If your spirituality and the “Law of Attraction” appeal to you

—but it’s not working like you want—

It’s time to raise your vibe to new levels

So you get what you want, instead of holding back.

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It’s time to…

Meet the Infinite You

When you have an active relationship with the Infinite You (aka your Divine Soul, the  innate part of you that knows how to create without limits), nothing can hold you back. I mean nothing.

That’s a big statement, I know.

But flirt with that for a minute, and ask yourself…

1. What if it’s true? What if I DO have an innate ability to create without limits?

2. What would it mean if I were truly free?

3. If I could wave a cosmic magic wand and have anything I want in my life, which area is holding me back? Emotional? Professional? Or spiritual?


Take a look at what freedom could mean.
Spiritual Transformation – Divine Light Vibrations – Vatican City


Total self acceptance.

Quit being my own worst frenemy.

Better, more fulfilling relationships.

A healthier outlook both emotionally and physically.

No more overwhelm of too much to do.

Divine Light Vibrations – Spiritual Transformation – fun, practical, concrete


Stop getting in my own way of entrepreneurial success.

No more being bogged down by information overwhelm. I’d know what to pay attention to and when.

Better business relationships.

More personal courage to make forward progress.

A more prosperous lifestyle.

Garden Maze-Spiritual transformation – Divine Light Vibrations


Know my Divine Mission.

Understand myself and the cosmos on deeper levels.

A richer understanding in practical terms and practical application of my current spiritual practice(s).

They’re all interconnected, of course.

From there, it’s up to you to decide what any one of those would specifically look like in personal and practical terms. Take a moment to fill in the blanks with as much specific detail as you can.

“My partner and I would (fill in the blank).”

“My business would (fill in the blank).”

“I would (fill in the blank).”

“It would (fill in the blank).”

Now that you have a clearer idea, it’s time to take it out of the ‘would’ stage and into the reality stage because… well… you can! If you want, that is.

Keep your choice in mind as you read on.

Most people secretly believe that the power of Unconditional Love is either a pipe dream or something they have to work hard for in order to deserve.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Are you one of them? Do you hold on to those precious moments from a spiritual retreat only to watch the feeling fade away when you’re dropped back into day to day living?

Or do you ever just sigh at the thought of the dream you have tucked away in the corner of your mind, and think, “If only…”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Another thing most people openly believe is that the key to success is willpower. But willpower can be a fickle friend indeed. Do you set a new goal for yourself only to procrastinate? Backslide? Or fill yourself with self doubt?

If any of that speaks to your experience, and if you’re thinking, “No program can do all of this,” then


you’ve forgotten that you already have two super-powerful tools at your service.


  • Your Divine Soul (The Infinite You) that consciously remembers your connection to all of creation and knows how to guide you to your highest good.
  • The Infinite, All-Knowing, All-Powerful flow of Unconditional Love that you’re created from. It’s flowing through you at all times, waiting to be formed into something concrete.


Up until now, you’ve probably forgotten what it truly means to have these on your side. Welcome to the human experience here on Planet Earth.

Odds are you’re already involved in your spiritual growth in some way, shape, or form.  You’ve flirted with the concept of the power of Unconditional Love, even actually studied it. Maybe a lot. You’ve tried different disciplines and techniques of spiritual transformation, but they’re hard to sustain outside a closed community of like-minded people. Or you want to take those disciplines to the next level, but you aren’t sure how.

Still, you manifest too many of your “not-wants” instead of what you DO want. When that happens, it’s a good sign that you’re mis-using your natural powers by unconsciously feeding the past conditioning and hidden fears that limit you. Since you’re missing out on full clarity or haven’t given yourself full permission to enjoy what you want, you subconsciously muddy up the waters of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations).

That’s about to change.

In a big way.

For the better.

I mean, why toddle along when you can fly?

Now there’s an online course to help you.

“Meet the Infinite You—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom”

Vibrational Voyages Meet the Infinite you

Step 1: Ignite your curiosity. It’s a key factor.
Step 2: Divine Light Vibrations—how to use them and not abuse them.
Step 3: Why it’s your Divine Soul that brings in the gold.
Step 4: How did your ego-intellect get to be so obstinate?
Step 5: Your Subconscious—how to make it your friend, not an unconscious foe.
Step 6: The Three Stages of a Spiritual Awakening—where are you now?
Step 7: How to hear your Divine Soul’s “Yes” and “No”.
Step 8: The deeper you go, the richer the flow.

It’s designed to help you…

  • Get back in touch with your own innate power and really use it on the subtle levels that count in big ways.
  • Understand how the different aspects of you can work together for your highest good.
  • Learn a powerful meditation technique that’s simple and helps you produce concrete results. Use it as a stand-alone meditation or together with your current meditation technique.
  • Resolve the struggle between your wants and not-wants.
  • Discover where you’ve been misusing your natural power, and then shift into using it for your highest good.
  • Make friends with your Divine Soul (the Infinite You). Let Her/Him guide you in recognizing the root cause of any past conditioning that holds you back. No more living as a bonsai tree version of you.
  • Use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) to easily and gently transform that past conditioning into personal illumination, emotional freedom, and courage to follow your dream(s). Live with confidence and peace in any situation.
  • Take your current spiritual practice to new levels.
  • Learn how to keep focus and direct Divine Light Vibrations to manifest whatever it is you want—and are willing to have—in your life.
  • … and much more!

After all, small inner shifts = BIG outer changes

No more struggle with will-power. Using the innate power of Unconditional Love and your Divine Soul knowing means nothing—and I mean nothing—can hold you back but yourself.

Believe me, I know that from lots of trial and error. Press play on the video to hear my story.

Meet Glenn Younger

Author and Divine Soul with tons of experience.

The sky is not the limit; your own imagination is.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what other people have to say about working with Divine Light Vibrations and making friends with their Divine Soul:

Testimonials from all walks of life, people who said, “yes_divine_light_vibrations” to the infinite knowing of their Divine Soul.

Patrizia Cristoferi FB Patrizia Cristoferi – NLP Life & Business Coach
I have studied many types of approaches to personal growth for my own use, as well as for client assistance.  With Glenn’s help and guidance, I finally realized that the spiritual dimension is the one that gives us the fastest, more conscious, and stable growth possible.



Version 2Anna Morandi – Lightworker with Children
I didn’t know how to clearly listen and hear my inner voice despite all the techniques I already knew and practiced. (Glenn) knew how to guide me in a very real, practical, and concrete manner to recognize and listen on deeper and deeper levels to the voice of my Divine Soul – my only true Teacher and Guide, the Essence of Pure Light.



Sandra KahaleSandra Kahale – Wordsmith, Editor
For any of you who may be wondering what you really want, or where this is all going, or if Entrepreneurial Exhaustion is going to be your new normal: I have to recommend spiritual coach and Divine Soul Glenn Younger.




P1160805 - Version 2 – Version 4William Roper – Professional English Teacher in Korea and Reiki Master
I have to say it really works, I mean I feel like a million bucks here, almost glowing, plugged in and really charged with an almost child like feeling.




Version 2Alessia Porro – Co-Founder of the Mercantile
Working with Divine Light Vibrations, I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted.  Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.

I learned how to quit resisting and focus on allowing. I’m now able to communicate with a serenity that I never had before.  It’s enough to listen to your Divine Soul and you know you’re on the right path.  Everything is going to be okay.


Testimonial Luisa FurlaniLuisa Furlani – Yoga Instructor and Cultural Association Founder
As it says in Step N. 6 of the (Meet the Infinite You) Video Guides, a spiritual transformation in Divine Light isn’t linear. It’s so true! The things that Divine Light continues to transform in the life I’ve chosen on this Earth is clear and beyond question.

From the very beginning of working with Divine Light Vibrations, everything has changed. Every step has had its own sense. Sometimes I wanted to run away from what I knew all too well. Unconditional Love (Divine Light Vibrations) gave me sensations of security and safety as it moved through anger and incomprehension to tears and then joy of release.


SJ in Cambodia - Version 2 – Version 3SJ LeHoven – Writer, Actor
Initially, I was looking for peace. I was in a relationship that I thought was good, but later realized was toxic. I was looking for a way to find myself. Center myself and take care of myself (heal myself). I’ve released so many things that I didn’t realize I was hanging on to! Belief systems that I’d swallowed wholeheartedly. Glenn taught me to trust the Light. I’m now writing, creating, and living with freedom.



Divine_soul_higher_self_rose_divine_light_vibrationsMelanee Herrera – Artist
It is my 3 year anniversary since I met my Divine Self !  11-10-11 was the date.

I`m losing identities or things I had identified with that I thought defined me. Now I know who I am not, I am more aware of who I Am . 🙂

How will you feel when…?


  • You’re well on your way to living your life fully, freely, joyfully, joyously, unlimited, and uninhibited in all situations.
  • You’re living your dream, even the ones you’ve kept tucked away in the corner of your mind and labeled, “One day.”
  • You’re fully equipped to handle doubt and fear when they come up.
  • You have freedom from not knowing why the *&#! your life isn’t going the way you want it to. If you do get off track, you know how to make quick course corrections to get back in your highest flow.
  • You move with confidence and inner peace in the direction YOU want to go, not what other people want for you.

Because the 8 Step Master Roadmap will always be there for you as a reference point, and you’ll know how to let your Divine Soul guide you, your Earth experience will be truly your own. Now that’s Good Stuff!

Here’s what you get with the online course:

“Meet the Infinite You—8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom”. "Meet The Infinite You - 8 Step Roadmap to #Personal Freedom" Course content icon.

  • Master Roadmap of 8 Step by Step Video Guides.  You’re busy. It’s easy to get off track. So they’ll be released to you one a week.
  • Spiritual Transformation eJournal with exercises and questions to help you focus your ego-intellect into the right direction for your highest good.
  • Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation.
  • Plus two other guided meditations for stress and a good night’s sleep.
  • Private Facebook group for sharing and support.

It’s simple, concrete, and can be as easy as a piece of cosmic candy if you let it be that way.

You’re probably in stage two of a Spiritual Transformation right about now (you’ll find out more about that in Video 6), which means you’re CURIOUS. Has the thought of price crossed your mind? 

You’re going to LOVE this!

If you got the information by working with me directly in eight sessions, it would cost you $1400.00. BUT I want to get you started living the life you came here to live. The one you were meant to live. I want you to get excited about seeing how much you can do working with the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations). And tell others about the program.

SO… it’s available to you for only $275.00. Yep, that’s right. You get all of that for less than the cost of one email consultation.

Plus I’m going to make you a promise. If you do all the exercises in the eJournal as well as the daily meditation, you WILL see concrete results by the end of the program. If you don’t, then send me your eJournal with the completed exercises and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

All this for only $275!

Go for it. You deserve it.

Meet the Infinite You - 4 bonus giftsAct now, and I’ll give you four bonuses:

1. Three Stages of a Spiritual Awakening cheat sheet to help you recognize where you are at any given time.

2. Written transcripts of the videos to read on the go.

3. Periodic email reminders to help you stay on track.

4. Plus a special surprise video that you’ll want to stand up for.

You’ll have full time access to all of it right there in your member’s area.




Don’t miss this breakthrough course that will finally help you consciously live the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) to transform self limiting beliefs and fears so you can achieve any form of success and fulfillment you want!

It’s your Earth visit. You’re here for only a short while. You might as well make the most of it. After all, you only live once… in your current body.

Ready? You’re one click away!

Only $275!


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