How to Ignite Your Courage to When Your Inner Critic Says, “NOOOO!”

How to Ignite Your Courage to When Your Inner Critic Says, “NOOOOO!”

Courage. It’s a tricky creature. Especially when you have a load of old defense mechanisms waiting in the wings, ready to head the Great Unknown off at the pass before it can get you into potential trouble.

The real trouble is, those very same defense mechanisms often hold you back from being your fabulous and glorious Self.

Let’s face it. Whether for work or play, as you go along your life’s journey, you’re constantly facing steps into the unknown, steps that call for new doses of emotional courage, big or small.

We’re taught that courage is a good thing, so we like to think we have it. Sometimes pretending we do is enough to ignite it, until…

…the fear of the unknown bares its beastly fangs.

That’s when all your old defense mechanisms kick in, trying to keep you safe. At all costs.

What defense mechanism does your Inner Critic tell you to do?

  • Fight?
  • Flee?
  • Tell a big fat lie?
  • Swallow it down?
  • Exit stage left?
  • Cross your fingers for luck, jump in, and hope for the best?
  • Curl up into a little metaphorical ball and pray you become invisible?
  • Become a living lyric to a country song by smilin’ when you’re dyin’ inside?
  • …the list goes on. We’re creative Beings, after all. 🙂

Where’s that stupid courage when you really need it?

You fear tells you that having courage means getting shoved off the end of a high diving board into the deep end of the swimming pool. Head first. Without any idea of what to do once you get there.

Yes, the dance of fear and courage is a tricky thing.

Yet, without courage, we’re destined to spin our wheels in trying to maintain the same old, same old. Or we try to break out of the old norm, create something new, all the while keeping a back up plan in our pockets. If you’ve been working with Divine Light Vibrations for any time at all, you know how dangerous that is. You rely too much on that back up plan, that’s all you get.

This week, someone posted a video on Facebook from a University commencement speech that Denzel Washington made. His main message was, “Don’t make a plan to fall back on. Fall forward.”

Good idea. But there’s another thing Denzel said that stuck out even more. It applies to us all:

“If you want to have something new in your life, you have to do something different.”

So true! And that means stepping into the unknown. Sail uncharted waters. Move to the other side of old habit patterns.

It takes courage to do something different.

However… you’ve got the power of Divine Light Vibrations and your Divine Soul Knowing on your side to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

When you use the power of Unconditional Love to transform the learned fear that’s holding you back, it’s as easy as taking off a dirty tee shirt. Combine it with new action(s) on your part to give Divine Light Vibrations a moving body to work through, and you can accomplish anything. Yes, anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s learning how to cook rice without burning it, creating rich relationships, building a business, or learning how Infinite you truly are.

Power of Unconditional Love + Courage for New Action = Accomplishing Anything.

The Principles of Unconditional Love (aka: Divine Light Vibrations) apply at all levels, in all situations. The key is in how you use them.

Do you want to use Divine Light Vibrations to feed fears? Okay. Feed ’em. Spend your creative energy fighting it out, trying to overcome them.

Then when you’re tired of all that rigamarole, you can stop trying to overcome your fears. Simply decide that you’re done. Let go of them. If you want courage, then whatever fear comes up, ask Divine Light Vibrations to transform it into courage. Yes, it’s that simple.

It comes down to choice. (In case you feel resistance to that idea, that’s a good sign that one of your defense mechanisms just kicked in. Read the article, “Letting Go of Old Beliefs: The Biggest Thing You Lose.”)

Better yet, read my book, “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience—14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love.” Its fictional premise as a guidebook for Divine Souls visiting Earth makes it a fun read. The exercises and insights on the Principles of Unconditional Love, however, are anything but fiction. They’re easy, practical, and concrete.

Two days after it was published, I starting hearing from readers about how they used the exercises, along with the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation. (In case you’re new to the website, that’s FREE. Access the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation HERE.)

Divine Light Vibrations are powerful. So is your Divine Soul Knowing.

  • Two people started sleeping better right away.
  • One used Divine Light Vibrations to transform hot flashes into a sense of well being and illumination. She told me the technique worked right away. Cool, right? It works even with such a deeply ingrained cultural belief system.
  • Three people began refining their relationships—one at work, two in their personal lives.
  • Another began touching new dimensions of the Universe.
  • Still another refined her business goals, and made a clear and peaceful decision to move forward.
  • Working through her fear of being judged by others was first on the agenda for one reader.
  • Another decided it was time to put more “fire in his belly”, his way of describing courage.

Each in their own way, they’re all living new levels of courage. They’ve let go of their old ways of viewing themselves and what’s possible, so they can create something new. Yay! So are you if you’re here reading this.

So what can you do in practical terms to let courage flourish in your life?

Once you’ve released the fear or belief system that was holding you back, courage comes from knowing what steps you need to take so you feel like you’re walking on solid ground. Courage is also about feeling confident that you can handle that next step.

Let me share a game for learning courage on stage that I taught in my Improvisational Theater classes. It’s called, “What Comes Next?”

Because they haven’t yet learned the courage to be present in the moment, this is a perfect game for a beginning actor to play when they don’t know what to do on stage. It keeps them from making all sorts of silly choices that don’t move the scene forward.

Kind of like how we can make silly choices in life when we lack the courage to truly be in the moment, which makes our life kind of grind to a halt.

The nature of the game itself, takes the weight off the shoulders of their ego intellect with all of its fear-driven behavior.

After, I’ll tell you how to play the game with your Divine Soul Knowing so you have a firm action plan that you can implement with confidence.


In the game, all of the responsibility is taken off the Beginner’s shoulders by assigning a more experienced player the role of “Director”.

The Beginner asks the Director, “What comes next?”

The Director gives the Beginner something to do. I’ll make up arbitrary actions to illustrate the point.

“Go to the refrigerator,” says the Director.

The Beginner walks to an imaginary refrigerator and stands in front of it. “What comes next?”

“Open the door and take out a bottle of water.”

The beginner mimes the action. “What comes next?”

“Drink it.”

The Beginner mimes twisting the bottle top to open it and then drinking the water. “What comes next?”

“It’s a magic elixir that transforms you into an angel.”

The Beginner twists and turns, and then mimes surprise at having wings growing out of his back. He twists his head to try to look and then asks, “What comes next?”

See what’s happening?

At first, the Beginner does literally what the Director says, no more, no less. With more confidence in himself (aka: Courage), he starts to add his own details until he instinctively knows he’s finished the action, and is ready to ask for the next piece of action.

When you’re taking steps into the unknown and aren’t sure what to do next, play this game with your Divine Soul. Put yourself in the place of the Beginner and let your Divine Soul be the Director.

This works no matter where you are in your spiritual growth. It’s always fear that holds us back in some way or another. This technique works for creating a plan, as well as the actual doing.

Action plan cartoon: Ideas without action are just daydreams. Enlightertainment with Glenn Younger, author and spiritual coach on DivineLightVibrations, Inner Critic

Action Plan

Ignite your courage and overcome fear.

**If you’re really paying attention, your Divine Soul guidance of “what comes next”  will always contain the theme of you learning to live your Light on deeper and more powerful levels.

1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation every day. It’s good practice so you can play “What Comes Next” with your Divine Soul Knowing even as events are unfolding.

Access the deeper version 2.0 of the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation HERE.

2. Release your fear(s) for transformation into illumination and emotional courage. (How to do that is in the mini-course that comes with the guided meditation.)


From here, the following actions steps are valid for planning, implementation, as well as asking on the fly.

3. Ask your Divine Soul, “What comes next?” Wait for an image or idea to come on the wings of Her/His  “yes” vibration.

4. Be curious and the answer will come to you in the right way, at the right time.

5. Then follow through.

6. When you’ve completed the action, ask for your next action step. If you really want to refine your approach, ask, “For my highest good, what comes next?”


IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


Suggested reading:

  1. Book: “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”
  2. Article:  “Letting Go of Old Beliefs: The Biggest Thing You Lose”

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What defense mechanism does your Inner Critic tell you to do?

Write it in the comments below.

I’ll send you Divine Light to transform it into full emotional freedom.


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