Listen and Let Your Divine Soul Speak

 His Divine Soul had something important for all of us.


From the day we’re born, we’re surrounded by people who want to teach us. Guide us. Show us the way. Help us avoid pain.

We soon learn what it means to be “safe” and “not safe, at least in the terms THEY teach. We use their tips and tricks. We make up some of our own. We make our way.

The problem is, along the way, we forget about the two most important salient aspects of our human makeup:

  1. Our Divine Soul—our origin spark of self-aware Unconditional Love that consciously knows our connection to everything that ever was, is, and will be.
  2. The Unconditional Love—Infinite, All-Knowing, All-Powerful—that created us and is always flowing through us.

Nobody talked about our Divine Souls. Our Human Soul, yes. Our Higher Self, maybe. But not our Divine Soul, which goes beyond light years deeper.

If they talked about Unconditional Love, they tried to box it into the worldview that it was something you had to strive for, earn, and/or be worthy enough to get its attention.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Still, there’s always been that indescribable nudge from within to come back to those two home truths.

So we study spirituality. Religion. Techniques. Or ignore the inner nudge altogether and go in search for that love outside ourselves.

You’re here on this page because you’re ready to come home to your Light. You’re ready to remember what you’ve always know, but have forgotten.

Perhaps Lee’s story and the message from his Divine Soul will help you…

At the time, he was practicing Reiki full time, but was not in the habit of directly listening to his Divine Soul. He said he wasn’t getting answers when he asked in meditation and had a tendency to fall asleep anyway when he tried.

The following is one of his earlier Divine Soul communications, which came through for him back in September 2008. It’s so universal in nature, I asked him if I could include it here. To my mind, it answers many basic questions people ask me about Divine Souls in general.

Keep in mind, Lee and I were not speaking face to face nor using Skype as I often do with individuals in different parts of the world. Rather, we were conversing through emails.

It was during one of our email chats that I felt his Divine Soul call out to me—it was kind of like a vibrational knock on the door of my attention—asking me to pass on a written message.

“Well this is different,” I thought. “But why not?”

My hands were on the keyboard typing anyway so I allowed his Divine Soul to use my fingers and type His message.

The following is an excerpt of the mail I ended up sending (you can see where his Divine Soul jumped into the conversation because I set it apart from mine):



“Dear Lee,

Do your meditation sitting up so you don’t fall asleep!  If you felt nothing, then don’t try so hard!  Just relax into it.  Be curious.  Be interested.  Be open.

Your Divine Soul wants to speak to you through my fingers on the keyboard so here goes…

“My dear L,

I am here. You are afraid of Me, but I am you, not some outside scary thing.

I have loved you from the beginning, know everything there is to know about you. What I have to tell you will return you to your homestead of consciousness and you can then be about the business you came to Earth to do.

I am Love. You are Love. WE are One in the same.

I am asking you to listen so you can remember your Divine Birthright and help others to remember theirs. I am asking you to only listen. Then, being the human form—as in any form any Being has—we all have free choice.

If someone invites you to a buffet, you have free choice to eat whatever you choose off of the buffet. I am only inviting you to see what the buffet consists of. You may choose what you eat off of it, but, how can you choose if you don’t know what is being offered?

This is what I am asking you to do: Come to the buffet.

You will be a great teacher once you wake up. You have come to teach that which you knew before the veil dropped in your human form. You know this. It is not new information.

You must listen. To ask and ask and not listen is to fill up the air with noise so the birds cannot sing.

Ask once. Then wait. Just sit quietly and wait. I will speak to you, but it takes a bit of your time to open your ears. Be patient and just wait.

You WILL sense the answer to your questions… and more. The world you live in—on all levels—is much bigger than you have humanly perceived up until now and, yet, you still remember. Do not resist the remembering for it does not serve you, nor your mission, of why you came to Earth.

I am Love. I AM you.”

Okay, it’s Glenn back again. I want to add this from me personally. Keep going, keep trying. I understand where you are. I muddled through for a long time until I let go and allowed myself to hear my Divine Soul’s voice. I can tell you, it’s more beautifuland life on this planet is more fantasticthan my wildest dreams were before I began to remember.

In the Light of Divine Love as are you,




As an epilogue, Lee began listening to his Divine Soul for guidance and working with the Divine Light Vibrations along with his Reiki. His courage grew and he began choosing from the buffet that his Divine Soul spoke about.

Not many months later, a new career opportunity opened up for him, something he couldn’t have possibly conceived of at the time of this communication. He’s now living on the other side of the globe discovering things about himself and the world he lives in. He did become a teacher of English to Korean children, his Light spreading out in ways his ego-intellect couldn’t have imagined before.

The neat thing about this kind of ‘leaps and bounds’ growth is that it happens in such consistent baby steps, it’s not even really noticeable until you get to the next big ‘ahah!’ moment and you realize how far you’ve come.

Our Divine Souls always know how to guide us to our highest good!

Make Lee’s story personal to you:


Take the time to listen to your Divine Soul—the Infinite You.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation.

2. Place your attention behind your solar plexus and the concept of already being a form of Infinite Unconditional Love.

3. Then ask your Divine Soul, “For my highest good, what do you want me to know?”

4. Ask once. Then sit quietly and wait for your answer just as Lee’s Divine Soul encouraged him to do.

If you haven’t yet experienced the amazing sensations from the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation, START HERE  

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