Six Little Ways to Meditate and Still Be On-the-Go

6 Little Ways to Meditate… and Still Be On-the-Go

Do you sometimes get too busy to take the time for meditation?

Or maybe you want your life to become a full time living, breathing meditation of Unconditional Love that flows through all things including you.

All it takes is a simple shift in focus to let illumination shine through the stained glass of your thoughts.


ATTENTION: What follows is all subtle stuff, I know.


But it’s powerful when done with both curiosity and the intention of allowing yourself new illuminations. Don’t let the simplicity fool you.

There’s also a bonus exercise if you’re ready to go deep, deep.

Meditating is the act of quieting down the white noise in your head so you can get still within and listen.  It’s about being present in the moment and aware of yourself from within.  It’s the first step to being able to listen to the voice of your Divine Soul—the Infinite You— the part of you that’s consciously connected to everything that ever was, is, and will be.

Even while doing the most common of activities, you can go deeper into your Infinite Divine Soul knowing and still be meditating on-the-go. You’ll be taking the concept of multi-tasking to all new levels!

Here’s how:

Keep your attention on the soft spot of your solar plexus, right behind where your rib cage meets. Think of that as the seat of your Infinite Divine Soul Knowing. Ask Her/Him to teach you through one of these simple exercises.

1. While in the car, feel the texture of the steering wheel beneath your hands.

It goes without saying: keep your eyes open! It’s about where and how you place your attention that makes this an open-eyed meditation.

How would your Divine Soul describe the texture of the steering wheel to someone who has never seen a car before?  Go ahead and describe it out loud. You’ll be surprised how it focuses your attention to being more present.

You can do this same exercise with just about everything you do.  For example, if you’re reading this on a mobile device like an iPhone, feel the texture and temperature of the device while it is in your hands.  Describe those sensations to yourself as if it were the first time you ever felt them.


2. While you’re preparing dinner, notice how many colors are in each piece of food you prepare.

If you’re really looking, even mashed potatoes are made up of more than one color.  If you don’t cook, look at the colors that go into the carpet or the twelve square inches of sidewalk beneath your feet.

How would your Divine Soul describe it to a someone seeing it for the first time?


3. As you walk along the street or parking lot, discover one thing you’ve never noticed before.

It could be an architectural image, the feel of the breeze on your face, a crack on the sidewalk, anything at all.

Once you do notice it, stop and take ten seconds to really take it in.  Notice it with as many of your senses as possible—sight, touch, smell, sound, taste.  When you stop to really absorb something with your senses, even the taste of your saliva will change in a subtle way.

If you’re really feeling playful, let your ego-intellect pretend it IS your Divine Soul experiencing this for the first time. Let your interpretations of the sensations flow up from your solar plexus.


4. Wherever you’re reading this, notice how you’re sitting and what your muscles feel like in that position.

Choose one muscle.

Shift your position to allow more space in that muscle.

Relax into the new position. No, I don’t mean collapse into the new position, I mean relax into it by allowing your body to be present without you “holding it up” in any way.

Relax your stomach muscles in the process.

Now, with your attention on that muscle, say to yourself, “I choose peace for that muscle.”  Then observe the small changes.


5. Place your hands on the keyboard of your computer as if you were getting ready to type.

Take the time to feel the small bumps on the F and J keys.  Move your fingers over the small bumps and feel the sensation of your left and right pointer fingers touching those bumps.

Without looking at them directly, gently run your fingers over all the keys. Keep your attention behind your solar plexus and on your Divine Soul Knowing while you’re experiencing this. Feel the keys as if they are a labyrinth of boxes.

Now ask your Divine Soul to illumine you by asking, “How can this be a metaphor to the way my ego-intellect processes and manages information?”

Take it deeper, but it won’t be on-the-go: Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation. When it’s completed, ask your Divine Soul to take your ego-intellect to the next level of awareness so it can process and manage information more in alignment with the Infinite Ability of your Divine Soul.

On the other hand, if you don’t get a direct answer, don’t worry! You’re still multi-tasking by introducing the concept of remembering you have Infinite Divine Soul Knowing while doing an everyday activity.

The interesting thing about our Divine Souls is they will speak to us with a language unique to each one of us. It’s enough to ask the question and open your ego-intellect’s mind to hearing the answer. Your Divine Soul can use the sensations you’re feeling when touching your computer’s keyboard to answer that question. I talk about hearing your Divine Soul’s voice in the online course, “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)”.


6. While you’re listening to music, try to listen to the space between the notes of the music.

We’re conditioned to listen to music as an overall experience. Some listen to lyrics, other to melodies, still others to the techniques  used by the musicians.

But try listening BETWEEN the notes of the music. That’ll give you a strong shift in focus in its own right. There are also onsite meditations to guide you in this.

BONUS: This isn’t for meditating on-the-go, but it’s worth experiencing so I’m adding it here. (You might want to do this one with eyes closed.)

Ask your Divine Soul to take your ego-intellect’s awareness between the notes of your favorite piece of music. You’ll experience something else altogether!  That’s what I was doing the first time my Divine Soul took me on a journey between the molecules of our physical world.  It was the first time I actually saw the sacred geometry of the furniture in my bedroom where I was meditating. That’s another story for another day, but it was super Good Stuff! 🙂

Back to 6 little ways to meditate and be on-the-go.

In doing any one of these very small suggestions, you’ll focus your thoughts onto what you’re doing in the moment and organically become more aware of your Divine Soul’s presence.  The simple act of focusing slows down your thoughts and automatically cuts down on the white noise in your head.  More importantly, it helps to move you out of your habit patterns that keep you from being fully aware of what you’re doing in the moment. They’re like gentle wake up chimes.

For you beginners, congratulations! You just took your first baby step to meditation.  A full up meditation is more of that on deeper levels.

For you experienced Light Workers, take those simple activities and ask the Infinite Knowing of your Divine Soul to show you how that applies to your current spiritual discipline.

Last, for the cherry on the top, take three seconds to feel grateful that you’re even able to read and actually do any one of the things mentioned above.  That, too, is a kind of gratefulness meditation.

Action Plan:

Apply what you just read.

Invest 1 minute of your time. That’s only 30 seconds.

If you aren’t in the position right now to do one of the things on the list above, what’s next on your to-do list?

Multi-task it by also keeping your Infinite Divine Soul Knowing in mind.

Then share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. Your sharing not only shines your Light, it helps others to learn from you, too!

The principles of Divine Light Vibrations, with its far reaching effects, are discussed in greater detail in the ebook “How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)”.

Principles found in this entry are:
  • Focused thoughts create clearer results
  • Knowledge comes from how and where you place your attention
Six Little Ways to Meditate and Still Be On-the-Go
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