Lightwork for those in the afterlife – a client story

Lightwork for those in the afterlife – a client story

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to talk with dear departed ones in the afterlife? There are certainly a lot of sham artists who proclaim it. But is it actually possible?

Here’s one client’s story about the afterlife and the power of Unconditional Love that’ll open your eyes to new possibilities.

From one Divine Soul to the next, there is no separation. They’re not limited by earth-bound real estate. So whether they’re talking to each other between New York and Sydney—or Georgia and the heavens of the afterlife—it makes no difference.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago when I realized on deeper levels how elastic time and space is with inter-dimensional communication between our Divine Souls. I was at a party and got to chatting with someone I knew on a social level, but not much deeper. I didn’t even realize she knew about the spiritual alchemy work I do.

So I was surprised when she told me her mother had just passed away, and asked if it was possible for me to speak with her departed mother?

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve never tried to speak with a Divine Soul in the afterlife, but let me give it a try.”

In short order, I had personal information and details to pass on. These were things I couldn’t have known had her mother not shared them with me. Bottom line, it helped my friend’s brother release his Mom, which set them both free to live the next chapter in their ongoing lives.

So my personal answer to the question is, “Yes, you CAN communicate with departed ones in the afterlife IF you’re deep enough in communion with your own Divine Soul Knowing.”

Which brings me to today’s Light Story from a fellow Waymaker.

When I asked people who are subscribed to my GOOD STUFF! NEWSLETTER to share their Light story, I was expecting to read small snippet stories of how the alchemy of Divine Light Vibrations made a difference. Needless to say, I was delighted to read the first one that came in. It’s longer than I expected, and epic in the emotional healing that occurred on so many levels. It’s definitely worth the read!

It brings me great pleasure to share Natalie’s Light Story with you here…

Lightwork for those in the afterlife—a client story

By Natalie Marie Collins

My grandma recently passed away. She was a soft quiet woman who was the darling expression of unconditional love. She was married to my grandpa for over 60 years and was with him until he passed away about 15 years ago.

From her marriage she had 3 children, one of them being my dad. The marriage was not an easy one. My grandpa battled with alcoholism, smoking, WWII traumas, and deeply suppressed anger that would burst out at any given moment. My grandma endured all of this with a loving heart and even though she received the blunt end of a lot of his bursts of anger, she never turned around and took it out on anyone else. Her strength was found in her love.

After my grandpa had past, she dove deeper into her genealogy studies and found a 3rd cousin that was in her area and close to her age. His name is Rick. She and Rick met and fell into a blissful, sweet love. She was happier than she had ever been in her life. She had found true love.

About a year before her passing, and after 37 years of marriage, my parents got a divorce. This was my mom’s decision because she felt it was time to part ways and be out on her own for the first time in her life.

My grandma’s body had been taken over with dementia the last 2 years of her life, and so the divorce between my parents wasn’t fully comprehensible to her failing mind. I honestly don’t even know if she was ever told about it.

After she passed, she knew right away what had happened, and she went to my mom with layers of sadness and confusion because she didn’t understand why my mom would leave her sweet, loving boy.

A week had gone by and my grandma was still looming over my mom, falling deeper into the sadness and confusion. My mom tried to explain to her why, but my grandma still couldn’t understand.

In my mom’s desperation to relieve the cloud of sadness, she contacted me asking if I had felt from my grandma at all yet.

“No, not yet” I said.

“Oh. Probably because she won’t leave me…” Mom replied.

“She needs closure with it. How can you help her with it?” I said, trying to empower her to handle the situation that was so very personal to her.

“I feel I need to explain it to her and I don’t have the words.” Mom replied.

“Maybe it can’t be explained in words. Maybe it needs to be explained in feelings.” I said. After working with Glenn for a year, I’ve learned that words are manifestations of feelings, and feelings come from a vibration.

“Words are manifestations of feelings, and feelings come from a vibration.”

“Oh, there you go. Thank you. Whew! Let’s get her to move on.” Mom replied. Then after a few minutes of her communicating with my grandma, she said “So, she kinda understood, but she’s very hurt and sad…her presence is now fading.”

“Be sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her. For all she did, for raising a son that was a solid foundation for you for so long, for being the beautiful person that she is. And that the divorce was never meant to hurt her in any way.” I replied, adding “And if you need me to talk to her, I will.”

In that moment I realized that I needed to step in and help explain the situation to my grandma from a different perspective. She needed Light work done on her to help her through this space.

So, I went to work.

Going into a meditation with the intention of connecting with my grandma, I did the Divine Light Vibrations Activation Meditation on myself first and then started to search out her energy.

When I found her she was covered in so many layers of sad, dark gray gobbler energy and had her back to me. The gobbler energy was so thick that she couldn’t see me.

I started to peel back the layers of gobbler energy using my Divine Soul Light and got to where she could finally see me through the remaining layers. But her back was still turned to me, so I started to talk to her in the vibrational language Glenn had taught me and I started to explain the divorce to her in a different way.

I explained to her that my parent’s relationship had been like her first marriage, good, but not the soul-singing one she had with her Rick. What they had done is separate before death, so that they could both find their own version of Rick to love and cherish in this lifetime.

I then showed her more examples of those in our family that had gone the same path as her and found their Rick in their second marriages. Including myself.

Her eyes got wide as she started to understand what was happening, and a few of the deeper layers of gray matter started to lift.

“Grandma, I have a mission for you” I said. “Would you like to know what it is?”

“Oh, yes” she replied in sweet delight.

“You now have the ability to see the energies of others. To sense their connections. I need you to start looking for both my mom and dad’s new soulmates, the ones who are ideal for them, their Ricks, and start to bring them together. You have the ability to do that now” I explained.

As I explained this to her, she started to become excited as if she had become a giggly school girl. She understood perfectly what needed to happen.

“But first, before you go out and start on your mission, you will need your Divine Soul Knowing activated so that you can easily make the connections” I said. “Do I have your permission to activate your Divine Soul Knowing for you?”

“Oh, yes, of course” she giggled in delight.

With her permission to move forward, I did the Divine Light Vibrations Activation on her, grounding her energy to the earth and sending it up into the heavens, connecting her with the consciousness grid and beyond. As her activation started to pulsate out of her, there was a sudden burst of light waves that came from her core, shattering all remaining layers of gray matter and pushing away the dark looming entities that had been waiting to take her over. They could no longer touch her. Her light was too strong and bright.

She beamed with joy that came from a place she was now remembering to be her true nature. She could see her own light and she rejoiced in it’s divine glory.

She was ready to be the Light Being she was always meant to be.

There are so many things I love about this story of the afterlife and life here on earth. The releasing. The healing. The grace in how Natalie handled the situation.

If you’ve read my spiritual fiction novel, WAYMAKERS, you’ll recognize exactly what was happening.

If you’ve read my non-fiction book, HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EARTH EXPERIENCE, (which Natalie has), you recognized the ‘gobbler’ vibrations she talks about and transformed so nicely by  allowing the Infinite Intelligence, All-Knowing Wisdom, and All-Powerful vibrations of Unconditional Love do the work of transforming. Natalie was an able conduit and gave both her grandmother in the afterlife and mother here on earth the free choice to participate or not. That’s how it has to be. You can’t heal someone’s dense energy without their implicit consent.

If you consistently do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations v.2.0 guided meditation, you’ll understand how anything is possible with the transformative power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations.) Anything.

And you don’t always need words. It’s the vibrations of your emotional intent that count the most.

Most importantly, if you can wrap your head around the concept that the afterlife doesn’t mean not being alive… it simply means after-life-here-on-earth… you’re well on your way to transforming a good chunk of your Inner Critic’s fear of death. You might not be able to take your stuff with you when you go, but how you use the vibrations of Unconditional Love will always define your experience no matter what body you’re wearing… or not.

Now THAT’S freedom… if you choose it!

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Let’s chat!

What’s your takeaway from Natalie’s story?

Have you had an experience with the afterlife?

Share with us in the comments below…





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    Thank you Natalie for shining you Light for others!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this!

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