Take the journey into multi-dimensions, Divine Missions, and the power of Unconditional Love.


Rah thinks she’s an ordinary American woman living in Italy. She has no idea that she’s so much more.

As lead WayMaker sent from the Origin Dimension of all Creation, she’s here to activate the Creation Song in the hearts of fellow WayMakers. With total amnesia of who she truly is and why she’s come to Earth, human evolution hangs in the balance. Humanity’s ascension into dimensions of Unconditional Love will remain a lofty ideal for but a few.

With so much riding on unwitting shoulders, it’s time for a wake up call.

It comes when Rah’s missing jewelry box reappears with no rational explanation. Her search for answers sets off a chain reaction that leaves no one unscathed.

When love and fear collide head-on, Rah gets caught in the middle. She becomes a direct target to Graion mind manipulations and power-games. Her friends become their pawns.  And not even the All-Knowing is willing to predict the outcomes.

Take the journey with Rah and her friends into multi-dimensions, Divine Missions, and the power of Unconditional Love.  You’ll laugh. You’ll tear. Cheer. And face fear. All the way to the nail-biting manicure-ruining ending.

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“I felt as if I was being transformed as I read the book…”

∼D. Lehman

“Finally! An entertaining read for those of us who view life beyond the third dimension. The characters were full of personality, it was easy to visualize and get to know them. I’m sure you will find one you connect with.”

 ∼An Amazon Customer

“After reading Rah’s story, I feel I’m closer to finding my true purpose (Divine Mission) and it has inspired me to make exciting changes in my life…”

∼Kelli S.

“WayMakers blended together three story lines that captivated my interest from the first chapter to the last… The characters were so richly presented that I felt parts of my personality in every character.”

∼John Ramirez

“What I super love about this book is the fact that the ideas have snuck into my thinking in such a wonderful way. I find myself calling pessimistic energy draining people Graions now without thinking.”

∼Dr. D. Beech

“Reading this spellbinding piece of fiction with hidden spiritual insights and experiences gives one a sigh of relief to your own life situations.”

∼Marcia Heller

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