The Power of a Smile

Do you see the smile?

Some people tell me they see a kiss.  Still, this is a story of magical synchronicity that can happen every day of your life, and how you’ll see smiles everywhere, if you first live with a smile in your heart.

The day I saw a bridge smile at me, I was extraordinarily happy anyway.

My brother and his family were here in Italy visiting for the first time.  Kate, his wife, wanted to go to Murano to see how they blow glass and I was pleased with her desire because it gave me a chance to visit somewhere that I hadn’t been in many years.  Most of the people who come to visit me in Italy never make it off the main area of Venice.  Shoot, most people think they can ‘do’ Venice in three days, which is just plain bonkers.  No worries, it gives the locals something to smile about and the check-it-off-my-to-do-list travelers leave with a sense of accomplishment.

There was just one small obstacle with fulfilling her desire: there was a strike that day for all water buses in Venice.  Of course, we didn’t discover that until we had already gotten up, looked with worry at heavily overcast skies, corralled all six of us together – brother, wife, three teenage kids and myself – taken the train from my town into Venice… and, then, wondered, “Where are all the people that are usually in line at the water bus kiosks?”

Frankly, the overcast skies didn’t concern me. I had already laughingly asked on the train ride into Venice if ‘Mother Nature’ could arrange for us to experience Murano under sunny skies, if it was at all possible. Having said that, the lack of transportation over to Murano was a different story.

After some hedging and hawing about what did they want to see instead of Murano, I sent them all a wave of Divine Light and asked the group, “What do you want to do?”

The kids bowed to their parents’ wishes… my brother bowed to Kate’s… and Kate head-wrestled with herself to give herself permission to want something against the odds. There was the strike in full swing.  It was definitely too far to swim and she wouldn’t have gotten a single one of us to sign up for the idea because, had we even lived through it, we all would have ended up in an Italian jail in short order.  She wanted to maintain the family’s vacation budget because it’s not cheap traveling with five people so an expensive water taxi was not in the formula. But, in her heart, she wanted to see glass blowing in Murano and this was her last day in northern Italy.

Ask, and if you are willing to, you shall receive.

We chose our water taxi driver carefully,  the one with a smiling face.  He ended up making us a deal to take us over to Murano at a cost that was only a few Euros more than what the water bus tickets would have collectively cost. That earned him spontaneous smiles from the whole group!

If you have never taken a water taxi in Venice over to one of the side islands (Murano for the glass blowing, Burano for the hand-made lace), put it on your bucket list. It is fabulous to feel the wind in your hair, the salt spray on your face, and to sit low in the water as you navigate the canals out of the main area of Venice with its fairy tale architecture.

The rain held off until we just entered the factory and we watched the glass blowing to the music of rain beating down on the roof.  We ooohed and aaahed over their production… didn’t buy anything… and went to enjoy a late outdoor lunch of pasta, fried calamari and laughter under sunny skies.

How’s that for synchronicity?  No, I don’t claim to have controlled the weather.  I do know after years and years of experiencing synchronicity in life that our Divine Souls will organically guide us and navigate us to where we need to me.  It might not always be in a straight line and it might involve navigating against seeming odds, but the way is cleared for us to arrive.  That is, if we are willing to let go and allow it to happen.

It was while walking around afterwards that the smile in my heart exploded into technicolor proportions. I don’t think I even would have noticed it, if I had not given a smile to an unknown gentleman who was passing by, muttering to himself. Our eyes connected for just an instant, but that instant was enough for him to receive my smile. His face lit up in surprise and he sent me a huge one in return. I was basking in that exchange when I looked over and saw that even the bridge was smiling at me.

Would I have noticed it anyway? Perhaps. Perhaps not.  For sure I wouldn’t have responded with the same thrill of excitement.

“Check it out!”  I called to the others.  “What do you see?”

“What?”  My nephew said.

“Nice bridge,” my brother said.

“Yeah…” my niece agreed.  “I like the reflection in the water.”

It was Kate, still buzzing from her happiness of being on Murano, who saw what I saw.  She burst out laughing.  “The bridge is smiling at me!”

“Me too…”

What’s important is this:

Why? Because you’ll be able to see it that way.

You know what else is neat about that? Your Divine Soul lives right there in your heart, one step away from your ego-intellect and all its controlling fears that close your eyes to the abundance of ‘Lightness’ around you. That’s a pretty good neighbor to have. Sometimes, all it takes is the power of a smile to open up the doors of awareness and the recognition of something grand – everywhere you look.


Have you ever had a moment when a smile changed your perspective? 
Share that smile with others in the comments below

To discover more about living the smile deep in your heart, and letting synchronicity flow in your life, why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you? It knows you better than your ego ever could.  Start with the Step-by-Step Video Guides right here on the website.

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  • Glenn

    Good! Pass that smile on to others… ;o)

  • Gary

    “What is important is this: the more you live the smile in your own heart and give it to others, no strings attached, the more the world will smile back at you…. because you’ll be able to see it that way”

    Love it. Smiles to you!

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