How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience

(14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love) 

“It’s fun. It’s practical. It’s a jewel of a spiritual book that you’ll reference so much, you might even fray the edges of your eReader.”

"How to Make the Most of Your Earth Experience (14 Principles for Living Unconditional Love)" spiritual book by Glenn Younger. Unconditional Love. Vibrational. Alchemy. Mindfulness. Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual Transformation.
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Table of Contents  

Google has yet to create a road map back to your heart of hearts so it’s good you’ve got the table of contents as a reference right here in your Vibrational Voyages Go-to Guide for Spiritual Beings, “How To Make the Most of Your Earth Experience”.

Each chapter in this spiritual book gives you a key piece of information for understanding how Divine Light works, especially in relation to your own inner power. Self-discovery exercises help turn ideas into practical application.  Before you know it, you’ll be living in a world with broader horizons than you’ve yet imagined during your Earth visit.


A note from Glenn

Intergalactic Buzz About the Book

Why Should I Listen to Glenn Younger?

A Quick History of This Guide Book

What is a Vibrational Voyage?


Part One – The Basics

Letter from the Divine Soul Travel Agency

With an excerpt from your original permission to visit packet.

Don’t Let the Simplicity Fool You

A simple formula to help you stay on track.

The First Step to Living Unconditional Love

Feel the vibe in meditation.

Your Divine Soul is Always Guiding You

Meet the best part of you.


Part Two – The Foundation Principles

1. All Things Come From the Divine Light Source

2. Divine Light is Equally Everywhere Present

3. Thoughts are Things, Which Produce Results

4. Divine Light Only “Thinks” in the Positive

5. Creation is Always in a State of Change

6. Any Emotion Can be Transformed Into Illumination

7. Ask and You Shall Receive… exactly what you ask for and are willing to receive.


Part Three – The Power Principles

1. For Every Want, There’s a Not-Want

2. Focused Thoughts Create Clearer Results

3. Knowledge Comes From How and Where You Place Your Attention

4. The Power of Asking the Right Question

5. Pain Comes From Resistance

6. Giving and Receiving is a Two Way Street

7. Let Divine Light Vibrations Do the Work

**The Most Important Thing to Remember

Read the book to find out.

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Just remember this:  It’s a far cry between knowing something intellectually and living it emotionally on a day to day basis with each and every person, and in each and every situation.

Like anything you want to master, it takes practice.  Chances are, you’re not going to get it right the first time, every time.  That’s just your ego-intellect talking if you think you will (she said with a smile, having done it herself… more than once!).

Still, as spiritual books go, you’ll have fun as you lift the fog of a conditioned worldview. Your personal insights to what you want – and the best way to go about having it – will become crystal clear.

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