The Ultimate Organic Cure for Headaches and Body Aches

Headaches and Body Aches

The Ultimate Organic Cure

The summer is coming to a close. Bummer.

Vacation time is over. Double bummer.

The change of season blues can start singing its song in our bodies in the form of headaches and body aches.

Do you ever feel heavy? Tired? Rundown for no apparent reason? Especially when the seasons change, and the Earth shifts into a new rhythm?

Instead of fighting it, or popping down chemical remedies, try using the power of Unconditional Love (aka: Divine Light Vibrations). It’s organic and totally good for you!

Let me share part of an ongoing written exchange I just had with one reader, and how she used Divine Light Vibrations to cure both her headache and neck ache.

Then I’ll give you an action plan for curing your headaches and body aches, should they ever come your way. The same technique works for any time your body shows signs of physical distress.

ALESSIA: I’ve been suffering from headaches and body aches in my neck, so I took it into meditation last night.

When the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations was completed, I reminded myself, “Divine Light can do anything. It’s enough to permit and allow It.”

“Right?” I asked for confirmation from my Divine Soul Knowing.

When I felt the “yes” expansion, I went on to ask for Divine alignment in my body.

After asking, I let it go.. and allowed… Divine Light to do the work.

I saw in my mind’s eye a ray of Light over my head, and I felt the transformation as it was happening.

Today, I feel like a lion, full of energy. I’m so much better now. 🙂 Does this make sense?


GLENN: Of course! You asked. Allowed. It happened. Brava. Hey, can I share this in an article this week?


ALESSIA: But of course! It’s fantastic to move forward like this… still, getting a confirmation from you that I did it right helps reassure my ego intellect. At any rate, I felt the process as it was happening, and it was really interesting just to observe the results.


GLENN: CURIOSITY and ALLOWING Divine Light Vibrations to move as you’ve asked are two fundamental elements to our innate power. And there you have it; forward you go!


ALESSIA: To say, “I’m happy” are words way too small to express how I feel. My body is radiating Light like never before! Thank you!

What happens for you will be different than how Alessia experienced the transformation of her headaches and body aches. Since she’s accustomed to using her third eye, she saw the first confirmation of the transformation as a ray of Light over her head.

Each person is different. You might not “see” a ray(s) of Divine Light anywhere. But the technique is the same, and YOU WILL feel the results if you truly want them.

In Alessia’s case, she’s been overworking her third eye, while other talents weren’t being developed. It’s kind of like going to the gym and only lifting weights for your upper body. You’ll end up with a strong torso sitting on top of stick legs. The imbalance was showing up as chronic headaches and neck aches, but she didn’t want to resort to using aspirin as a cure. **

Alessia was also being hit by a double whammy. Over depending on her third eye was one part of the cause behind her symptoms of a chronic headache and neck ache. The other part of the cause was not being in alignment with the shifting rhythms of the Earth. Here in Italy, we just experienced some days of cold rainy weather right on the tail of searing humid heat. Put it all together and what did she have? Headaches and neck aches.

“Huh? WAIT A MINUTE!” A thought in your head cries out. “In alignment with the EARTH? What the—?”

Not only are our physical bodies connected to our emotional and psychic bodies, they’re also integrally connected the rhythms of the Earth, which is connected to the rhythms of the heavens. Seasonal changes do affect our bodies.

How can they not? We’re here. We’re an integral part of the Earth, physically, mentally, psychically, emotionally. The meridians of our physical bodies work in conjunction with the Earth’s magnetic field and meridians.

So you can get headaches and body aches of all kinds if your ego intellect doesn’t allow seasonal changes and emotional transformations to also flow in that marvelous body of yours.

That’s still another reason why the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation is so powerful in its simplicity. The second part—where you send your Divine Light to the center of the Earth, and let it be returned—organically keeps you in balance with your host (ie: the Earth). If you’re feeling the physical aches and pains of a shift in the Earth’s pattern, pay closer attention to that step.

When Alessia asked for “divine alignment” in her body, she gave full reign to her Divine Soul Knowing to decide what needed to be done for her highest good. Her Divine Soul Knowing and the infinite power of Divine Light Vibrations got to work on it right away.

All she had to do was sit back and watch as her body organically adjusted itself for her highest good and well being.

Her energy soon flowed in better alignment with both her True Self and the Earth. The result? She felt like a lion, full of energy. Pizzazz. Enthusiasm. Good stuff!

One other note. When you’re going through an emotional shift with the subsequent expansion in your Being, or on the cusp of a new super-illumination, it can feel like you’re stuck in skin that’s too small. I liken it to feeling like a hot dog on the grill where the skin is bursting, and the juices are flowing. That’s your ego intellect trying to hang onto the old, and still allow the new to unfold.

You can’t sit on the fence when this is happening. You’ve got to decide one way or the other. You want the old? Or the new?

It’s enough to ASK… LET GO… and ALLOW Divine Light Vibrations and your Divine Soul Knowing to work together for your highest good. The discomfort of headaches and body aches will pass in direct correlation to how you allow them to pass. Just like it did for Alessia.

**ON TAKING MEDICINE: Personally, I don’t take chemical medicines. I’m not saying medicines are “bad”.  I am saying I prefer to use Divine Light Vibrations as a Divinely organic alternative to chemical band-aids that treat the symptom, and not the cause. That doesn’t mean I’ll categorically REFUSE to take any kind of medicine in my future.  My philosophy and practice isn’t a dogmatic religious stance. Besides, how can I say what my future holds? I haven’t made the choices yet that will create it.

Bottom line? Alessia chose to treat her headaches and neck ache with Divine Light Vibrations instead of taking a pharmaceutical solution. It worked. She’s happy. You need to follow your own instincts and Divine Soul Guidance on this.

That being said, you might as well use Divine Light Vibrations to your advantage, rather than feed physical discomforts. Whether you opt in for traditional Western medicine or not.


Now it’s time to put Divine Light Vibrations into practical application for your headaches and body aches.

Action Plan

(Because knowledge without action is a Mind Game at best.)

How to cure headaches and body aches the organic way with the power of Divine Light Vibrations.


1. Do the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation.

Access the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation HERE.

2. Place your attention on your solar plexus, and the concept of your Divine Soul that knows how to direct Divine Light Vibrations for your highest good.

3. Ask for all parts of you to be in perfect Divine alignment for your highest well being, including any headache or body ache you’re feeling.

4. LET GO. That’s the key! (Note: On the off-shot chance that your symptoms feel worse before they feel better, that’s your ego intellect trying to stay in control. LET GO! Let Divine Light Vibrations and your Divine Soul Knowing work together for your highest good.)

4. Come back and share the results with us.

IMPORTANT: If you’re unsure how to do any of that, then the online course “Meet the Infinite You (8 Step Master Roadmap to Personal Freedom)” can help you. Click on it to find out more.


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Divine Light can organically cure what ails you.

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