Menstrual Pain Relief with Divine Light

This is a transcript of a quick reading via text messages that I did with a client suffering from menstrual cramps.  Menstrual pain relief came through conscious use of Divine Light Vibrations:

C: Yesterday and today I’ve been caught up with my menstrual cycle. What a nightmare! But, I know it’s also a wonderful opportunity (to use the alchemy of Light). I didn’t take any pills for it and I’ve been in pain, but I’ve gone without medication! I’ll tell you about it when I see you Wednesday.

Glenn: Try to rest yourself on the OTHER SIDE of the waves of pain while choosing peace and well-being. It’s the resistance that creates the pain. The resistance is created by the belief that your menstrual cycle needs to be difficult and painful. I’m sending you a wave of Light.

C: Thank you! I did it and I’ll tell you about it…. I had a flash! When I had my first menstrual cycle, the first thing my mother asked me was, “Is it bad? Do you feel pain?” Me? I didn’t feel pain at all. Then, from the next month onwards, I always felt pain.

Glenn: There you go! You know you created the pain and now you remember when and why. You also know exactly which belief you need to give to Divine Light for transformation. If the blog was just for women, I’d share this..

C: And why not?! Yesterday and today, Andrew has learned new aspects of me. Even men need to know that women aren’t hysterical nut cases once a month. That belief robs both them and us of our power. I am learning so much about both the feminine nature in women as well as the earth that I truly ignored before and am trying to share with him. So, put it on your blog!

Glenn: Ok… she said laughing.

(Glenn’s note:  especially since her illumination of why and when came so quickly, this is a nice example of how fast the small illuminations can come to us when we truly go into our Divine Soul awareness.  She shifted from Stage One fighting and into Stage Two of a spiritual awakening right away.  Her Stage Three full freedom is still unfolding.

As a personal FYI: it took me three cycles to totally transform my ingrained belief and become free of any kind of discomfort connected to my monthly cycle.  Like any transformation, keep going, do the best you can, and Divine Light Vibrations WILL do the work!)

How-To Transformation Just For You

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For WOMEN suffering from menstrual cramps
  • Place your attention on your solar plexus.
  • Ask your Divine Soul to take you to the other side of the waves of pain.  Try to observe it, rather than resist.
  • Release all sensations to Divine Light Vibrations asking for transformation into peace and well-being.
  • Then ask for your belief system about your monthly cycle to be transformed into illumination.
  • There are exercises in the Spiritual Transformation eJournal to help you discover where you first learned to believe that menstrual cramps are a necessary part of the human experience.  You got the eJournal when you signed up for Good Stuff! Updates.
For MEN who think their women are hysterical nut jobs once a month
  • Place your attention on your solar plexus.
  • Release your tendency of harsh judgements towards anything that is different and/or that you don’t understand.
  • Ask Divine Light Vibrations to transform that defense mechanism into illumination.  Compassion will come naturally afterwards.
  • Remember that your Divine Soul loves you unconditionally and your women is learning to do the same.
  • Go make her a cup of herbal tea and tell her that you love her.
  • If you want to go deeper, there are exercises in the Spiritual Transformation eJournal to help you discover what relationship beliefs are holding you back from living love fully.  You got the eJournal when you signed up for Good Stuff! Updates.

A reminder for both of you:


Each month is a physical manifestation of a life cycle.  There’s a lot more going on with her than just cramps.  And men have lunar cycles, too.

By the way, in case you have life cycle issues that you want to address in other areas of your lives, the Principles are the same for any physical pain and any emotion, including judgement and anger.

Apart from a monthly flow, we’ve all learned to emotionally bleed in other ways.  Just look at all the workaholics out there who can unconsciously attest to that.

Do you have any tips about easing and/or transforming menstrual pain? 

Post them in the comments below.  Your sharing not only shines your Light, it helps others to understand on deeper levels, too.

To discover more about yourself, why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you? It knows you better than your ego-intellect ever could.  Start with the Step-by-Step Video Guides right here on the website.

You’ll also get a FREE Spiritual Transformation eJournal to use with the Step-by-Step Video Guides as well as insider tips you won’t find anywhere else.

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The principles in this answer, with its far reaching effects, are outlined in the upcoming eBook Vibrational Voyages – How to Make the Most of Your Earth Visit.  Click here if you want to see the Table of Contents.

Some of the Divine Light principles present in this entry:

  • Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results
  • The Power of Thought
  • Pain Comes From Resistance

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