Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Mystical Beauty of Manta Rays

Life lessons from the mystical beauty of manta rays.

The life lessons that the mystical beauty of manta rays gave me have stayed with me ever since I first saw them in 2011. In case you don’t know, they’re these big beautiful undulating creatures that live under the sea.

You’ll see them in a video further down the page. I’m also going to show you how you can create your own life lessons from this. First, let me tell you about them.

The first time I saw manta rays on a night dive off the Big Island of Hawaii, I was transported to another world that filled me with awe at the beauty of these incredible and massive sea creatures.  I was overcome with emotions of gratefulness for being able to witness a part of creation that was so new to me.

The life lessons they first gave me were game changers.

  • A deeper appreciation of how much I still had to learn about planet Earth.
  • Pure awe at their beauty.
  • A clearer awareness of the communities of life forms that quietly live beyond our every day awareness. Trust me on this. Once you see all those underwater life forces alive and thriving, pictures of dead creatures in the sand after an oil spill become more all the more powerful.

Of course, I saw them from afar.

At that time, I told myself that “…one day,  I want to go back and video tape them up close and personal so I can share this with others.”

And that’s what I did.

Of course,  I didn’t know they’d have such an effect on me when I went back. And I certainly didn’t know they’d be so HUGE up close.

But they did. And they were. And I learned some strong life lessons from the experience.

Life lessons I learned on deeper levels.

  • To be calm in the face of the strange and unknown, especially when it’s physically bigger than you are.
  • Be curious and observe when your conditioned instinct is to run screaming and hide behind the nearest locked bathroom door. That’s not an option when you’re 15 feet under and nothing but pitch black water between you and the safety of your diving boat.
  • Breathe deeply even when strong emotions are rising up and clogging your throat.
  • Let go… and let the experience unfold.

Not bad life lessons to use on dry land, right?  🙂

When you also let Divine Light flow through you, that’s when the magic can happen. It did for me.

Afterwards, the Diving Master said he’d never seen them come so close as they did to me.

It didn’t make sense to bring this video over from my old website. But, sometimes when you’ve lived a dream—even if it’s well after the fact—you’ve just GOT to share it with others.  Especially when you can use it for YOUR life lessons. I’ll show you how in just a minute. Keep reading.

There’s another reason I hope you tripped across this page. We’re in this together!

It’s too easy to forget all the life that we don’t see, yet affect without even realizing it.

I hope you enjoy this small video clip with a deeper appreciation of the life that lives out of site and under the sea.

Which brings me to how you can….

Cartoon Glenn side quote "Turn this into your own LIFE LESSON" Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger.Spiritual reawakenings for Self-Explorers, Spiritual Alchemists, and New Thought Leaders of Unconditional Love.

Make it personal and create your own life lessons.

Here’s what you do.

  • As you watch, imagine the last situation you were in that made you anxious or unsure.
  • Then, breathe in rhythm with my breathing. (The bubbles are the exhale.)
  • Consciously let Divine Light flow through you like in the first part of the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation. (If you haven’t done it yet, check it out. It’s great for stress and relaxation. Follow the steps in mini-course and it’ll naturally take you deeper into living your Light.)
  • Do it for the entire 3 minutes of underwater video.
  • Watch what happens to you…. 🙂

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Let’s chat!

How do you feel?

What did the three minutes of “underwater” breathing do for you?

Share it in the comments below.

To discover more about yourself—what you want for your ‘one day’, and how to let it flow into your life—why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you?  It knows you better than your ego-intellect ever could.  You’ll find She’s loving, fun, practical, and concrete.

How?  Participate in the Step-by-Step Video Guide right here on the website.  You’ll not only get to know your Divine Soul, you’ll learn to consciously use Divine Light Vibrations to send those head-trips of your Inner Critic on permanent vacation. Then… you can live the life you came here to live.

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In either case, using the principles of Divine Light Vibrations—with its far reaching effects—you can manifest big dreams and small. And your lessons will come on smooth seas.


Some of the principles present in this entry:

  • Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results
  • The Power of Thought

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