Expansion

  • 7 modules for 7 Principles in an online course.
  • 21+ conversations between Glenn and Tash that’ll open your mind and heart to multi-dimensional living.
  • 14+ simple action steps to APPLY the Principles in your life in positive concrete ways.
  • Community and more…

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