Perceptions Create Reality

Perceptions create reality

If mental gymnastics and quizzes float your boat, you’re going to love this! Have fun. Let your imagination play.

Then tell me what you got out of it, okay?

It all starts with the header photo. Really LOOK AT IT.

Allow yourself to take a visual journey into the design. Maybe you’ll get a thought, a series of thoughts, or maybe just a sensation. Don’t judge. Just observe yourself and try to feel your visual journey with open curiosity, interest, and detachment to what it might be.

Scroll back up and look at it now.


If you really contemplated it, you probably made some decisions about it. Our ego intellects love to fill in the blanks.

Here’s a part of it again, but in another shape. How does it fit with what you saw in the header photo?

Let’s pretend the next image is a metaphor for our Universe.

How are the two images connected?

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 What strikes you most about this image? The small details or the overall design?

(By the way, this is an E8Polytope: a very scientific name for an incredibly beautiful geometric structure.)

Our individual human cultures like to say their particular enlightened master knows all there is. It’s amazing how they’ll fight it out over which master had/has a bigger piece of the infinity knowledge-pie.

The next picture is a what our so called enlightened masters would see of our metaphorical Universe:

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e8polytopePortion Divine Light Vibrations Perceptions

Compared to the first image, they see a tremendous amount. Yet, it’s just a small portion of the greater whole.

Now this is what someone sees when they start to ‘wake up’ and remember the infinite Unconditional Love of their Divine Soul Knowing.

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E8PolytopePixellatedPortion Perceptions Divine Light VibrationsIf someone doesn’t know anything of life here on Earth other than debilitating fear and limitation, seeing just this much is scary as all get out.


Get it? Our perceptions shift depending upon how we decide to look at something, and how much of it we’re able to see. The deeper your ego intellect goes into your Divine Soul Knowing, the more your perceptions will expand, and the more you’ll be able to perceive.

You can come back and contemplate these images a month from now and they’ll take on other meanings for you.

Here are 3 points to this exercise of how Perceptions Create Reality:

1. Infinity is a pretty huge concept. We can never fully understand it from where we’re sitting in our human form.

2. Please don’t get caught in the trap of letting your ego intellect drive your journey by saying, “Now I know all there is to know!” Or rush through life saying, “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” without ever really looking. What a waste!

3. When you listen to what spiritual teachers have to say, do it knowing they only have a portion of the whole picture. Sure, it’s bigger than your vision, but it’s still not the whole enchilada.

That being said, we CAN ask our Divine Soul to guide us from where we are right now to more heightened states of perceptions called “illumination”.

Keep in mind that one person’s idea of illumination might be to ask to not get so bent out of shape if their sports team doesn’t win a game. Another person’s might be to ask to return to the molecules of the Original Light Source.  And still another’s idea might be to ask to learn forgiveness.

Each are super valid requests. It just depends on where you are in your spiritual reawakening and what you came here on Earth to do.

Let’s bring it home with the main message:

Since perceptions create reality, your perception of yourself counts the most in how you live your life.

Be gentle with yourself, and others, as you grow. Let your curiosity keep you open to new understandings of who you truly are… what you truly want… and what life you truly come here to live.

Remember: Your perceptions create reality, and curiosity can expand that reality far beyond your ability to perceive at this point in time.

Listen within to the voice of your own Divine Soul who knows you better than anyone and knows exactly what you need each step of the way so you can live your life fully, freely, joyfully, joyously, uninhibited, unlimited and in perfect resonance with the world around you.

From the Light of my Divine Heart to Yours,

Enjoy the journey,


PS.  For those of you who don’t know much about sacred geometry, it’s the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the building blocks of all physical creation.

That being said, you can still drive a car without knowing how the engine is made and from what metals.

The same thing goes for living your life. What’s important is to trust the driver. Let that driver be your Divine Soul.

Action Plan

(Because knowledge without action is a Mind Game at best.)

For expanding your perceptions, and learning to let your Divine Soul be the driver.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation. (You’ll find that in your member’s area).

Access the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation HERE.

2. Place your attention on your solar plexus and the concept of already being a form of Infinite Unconditional Love.

3. Then ask your Divine Soul, “For my highest good, what do you want me to know?”

4. Ask once. Then sit quietly and observe your thoughts as they flow. (If they’re chaotic, insert the thought, “I choose peace,” and see what happens.


IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


Suggested reading:

  1. Book: “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”
  2. Article (Freshman): ““Divine Soul = Higher Self? Not at all!”
  3. Article: “Illumination, Divine Souls, and the Illusion of Duality (Separation)”
What reality are you creating for yourself today?

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