5 Big Secrets to Getting What You Want

"I got what I asked for, but it wasn't what I wanted!" Have you ever said that? Getting what you want is simple with these 5 secrets. If you don't use them well, however, watch out. You might get [...]

The Power of a Smile

The world reflects back whatever it is you're feeling in the moment. Here's a little snippet of life that shows the power of a simple smile and the value of clearly knowing what you want.

Menstrual Pain Relief with Divine Light

Conditioning will not only affect how we respond to life, but also actually creates our life experiences. Menstrual pain relief came for a client when she used Divine Light Vibrations to [...]

Giving Lip Service Doesn’t Pay

Working with Divine Light takes practice. If you give Divine Light empty ‘lip service’ and don’t really put your heart and intention behind your prayer/declaration, you’re not going to get a [...]