Testimonials from people who are celebrating life on Earth, deeper than ever before.

Divine Light Vibrations, Glenn Younger author and spiritual coach

The desire for freedom of expression manifests in many ways.

We come to remember the power of our Divine Soul Knowing for many reasons.

Which one is yours?

  • A desire to know your Divine Mission here on Earth.
  • The desire to build an entrepreneurial lifestyle that ISN’T blocked by past conditioning.
  • A supreme curiosity to know yourself on more intimate levels.
  • You want to serve your spiritual tribe better… so you know it’s time to go deeper.
  • Problematic relationships at work or love.
  • Eating disorders or an unhealthy body image.
  • A bad-dog relationship with your mother. Or father.
  • The urge to express yourself artistically. Freely. Without inhibitions.
  • The desire to go deeper into your spiritual discipline.

Since the 14 PRINCIPLES OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are constant… how we can use them is infinite. So whatever you want… you can have and do and experience. The power is already within you. It’s a question of consciously choosing.

As you read the testimonials of these fellow Waymakers—and they come from all walks of life—know they were responding to the inner niggle from their Divine Soul that said…

“C’mon sweet pea, it’s time to bust out of the box!”

The one common thread they share is they were fed up with their old way of living.

They instinctively knew their worldview was too small to keep on living it with any real authenticity.

They took the leap.

Jumped into the ocean of Unconditional Love.

And reclaimed their birthright as a Divine Soul having a human experience, which inevitably led to fuller freedoms of expression.


You’ll see each journey is an intimate one, unique to the person who takes it.


I thank them for sharing and letting their Light shine


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Artwork by Rita Frivold, Divine Soul Extraordinaire

Stacy Nai testimonial for Glenn Younger with Enlightertainment. Spiritual Transformation using Unconditional Love for New thought Thinkers and self exporters

Stacy Nai

Reiki Lightworker

(Leading with Unconditional Love opened up new doorways to Stacy’s freedom of expression in dealing with grief, relationships, body image, and the grace of emotional healing. And she’s only on the second session of her Accelerated Growth Package of individual consultation.)

“Today has been one of the most transformative days of my life. Saying goodbye to Scott yesterday, I was able to go to his funeral today with nothing but love for everyone there. And stayed in the Vibration of Love. This was a building packed with my ex husband’s family.

I didn’t see people through my wounded eyes as I previously had. I saw them with love. And filled the building with Light and sent all of them healing. Healing in the space and healing through my open hugs and kisses. People I’ve never hugged in my 20+ years of knowing them. People I had never said I love you to before. Just love.

And you know what most of them did? They gushed. They gushed over my beauty. So many looking at me so differently than before. Which is ironic considering when they knew me before, I was thin. And the typical idea of beautiful. But I wasn’t beautiful then like I was today. Because my heart was guarded for years. And I led with pain.

Today I led with love, and that is all they could see. All I could think was, “Glenn was right”. It is absolutely magic.

Wow. So many old wounds, old stories healed. For me and for them. Including my ex husband. We hugged twice.

Only a few months ago he still could barely be near me. Vibrating with anger. Today it was gone. We hugged and all I could feel was PEACE.

This so enormous for me. For my growth. And for my role as a healer. To experience this today.

I am so incredibly grateful. I am so full. From this point on everything will be so different. Beautiful different.

I’m so excited 💗

(Also I was the only one not dressed in black. I wore beautiful pinks and sky blues, colors of Joy)

Thank you for the work you do. And kudos to me for listening. ☺”

Sue Ellis-Saller testimonial for Glenn Younger with Enlightertainment, Alchemy of Unconditional Love for New Thought Leaders on Freedom of expression

Sue Ellis-Saller

Social Media Business Mentor, Tarot/Angel Advisor, Reiki Master

(When Sue tuned into her Divine Soul Knowing, she opened up new doorways to her personal creativity and  freedom of expression.)

“The session I had with you was Ah-mazing! I connected with part of me that I haven’t been in touch with for too long—the confident, creative, soul-driven part of me. It was such a spectacular feeling and has led to me doing so much more in both my business AND personal lives.”

Sara Yip. Testimonial for Glenn Younger and her Divine Soul Coaching Session

Sara Yip

Psychic Intuitive specializing in numerology

(An overload of work and home responsibilities were slowing Sara down. When she  tuned into her Divine Soul Knowing, she got the clarity she was looking for.)

“Glenn is unlike any other intuitive I have ever worked with. She’s from some amazing planet where they just get you without even meeting you. I felt a huge shift just by booking a 1-on-1 Coaching appointment, and this peaked during the call tonight.

Really deep, way beyond the human dimension and so grounding at the same time. 🙂 Feeling enormously better and like I can conquer the world again. No small feat given my workload is 4x normal right now.

Subtle, dramatic, gentle, funny, ethereal and gigantic—all words I would use to describe the change I felt after talking to Glenn. THANK YOU. Will be back!”

P1090764.JPG – Version 2

Angela Miele

Lightworker with Sound Bowls

(Angela’s freedom of expression was to go deeper into her spiritual awakening.)

“Glenn and I met at Drunvalo Melchizedek’s workshop. In her true fashion, following her heart, she was guided to sit next to me the first day and we were chatty Kathys’ the whole week. Her joy for life exuded from her being. Aside from the workshop, she took me on a journey of self-discovery into my heart that I would not have achieved otherwise.

My most amazing moments on my journey of awakening have come by way of Glenn.

A 1-on-1 session with Glenn is so profound, you may not realize it at first.  Each time the sessions seem to circle back time and again with more profound guidance each time, as if they’re on their own little spiral of energy.

She guides you from a place of truth, joy, laughter, and Divine Love. She has a way of guiding you to your truth, and their is no place for ego.  Later when you contemplate your session, your ego can’t mess with you because, you did all your own work and she is your captain.

Being on this journey with Glenn in your corner, well it is difficult to put into words. She creates an environment of love, joy, laughter, simplicity, and matter of fact truth. It is fun, fun, fun!!!! Join her for the ride of your life.  A vibrational voyage is what you will experience and you will have fun doing it.  I am eternally grateful to share this journey with her and what a hoot it is.

Love and light,


Version 2

Anna Morandi

Lightworker with children, music, and voice

(Anna’s freedom of expression came from learning how to ask and then receive.)

Working with Glenn has completely change my life and my perspective. She helped me remember who I am from deep within, and taught me how to listen to my Divine Soul’s step-by-step guidance in a way that’s practical and concrete.

Thanks to the way I’ve learned to work with Divine Light, I’ve cleaned up old memories and conditioned limitations. This has given me the courage to make big decisions in every aspect of my life, including important work transitions.

Now, I express myself with a freedom I never had before, and I have the techniques to continue transforming my life in whatever direction I desire.

To this day, I still come back for individual sessions with Glenn.


P1160805 - Version 2 – Version 4

William Roper

Professional English Teacher in Korea & Reiki Master

(William’s freedom of expression included shifting his ideas about prosperity and finding the right job for him.)

“Just wanted to say thank. I have been doing the ‘Basic Activation of the Divine Light Vibrations Guided Meditation‘ everyday. I have to say it really works, I mean I feel like a million bucks here, almost glowing, plugged in and really charged with an almost child like feeling.

I did give it 100%. What I mean is that I took in every word you said on it, focused and opened up. I really let go and released a lot of stuff that had been been blocking me… and now I almost tear up with joy as I even think about doing it again.

I will be recommending this to as many people as am sure they will only benefit from it each day, as I certainly have. Things are really positive…it’s hard to describe in words.

I will keep you in touch with how I get on as I carry on. Many thanks for all the hard work, and I love the pictures too. All and all a piece of the puzzle to assist me on my own experience. Funny how it found me too, but that’s another story.

Many thanks,


Sandra KahaleSandra Kahale 

Wordsmith, Professional Editor

(Letting Divine Light flow freely gave us both freedom of expression and made for a great working relationship on both sides.)

“For any of you who may be wondering what you really want, or where this is all going, or if Entrepreneurial Exhaustion is going to be your new normal: I have to recommend spiritual coach and Divine Soul Glenn Younger.

She’s like a rocket ship of love, straight to the heart. What a gift!”

Version 2Alessia Porro

Co-Founder of the Mercantile

(Alessia’s chronic stomach condition led her to use Divine Light as the ultimate organic cure, which brought her the freedom of expression she truly desired.)

“I first met Glenn twenty years ago in her course “Listen to Your Intuition” and was introduced to the concept of having a Divine Soul. Later, I learned how to work with the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation and it helped me to know my Divine Soul better.

Working with Divine Light Vibrations, I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted.  Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest.

You can really understand what your Divine Soul is saying through the vibrations you actually feel in your body. Working directly with Glenn on and off over the years, has taken me to deep levels of knowing my Divine Soul. It has changed not only how I use Divine Light Vibrations in meditation, it’s changed the way I live my everyday life. I’m now able to center myself. Listen. And face difficult situations with inner peace and knowing. I also know how to luxuriate in the expansion of release with great joy.

No matter your spiritual discipline, your Divine Soul knowing is an important key. Glenn has the tools and techniques to help you be in touch with that part of you.”

Doors EdinburghP1060601.JPG copyPaolo DePrete

DJ, Musician, and Spiritual Researcher

(Paolo’s freedom of expression and creativity comes from meditation.)

“Hello dear Glenn! I want to thank you for your Good Stuff!! I’m a musician and DJ, but from many years ago my first interest is spiritual research. I love your spiritual way, and your meditation is really good!! I do it in the Italian version with your sweet, beautiful voice….BRAVA!!!

I’ve read all your amazing tips, I’m waiting for many others!!!! Grazie ancora Glenn, I love your Divine Soul….. I LOVE YOU!!!”

Testimonial Luisa Furlani

Luisa Furlani

Yoga Studio Owner and Instructor 

(Luisa’s freedom of expression started when she began to recognize the limiting beliefs that held her from her deepest happiness.)

“As it says in Step N. 6 of the Video Guides for your online course MEET THE INFINITE YOU, a spiritual transformation in Divine Light isn’t linear. It’s so true! The things that Divine Light continues to transform in the life I’ve chosen on this Earth is clear and beyond question.

From the very beginning of working with Divine Light Vibrations, everything has changed. Every step has had its own sense. Sometimes I wanted to run away from what I knew all too well. Unconditional Love (Divine Light Vibrations) gave me sensations of security and safety as it moved through anger and incomprehension to tears and then joy of release.

Yes, most times I wanted everything in my life to change in one fell swoop. It was only with practice that I let Divine Light completely and totally change this old point of view and the desire for instant gratification.

What made me keep going with consistency, to keep the courage, force, and desire alive? I wanted to feel my feelings, and live my life differently than before. Every resistance I felt along the way, I released to Divine Light… and that changed everything.

The day I met my Divine Soul and recognized Her, it was like a fiery volcano erupting, creating destruction of the old way and a rebirth into sublime quiet. She accompanies me and Her voice guides me. Old knots and blocks, ones that sat in my chest for too long, have melted away. The smaller ones transformed quickly. The bigger ones have taken more time as I’ve learned to love myself.

To truly Love me, this has been the most powerful discovery and release. When I fell in love with ME—with who I am, how I am, my body— both my limits and grand possibilities began to open up.

This is the Power of Divine Light. There are only vibrations, and even my thoughts have changed form. “I am not” has been transformed into “I CAN”. I ask my Divine Soul to guide me every step I take. She is always with me… and always has been. Now I know how to live with Her.”

Ivan Peron Acupuncturist, testimonial on Divine Light Vibrations

Ivan Peron


(When Ivan discovered the power of his own personal mantra, his freedom of expression went to deeper levels.)

“In a 1-on-1 session with Glenn on Skype, I was reminded of my connection with our natural instinct to know what to do and where to go in each moment of our lives. We are already wise enough to deal with any situation that comes our way as long as we allow ourselves to follow our inner guidance and natural ‘yes’ to life.

“Know that you know,” is the message I got from her and it resonated deeply. In my experience, there is nothing more empowering and exciting than this. Glenn has the ability to get you on that road to knowing, to get you to follow your instinct for your happiness.

Thank you, Glenn”



SJ in Cambodia - Version 2 – Version 3

SJ LeHoven

Writer, Actor

(When SJ used the alchemy of Divine Light to transform limiting beliefs, her freedom of expression beelined towards her deepest desires.)

“Thinking about contacting and working with Glenn? I say, “Go for it!” She’s a funny and loving person who will listen with her entire being. She will never tell you what to do but rather assist you as your Divine Soul guides you (through her).

Initially, I was looking for peace. I was in a relationship that I thought was good, but later realized was toxic. I was looking for a way to find myself. Center myself and take care of myself (heal myself). I’ve released so many things that I didn’t realize I was hanging on to! Belief systems that I’d swallowed wholeheartedly. Glenn taught me to trust the Light.

The realization that I ALONE am responsible for my peace, my state of mind, my spiritual growth, etc, has been key. I knew that before, but working with Glenn gave me the TOOLS I needed… this put me in the driver’s seat, in a place where I choose where I’m going rather than asking for mercy, etc. These tools put me in touch with my Divine Self, gave me a way to connect and ground myself, find peace and calm and then EXPAND.

Working with Glenn takes you to a very safe and peaceful place within yourself. From there, you can move forward or not.  Expand, or not. It’s up to you. Glenn will never tell you what to do, or what to think. Her role is to assist you in your personal growth. It’s very subtle what she does, yet very powerful. By “holding the Light” for you, she’s giving you a step-up, a platform on which to step and go further, but only if you want. Only if you meet her there and do your own work.

After EVERY 1-on-1 session I’ve every had with Glenn, I’ve felt like she helped me grow, expand by leaps and bounds. And it wasn’t that she was doing it for me, but rather she assisted the work that I was already doing. I think it’s important to be clear that this is only for people who are looking, who are willing to do the work. Glenn is there to assist or to teach tools so that we can go further on our own.”

Noelia Da Mata

Noelia Da Mata

Life Coach for Ex-Pats living abroad

(Noelia’s freedom of expression comes from going deeper into her own meditation practices… and using alchemy of Divine Light to transform polarized thinking into inner strength.)

“At certain times in my life, when faced with challenges where my ego-intellect has got the better of me,  I often turn to Glenn’s wonderful work where I’m reminded and guided to check-in with myself.

When I ask my divine light of Unconditional Love to transform my particular negative struggle into illumination, I always end up having a positive outcome that leaves me feeling much calmer, lighter, and stronger.

I even use the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation along with my own meditation practice, which also gives me some major impacting results.  Sometimes though, just by doing the simple Basic Activation itself and bringing my attention inwardly, is effective enough for me.

I couldn’t be anymore grateful for having this magic tool in my life. Thank you Glenn.”

malia DSCN1108 - Version 2

Malia Loke Reid  

A Goddess of the Home, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner

(Freedom of expression for Malia meant igniting the 5 Big secrets to getting what you want so she could serve on a grander scale.)

“We first did a series of 1-on-1 coaching sessions on Skype working with Divine Light Vibrations. Thanks to Glenn’s insights and the power of Divine Light, the illuminations and clarity came. I am now a Science of Mind Licensed Practitioner.

I came back to clear up some health issues, which I’m pleased to say are doing great. My family relationships are at an all-time great! Now I’m looking to see what I want to manifest in this next chapter in my life. “


Melanee Herrera


(Melanee’s freedom of expression came thanks to meeting her Divine Soul.)

“It is my 3 year anniversary since I met my Divine Self !

I’m losing identities or things I had identified with that I thought defined me. Now I know who I am not, I am more aware of who I Am . 🙂

I send you love and great Light to thank you again for showing up and making me aware of my true self. Many Blessings to you. I honor you and I think of you often.

With Great Gratitude and Love,

Maura Noris testimonial for Glenn Younger's spiritual transformation courses and individual coaching

Maura Noris

A Self-Explorer

Like all of us, freedom of expression is an ongoing discovery process as Maura steps outside the old ways and into the new.)

“It was a moment of difficulty and confusion when I found and Glenn’s Meet the Infinite You videos. Very interesting!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Glenn for all you share with us in such an unconditional and loving way. You’re a sage, illumined teacher, Divine.

Your courses and individual consultation are deep and profound. You help us reawaken to our Divine selves so we can move beyond the difficult moments in life. You teach us how to let go… to permit change… and to trust in something deeper that guides us to our highest good.

With your individual guidance, I let go of a pain that I’ve carried inside of me for a long time. Now, I felt lighter and more grounded in the present.

testimonial Divine Light Vibrations

Mitia Vicentini

(Mitia’s spiritual awakening is just the start to new freedoms of expression.)

“I’m really happy to write this testimonial!!!

I was able to have such a beautiful experience thanks to my partner who set up the 1-on-1 Divine Soul session with Glenn.

I came to the session without any expectations. I had no preconceived notions, no prejudices, no goals. There was only me and my curiosity.

The result was a tornado of emotions.

I’d already met Glenn socially, but that evening I realized who she really is, and I was amazed. I feel so fortunate to have done the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation together with her.

What happened in the session that evening was magical. For the first time, I felt the Unconditional Love of my Divine Soul from deep in my gut, something I’d never managed to do before.

Even though I’m only at the beginning, Glenn helped me understand through first hand experience how to communicate with my Divine Soul. That means I’m now able to listen to His guidance.

I’ve promised myself to continue along this path because I actually feel it for real. And it feels right.


Debbie Lehman testimonial for Glenn Younger and Divine Light Vibrations
Debbie Lehman 

Financial Professional

(Personal transformation opened up new doorways to Debbie’s freedom of expression.)

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and gifts with me yesterday. Oh my goodness!  I feel great.  This is so amazing.  I was praying for a mentor/teacher and you showed up.  This is the best ever.

Laughter and light to you.”

Glenn Younger thumbs up, author, Divine Light Vibrations, spiritual books, spiritual transformation for New Thought Leaders and Self Explorers

We’re in this together!

With each negative self-talk you transform into illumination and emotional freedom, the love will ripple out into the world in ways you’ll never be able to measure.

But you WILL enjoy it in your own life… and it WILL take you that much closer to remembering your Divine Soul purpose and mission.

Will you add your testimonial so others can learn and grow from you, too?


Pop me an email.

Testimonials: Freedom of Expression
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