New York Vibes and Earth Energy

I found a deep earth energy vibe in

New York city of all places.

Earth energy is everywhere, even in the cement, mortar, and brick of New York City. You just have to open yourself up to it.

To discover how strong the bond is between you and our Mother Earth, you need to let your ego intellect take a back seat. When you do, you can begin to understand another piece of the puzzle about how vast Unconditional Love can be in the physical form.

I had a reminder of this in New York city of all places.

When people talk of New York, rarely does Earth energy pop into the conversation. Broadway, museums, multi-cultures, shopping, restaurants, night-life, music, and art are common topics. Earth energy? Does talking about Central Park count?  Only if muggings at night and John Lennon don’t dominate the topic at hand.

So it seemed like an odd choice for me to want to visit New York at the tail end of a tenth month sojourn working with primal Earth energy of the Hawaiian islands all the way over to the spiraling kundalini Earth energy of South America. My friends marked it up as ‘Glenn needing to get away from nature’.

The real oddity was that it took me more than twenty years to finally go to New York for an extended period of time. Truly, I don’t know what took me so long.

No, I take that back. Like anything, if you’re open, the answer will come to you. My answer came the moment I typed that sentence. It took me that long because my conditioned ego intellect always considered New York City through a smoky smog of a pre-prejudice born out of other people’s fear.

“I want to study in New York City,” I told my parents during my senior year of High School.

“No daughter of mine is going to be set loose in a city as dangerous as that,” my father grumbled as he turned back to his television program, thereby ending any further discussion.

I ended up going to a University in the south where it was considered ‘safe’. My dream of living in New York was tucked away in a mental drawer labeled ‘some day, some way’. If you look at the three stages of spiritual awakening, I wasn’t even close to the first stage yet. I gave up on my dream with barely a whimper.

Since then, I’ve literally traveled the world over—from India to South America, from Asia to Scandinavia, from the Pacific to Europe. I’ve traveled in high-end luxury, all the way to so-very-low-end that I shared hotel rooms with bugs bigger than my cosmetic kit. I’m talking places that even close friends refused to believe until I showed them pictures of proof.

More often than not, the concept of Earth energy didn’t even cross my mind.

There were times, however, in which I did recognize it.

Sedona Arizona, for example, is a ‘hot spot’ filled with all sorts of vortex Earth energy running around and through its red rock.

The Hawaiian islands is another. Even if you’re not used to thinking about Earth energy, a Pacific Ocean blue as far as the eye can see offset by lush tropical greens and lava rock underfoot makes your heart expand so much it’s hard not to feel a connection of some sort.

And South America? Suffice it say, the spiraling kundalini Earth energy there was a challenge. I wobbled between all three stages of a spiritual awakening—fought it, found it, lived it—before I finally assimilated and spiraled nicely into stage three.

When I first flirted with the idea of spending an extended period of time in New York City, however, it seemed daunting. Tall buildings and exciting possibilities were shrouded in the fears of others. That’s crazy, I know, but that’s how it was.

On that subject, I was at the starting gate of stage one.

Their voices echoed up from my subconscious mind like sounds will travel across a still lake, making their sources seem closer than they really are, lending a certain ephemeral wisdom to them. New York is dangerous… you’ll get mugged… it’s expensive… there is no breathing room… it’s better here… you don’t know anybody.  

Old habits just beg to be transformed into illumination, and those old voices had lived their life span. I threw them out like you’d finally throw out old Christmas presents that never really fit in the first place, and you’d only kept for maintaining social order with the gift givers.

How do you recycle old fears?

I gave them to Divine Light Vibrations for transformation into illumination. Then I put practical action to it, and bought my ticket.

“I think I’m going to go live in New York for a while,” I told some friends, including the ones who are involved with spiritual matters.

They each gave me that kind of quizzical look of acceptance without much understanding.

“Why would you want to do that?” some asked.

“It is all cement,” others added wisely. “It’s hard to feel the Earth energy there.”

One friend was more adamant than the rest when he categorically prophesied, “You’ll get disconnected from nature…,” before trailing off, knowing his argument was a lost cause. My mind was made up.

I soon discovered they were all wrong.

Here’s what happened.

The minute I got out of the cab knowing I was there to stay for a while, I loved it!

New York City is filled with energy of all levels. I got the most amazing charge just out of walking around and watching the dance of humanity. Sure, there were some heavy vibes that came from the anger and power games of the street. But, those kinds of vibes weren’t mine, so I didn’t engage.

The vibes I loved the most were the lighter vibrations of Divine Love.

I saw them everywhere. From smiles on children’s faces to the adults who engaged with those children… from lovers holding hands to the passing stranger who helped an elderly man cross an icy patch of the cross walk… they all showed me human interactions that make a positive difference in the world. There were fruit vendors who smiled from their windows at anyone who took the time to acknowledge them. An elderly Asian man sent me a beam of Light in his smile when I stood to one side on a snowy sidewalk and let him pass, the rain dripping off our identical all-purpose black umbrellas.

Time and time again, I saw people at the check out counters of various stores who went out of their way to assist those who were open to it. In a laugh-out-loud-with-delight moment, a dancing man holding a #4 sign at Trader Joe’s came up to me to ‘dance’ me to his checkout counter. When he realized I was only looking for the exit, he danced me to the escalator.

These are just a few examples of how I saw people connecting with each other in positive ways.

And that fear-based belief that I’d be disconnected from Earth energy if I was surrounded by the cement of a city?

Wrong again.

One evening, I stood looking out the third floor window of my room onto a snow-filled courtyard surrounded by tall buildings. There were no flowers nor bushes in sight, just two spindly trees bent over from the weight of the snow in their winter hibernation. The only indications of any signs of life was the glow of incandescent light behind closed curtains. It spilled softly onto the snow, cement, brick and glass.

I flashed on my friends who’d tried to make me believe that an extended time in a city would disconnect me from Earth energy. My instincts told me they were wrong.

I placed my attention towards the concept of Mother Earth and mentally asked of Her, “Show me Your presence.”

With that simple request, I felt Her gravity pulling me towards Her lava core. The Earth energy was as strong as when I spent time in the lush green of the Hawaiian islands, like an all embracing bear hug from an affectionate mother.

I had to smile because I ‘got’ it on much deeper levels in that moment: New York might have been designed by humans, but it was built with materials from Mother Earth, every last bit of it.

There’s no escaping Earth energy, nor is there any place where I’m cut off from it. The bricks and mortar and stone and glass all came from Mother Earth’s back. The very air that I breathe, water I drink, and food I eat is Her gift. Snow, rain, sunshine, and wind is our reminder that Earth energy is everywhere and always present.

It’s us humans who forget to be present in the moment. We forget that we’re connected to each other, forget the power of a simple smile, forget that Divine Light is in everything we see, and Earth energy is ever present.

It was that reminder that I loved best about New York City.

Yes, it’s easy to forget. But with all the stimulus, it can be even easier to remember. If we remember to, that is.

Why not start today?

That’s my story. Now it’s time to write yours…

Action Plan

(Because knowledge without action is a Mind Game at best.)

How to feel the Earth energy vibe.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation.

(Access it under Active Resources in your Member’s Area. CLICK HERE to sign in.)

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2. Pay particular attention to the part where you send your Light to the center of the Earth, and receive It in return.

3. At the end, stand up with your feet shoulders width apart. Relax.

4. Direct your attention to Mother Earth and say, “Show me your presence. (The more you relax, the more you’ll feel the connection. Depending upon where you are in your spiritual awakening, you could either feel a deeper pull of gravity or something else all together.)

5. Whatever happens, smile and say, “Thank you.” It’s a little way to express Unconditional Love towards yourself, and your Earth experience.

IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


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  • Glenn

    Giorgio, thank you for stopping by here on your way to New York. Remember that when you stay connected with yourself and let your Divine Soul guide you, your instincts will lead you to have the best experience possible no matter where you are. And, by the way, your English is very understandable! Have fun, buon viaggio and… come back?

  • Giorgio

    Excuse my English if I make mistakes. I want to say you ‘Thank you for this post.’ I’m going to New York in February and now it does not seem so big of a city.

  • Glenn

    Janie, isn’t it fun when you realize how connected you are? Thanks for sharing…

  • Janie

    oops, typo! happened

  • Janie

    Something similar happen to me when I was in Prague. Way cool!

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