Realms of Possibility and a Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Realms of possibility – I didn’t see this one coming…

This is a reprint from my previous blog in 2009.  I’m sharing it here because the further you go in remembering your Divine Soul knowledge, you’ll encounter deeper levels of information. This will also give you some insights into my journey and how my Divine Soul guided me along the way.

As always, in discovering new realms of possibility, it’s important to remain open, curious, and detached to outcomes.

Our ego-intellects have a tendency to want to put new information into old boxes of knowledge.  That’s not really the best way to go about it.  You know the phrase, “You shouldn’t put new wine into old wine-skins?”  When you do, the old wineskin makes the new wine turn to vinegar.  The same thing is true for new knowledge, especially when you’re entering new dimensions and realms of possibility.

Eventually, you’re going to come to a point in which you’re going to truly feel like a ‘stranger in a strange land’.  That’s okay.  New realms of possibility mean new realms of understanding.  Trust that your Divine Soul will guide you in the right way and at the right time.  And if you’re unwilling to hear it directly from your Divine Soul, she/he will call on another Divine Soul to assist in your growth until you’re ready to listen directly.

If this kind of experience interests you, just ask and your Divine Soul will guide you.  If it doesn’t interest you, then you’ll never ask and so it won’t come into your conscious awareness.

If you want to move into new areas of self awareness, you’ve got to let go of conclusions you’ve already made about what you think you know.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry


His Divine Soul came to me many times afterwards.  He first took me on an inter-dimensional journey.  Of course, I imagine He wouldn’t have come if I’d not already asked, and been shown, what different dimensions looked and felt like.  The doorway in me wouldn’t have been open enough to even be able to discern His arrival if I hadn’t.

If you’re at all curious about the feel of different dimensions, then just continue your work at releasing outdated belief systems, fears and old emotions stored in your body so your body’s vibrational frequency becomes lighter.  Then, ask to be shown the different dimensional frequencies.

You need to specifically ask and receive, though, from your heart.  Once you’re ready to know, your awareness will be open to your Divine Soul to show you the different dimensions using communication channels that are uniquely yours (possessive plural).

It was through those earlier experiences of feeling the different dimensions that I learned how everything was vibrational and how each ‘dimension’, with its corresponding overtones, carry their own specific frequency.  Those were the practical insights which gave me the information necessary to catch glimmers of understanding of some of what was to follow.

Back in late November and December 2008, I started keeping my little ASUS computer on my lap as I meditated because so much information was coming in and I wanted to write it down before I fully came out of a meditative state.  I didn’t want to forget so it was easiest just to either type my experiences right away and recap them later or, other times, give my hands over to my Divine Soul and let Her do the typing before my ego-intellect filtered the information beyond recognition.

This is some of what I wrote on December 14, 2008 (if you see ///, it means I jumped forward in my notes):

“This has been a big week for learning to let go. /// It always seems to come back down to our own willingness, doesn’t it?

I’m coming to trust A, the short nickname I’ve given to my Divine Soul, as more things have been revealed to me.  I’m going to call my Divine Soul ‘She’ only because my human form is feminine.  My sense is that my Divine Soul is androgynous in nature.  As I typed that phrase, She was saying ‘yes’ to me.

She has been most gentle and patient with me, this week in particular, as she teaches me to have patience with myself in my eagerness to learn more.  Everyday, I’m integrating my concept of self with the recognition of A’s constant and unwavering presence so that my emotional perceptions are moving away from a feel of separation between us.

Here’s an odd thing about spiritual awareness as it unfolds upwards along the spiral: just when you think you have gone beyond a certain belief system, or a way of looking at things, you find yourself being brought to deeper levels. 

If you want to go further, those new levels bring you to where you need to let go of the very thing you thought you had already released.  You find you need to release it on deeper levels, that’s all….as well as let go of the very thing you thought you had just learned.

Here’s my most recent example.  I thought I’d moved beyond the emotional idea of separation between my Divine Soul and myself.  I’d even spontaneously started asking things directly to myself and was getting precise answers.  For this reason, I thought I’d finished that particular phase of growth.  Then, the answers started getting a little cockeyed.  It’s like they were true and, yet, not true at the same time.

/// I was so frustrated!  I began thinking I couldn’t trust anything my Inner Voice told me.  Then I started putting Her to the test and, of course, She didn’t pass the muster because I didn’t trust Her.  In short, there was a whole lot of fear going on about moving into a new arena in which I, Glenn the woman, had no conscious recall of how it all worked ///.  This, in turn, was making me want to hang on to what I already knew.

The fact of the matter is you can’t move on into new areas of knowledge (and remember what you have forgotten) without being willing to let go of the conclusions you have already made about what you thought you knew.

Finally, something clicked inside my brain – literally, I heard a sharp snap inside my skull one night this week while I was in bed and starting to do my bedtime meditation –”

I want to interject something here.  One of the earlier times I had heard a similar crack like that in my head, I sat up in bed in full alert.  It was maybe a year earlier and, at the time, I had likened it to how a crack on a frozen lake will resonate in the stillness of a winter night.

I asked my Divine Soul, “Is the ceiling falling down?”  The answer was, “No.”

“Was it in the kitchen?”  No.  I waited around to see what would happen next.  Nothing.  All quiet.  Finally, I asked,  “Do I need to be concerned about it?”  No.

“Okay,” I thought.  “So I should just put my head down on the pillow, go to sleep, and know everything is fine.”  Yes.

I put my head down but before I closed my eyes, I noticed that I was seeing all of these geometric forms.  They shifted configurations as I sat up and moved my head to look around the room, but there were always geometric forms.  The best I can explain is that the geometric forms were in the front of my vision and the solid objects of my room were behind the geometric forms.

Suddenly, I realized that this was not a vision at all, nor was I dreaming.  My eyes were open!  I even touched them to be sure and then held my eyelids open to be doubly sure.  The geometric forms stayed within my vision.

Needless to say, I was most curious to understand what it was I was seeing.  As soon as I acknowledged that curiosity, it came to me in a flash that I was actually seeing the molecular structure of my chest of drawers and family pictures that I have sitting on top.

Then, right on the wave of the ‘yes’ confirmation I felt upon recognizing what I was seeing, the surface of the appearance of solid objects in my bedroom began to peel away, very much like you can peel the skin off of a very ripe peach.  I just sat there in bed in wide-eyed wonder, not moving, barely able to believe what my eyes were seeing.  Needless to say, my intellect’s processing ability was completely turned off, as it had nowhere to catalog the information yet.

I have no idea how long I sat there and watched.  At a certain point, though, I thought with a laugh, “Okay.  That’s enough for one night.”

I put my head onto the pillow and soon fell into a deep sleep.  The next morning, I woke up, fresh as a daisy and unable to view the solidity of the world I lived in like I had the day before and the years before that.

Like many astounding things that have happened to me, in retrospect, I’m sorry I didn’t wait it out to see what happened next.  I have to wonder: what would have happened after the entire room peeled away and I was left sitting only in the visual of just molecular structure?

Then again, nothing happens before its time and that was all I could handle right then.

But, let’s fast forward back to December when I felt another crack in the night’s stillness inside my head.

“At first, I was surprised.  Then, I allowed some space in my awareness so I could listen through the white noise of my fear about this new development and hear the voice of my Divine Soul.  Gently, She guided me to come to understand the presence of the fear, as well as to give me space to choose to ask for its transformation.  I did ask…

…and each day, a newer facet is brought to my attention….

… and, so, I ask for the transformation of that, too.

This has been the process all this week.

I can’t repeat enough, it’s so surprising to become aware of these fears, no matter how subtle they might be, because I thought they’d already been transformed.  Well, they’d been transformed on the levels I needed before.  It’s just that each new area you move into will bring you face to face with another facet of the fear of the unknown. 

Maybe it’s just part of the human mechanism for the fear of the unknown to kick in so you can recognize the free choice for transformation.  I’m getting a ‘yes’ on that as I type. 

That makes the declaration, “I release the fears that no longer serve me to the Light” even more sensible and practical than I realized before.

/// I thought I’d come to the point that I was able to emotionally say that I wanted to bi-locate and that I was ready.  I definitely am in a much more humble space than I was a week ago. 

My ego-intellect even asked A what it could do to assist in the process and I was told to use the crystal portal in my heart chakra to open the way. 

As I started to do that, I felt a quiet, tiny little whisper of resistance that turned out to be that I wanted to know what bi-location would be like before I actually do it.  How typical is that?  It’s such a standard trick of our fear based ego-intellect that wants to be in control at all times and know what an experience will be like before you even do it for the first time.  That’s like saying you want to know what a first kiss will be like before you even met the person.

///So, now recognizing the presence of the fear, I asked A if it was possible that She show me a bit of what it would be like after the final ascension work was done.  To my surprise, She agreed and I began to feel some tingly sensations in my body.  I had thought it would be a type of vision but, instead, it was a sense of extreme lightness with a sense of vast openness in front of me.


This morning, as I was waking up and resting in that halfway world in which it’s so easy to have an illuminating thought, I had my flash.  I saw a large kind of boardroom.  I was at the end of a large conference table, which was lined with empty chairs.  At the other end of the table, there was a large picture window overlooking a city scene.  It was maybe on the seventh floor judging by the perspective of other buildings outside the window.  To my right at the end of the table, was a smaller table with a telephone, a jug of water and glasses and a flower arrangement.  In other words, typical empty boardroom fixtures.  The room was well lit thanks to the light coming in from the windows, which reflected off of light colored walls and the shiny tabletop.

Once my eye had taken in those details, the image snapped back into the pixel colored clouds that I’ve been seeing in the bi-location meditations. 

In that moment, I realized that the colored swirling clouds were the realms of possibility and it’s a point of allowing them to collapse into any point of reality, in any point in time, and in any dimension.  What I just got as a big ‘ahah!’ is that, at the end of this mission here on earth, I’ll move and exist in the realm of possibility before ‘collapsing’ into a new reality.  I’ll retain the memory of having had this earth experience, but I won’t identify with it as a personal definition of ‘me’.

There’s more, but I’m unable to comprehend it yet…. We shall see how it all unfolds.”

As I was typing this entry, I asked what significance does that seventh floor have.  It has something to do with the pineal gland, but I’m not sure what yet.

These were the first glimmerings I got of some of the mechanics of how bi-location is actually done.  Naturally, there are more.  It also shows how, often, our Divine Souls will show us visual images in meditations or dreams to answer our questions.

Recently, A has been showing me how to work with the sacred geometry of the torus – a round geometric shape that looks like a traditional round doughnut with a hole in the middle.  But, that’s another story that comes further down the pike.

From the Light of my Divine Heart to Yours,

Glenn Younger


Coming up: Dimensions, Infinity and the Truth is Never the Whole Truth


Update August 4, 2014: Retrospect has taught me a lot of things about that experience.  The consistent question people ask me concerns the meaning of the seventh dimension.  Yes, it was connected to my pineal gland being ‘reactivated’.

I also recognize how much it reinforced two general reminders that I’m passing on to you:

Your Divine Soul is always guiding you to new recognitions.  And in a way that’s unique to you.  So…

What’s the one thing that struck you the most in this entry?

Share it in the comments below.  Your sharing not only shines your Light, it helps others to understand on deeper levels, too.

To discover more about yourself,  and different realms of possibility for your life, why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you?  It knows you better than your ego-intellect ever could.  It’s loving, fun, practical, and concrete.

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The principles of Divine Light Vibrations, with its far reaching effects, are discussed in greater detail in the upcoming ebook “Vibrational Voyages – How to Make the Most of Your Earth Visit”.

Some of the principles found in this entry:

  • Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results
  • The Power of Thought
  • Your Divine Soul is Always Guiding You
  • All Things Come from the Divine Light Source
  • Knowledge Comes From How and Where You Place Your Attention
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