The Power of Unconditional Love


The Power of Unconditional Love

The habitual problem most people have with the idea of Unconditional love is they think it’s something to…

…strive for…

…earn in some way…

…or yearn for in their heart of hearts.

The prevailing belief is that Unconditional Love will either…

…turn them into a doormat and people will walk all over them…

…or it can only be found through someone else.

When it comes to your Inner Critic, it thinks it’s giving Unconditional Love when it whispers toxic nothings in your ear. It believes it’s saving you from potential rejection.

But that’s not Unconditional Love at all. It’s fear-mongering on the most personal level possible.


The fact of the matter is…

Unconditional Love is what we’re made of.

The vibrations of Unconditional Love are what we use to create our life experience.

Unconditional Love is already flowing through us. We’ve simply forgotten to recognize it, that’s all.


The truth is…

Unconditional Love is powerful beyond measure.

And THAT’S what we truly fear the most: our own inborn power.


The solution is…

STOP using it to feed the fears of your Inner Critic. You do that every time you hold yourself back.

Consciously ask and direct it to transform ANY fear or doubt into illumination and emotional freedom.

Because you can’t truly help others if you don’t first help yourself to stand tall in your Light.


The action plan is…

Take the time to reacquaint yourself with your own Divine Soul Knowing. It’s the Infinite You of Unconditional Love that lives underneath the labyrinth of your human conditioning. And it goes light-years deeper than your Higher Self ever could.

It knows you better than anybody else, and loves you unconditionally—warts, boogers, cellulite, and all. Because it IS Unconditional Love and knows nothing else.

Everything else is learned behavior from early youth. We build new experiences using those past “lessons” of limitation as the guidepost.

But no more!


What you learn, you always have the free choice to unlearn.

So send that Inner Critic on permanent vacation. Because… YOU CAN.

You can start letting go of those limitations using the onsite guided meditation and its mini-course. Even better, go straight for the gold. Choose to meet the Infinite You today.

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Let’s chat!

What’s the one idea about Unconditional Love that hit you the most?

Share it in the comments and I’ll send you Light from afar.


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