Prosperity of Passion, Money and Giving Back to Others

Yesterday, I ran into a friend of mine on the street who has a premium recording studio here in town.  Now, it would be easy to say that there’s limited opportunity in a small town in northern Italy (or any small town for that matter).  That simply isn’t the case when you express your passions and are willing to receive money in just re-compensation.

The prosperity of passion, money, and giving back to others is a way of life for him.

“Money is raining down on me!” His smile literally glowed and I felt it wash over me.  “I just did music for a commercial that’s going national…”

I grinned back because I knew that meant bountiful residuals for one day’s work.  I also knew that in order to get that contract, he beat out all the huge recording studios in Milan and Rome.

As he spoke about other projects that were coming or had come into fruition with a nice economical payback, the thought hit me how much I admire his approach to his work.  He gives and receives freely and then gives back even more.  I know for a fact that he’ll do recording sessions for young and aspiring musicians for just a token fee as his way of ‘giving back’.  I said as such to him.

“Thank you,” he said. “I feel so very fortunate.  Besides, I know that paying full recording costs to cut a song is well beyond most young musicians’ abilities to pay.  But,” he added, “I don’t do it for free because I don’t want them to feel like they’re getting charity.  They have to feel like they have ownership of their work.”

I loved hearing the verification, once again, that if you trust in the value of expressing your passion, then the money will, indeed, follow.  That is, if you’re willing to let it.  That’s not just an old tag line to spirituality.  It works.

“I don’t think I could ever work for just money,” he said thoughtfully.

“No,” I agreed.  “Me neither.  Working just for money without pleasure puts you into self anointed slavery.”

“I know!  It’s simple really.  I just love showing up to work.”

Why not take a highlight from his journey and make it yours? If you haven’t yet discovered your own passion, then try to find something in the work that you currently do that you can feel more passionate about.  You’ll probably start waking up on Monday mornings excited to face a new week.  If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the money you do receive on whole new levels.

To discover more about your own passions and prosperity, why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you? It knows you better than your ego-intellect ever could.

Start by doing the Step-by-Step Video Guide right here on the website.  You’ll learn to release all the past conditioning that’s been blocking your passion and/or prosperity.

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What’s one thing you want (or can be) be more passionate about in your current life? 
And what kind of reward would you like to receive for it?

Share it in the comments below.

Then let’s all send vibrations of Divine Light to each other to help us to grow into it.

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