MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE: How to Turn Vague Requests into Concrete Results.

Manifesting Abundance: How to Turn Vague Requests into Concrete Results.

Manifesting abundance isn’t so difficult… unless we make it that way.

Keep in mind, manifesting abundance isn’t just about having extra CASH hanging around.

It’s also about living with…

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Here’s a true story of Divine Light Vibrations in action and how Anne went about manifesting abundance in her life. Plus, there’s a powerful prayer / declaration that will help move you into full alignment with your Divine Soul purpose and mission. When you’re in full alignment, manifesting abundance is a given!

In the story, you’ll see what Anne did wrong, and how she held herself back from manifesting abundance in her life. Then you’ll see what she did right and how it turned her life around.

P.S. The book, “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)” talks about the basic Principles of how Divine Light manifests in your world. Anne’s story illustrates five of the Principles.

Anne wasn’t happy with her job.  She felt there was more she wanted to express of herself in the world. In her mind, her job was banal. It was holding her back. The owners were inflexible. They didn’t appreciate her work.

As a result, there was a lot of tension between the owners of the business and her.  Mondays were something to dread. Her weekday life was a heavy burden. The tension in her shoulders was becoming chronic.

Bottom line, she was ready to quit and move on to try new things. But, her fear of the current economic situation was keeping her from taking any concrete steps in new directions.

In short, she was doing anything BUT manifesting abundance in her life.  Just the opposite.

If you’ve read my book, you know all about the power and subtlety of the Principle:

Divine Light flows (and manifests) where your attention goes.

Since she was focusing so much on how much she hated her job, she manifested more lack than abundance on more fronts than just work.

I gave her a prayer that had been given to me long ago.  It made all the difference in the world to me, and others to whom I have passed it on.

It helps you activate the power of focused thought… and still leaves room for you to grow and explore new horizons. With practice, you’ll grow into manifesting abundance in ways you can’t image from your current viewpoint.

“I let… myself…  express all of my talents … fully …  freely …  joyfully … joyously …  unlimited … uninhibited … and receive just recompense for the services I render.”

Take the time to let the words register before moving on to the next word of the prayer / declaration.  This works best after having completed a Basic Activation Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation v2.0.

It wasn’t the first time I’d given her this prayer. She’d been giving it ‘lip service’ on and off for a while. She finally gave up,  thinking it wasn’t working because she didn’t see ‘results’.  How could she? She was more focused on what she didn’t want, than what she did want.

If you give Divine Light empty ‘lip service’—and don’t really put your heart and intention behind any prayer/declaration—you’re not going to get a whole lot back.

Divine Light never fails in manifesting abundance. We fail in how we direct it.

One day, she wrote me an email saying she was in a ‘crises’, that she felt paralyzed by her fear of change in these crazy economic times. She didn’t know what to do.  Work was getting worse and she wasn’t happy.

I smiled when I read that because I knew that she knew what to do. And so did she.

The solution was simple: Release her fears to the vibrations of Divine Light’s Unconditional Love and ask for them to be transformed into peace and illumination.

Prosperity and manifesting abundance can be tricky when you work off of limited conditioning. But, she was awakened enough to recognize on some level that all things come from the Divine Light Source (or God or Whatever you call the Source of All Creation), not her employer.

I reminded her that money doesn’t come from her employer. Rather, it’s a man-made convenience that represents an exchange of energy in the form of goods and services.

Then, I suggested that after doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation, try to really feel the peace move through her. Once she felt her heart and mind were more open—and not before!— it would be a good time to revisit the prayer / declaration I wrote above.  This time, however, do it with focused thoughts and a clear intention to ALLOW the declaration to come from the heart.

The following day she texted me on my phone to say, “Miracles are happening!”

“Of course they are!” I texted back. “This isn’t a parlor game you’re playing.  It’s for real. Tell me what happened?”

She’d discovered the courage to speak with the business owners from her heart. That was enough to create a shift in their relationship and create a two-way flow of Divine Light Vibrations.They worked out an agreement that was beneficial to all involved.

From there, she felt free to allow herself to express her talent for singing more fully, freely, joyfully, joyously, unlimited and uninhibited. As for the just recompense for the service she rendered while expressing herself, especially for her singing?  Right away she began manifesting abundance in the form of two new bookings singing at weddings.

That was just the beginning. “Buon viaggio” (have a good voyage) took on new meanings for her.

Working with Divine Light in manifesting abundance takes practice, but it’s worth it! Anne has gone on to discover many new talents she’d never dreamt she had before.

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Manifesting Abundance on all levels.

Turn those vague requests into concrete results.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation v2.0. (If you already signed up for it and haven’t yet downloaded it, you’ll find it in your member’s area of Waymakers Academy. Otherwise CLICK HERE to access it for immediate download.)

2. When it’s done, release any doubts or fears you have to Divine Light Vibrations. Ask  for them to be transformed into peace and abundant prosperity in all good things.

3. Then declare, “I let… myself…  express all of my talents … fully …  freely …  joyfully … joyously …  unlimited … uninhibited … and receive just recompense for the services I render.”

4. Feel the sensations. Any resistance you feel are signals that will tell you where you’re holding yourself back.

5. Release any resistance—named or unnamed—for transformation into illumination.

6. Listen to your Divine Soul Knowing for the best way to put conscious action to new freedom of self-expression… and how you want to manifest abundance on your terms.


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The Principles Anne used for manifesting abundance are outlined in greater detail in the book HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EARTH EXPERIENCE (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love):

  • The Power of Thought
  • Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results
  • Divine Light Flows Where Your Attention Goes
  • Ask and you will receive (if you’re willing to)
  • Giving and Receiving is a Two Way Street


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