Why isn’t Divine Light and its practical possibilities more commercially discussed?

Question from a reader: “If Divine Light Vibrations and your Divine Soul is a right way of living, why isn’t it more commercially discussed?  Thanks, I appreciate the honesty”

That’s a good question and one that I asked when I first wanted to learn about our possibilities in consciousness. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find much written on the subject.  Finally, I just asked within.

From where I am sitting, the answer to your question lies in two areas, although I am open for further enlightenment and comments from others. 

First, in order for a concept to be ‘commercial’, it has to appeal to a mass market of some sort, otherwise there are not enough people to ‘sell’ to.  It’s easier to inspire fear based purchasing patterns in large markets rather than to self disciplined inner choices.  

The logic of marketing and our modern day commercials is this: If you buy this product or that message, then it will bring you the happiness and love you seek.  

The masses are still involved in the fear based thinking of looking outside themselves for their gurus, wise men/women, and experts.  

The general public are also very occupied in chasing money in the hopes that it will gain them inner fulfillment.  ‘Commercial marketing’ in the Western societies has become a full time religion with money as their God.

Instead, when you meet your Divine Soul within, it will guide you to your own inner happiness and love.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with money.  Money is based on a mutual exchange of energy and I have a marvelous time enjoying the fruits of that exchange and where it can take me.  It’s the worship of money as the defining factor in your reason for being that will throw you directly into the throes of your ego-intellect and away from your heart where you’ll find the keys to enlightened vibrational thought and true inner happiness.

In addition, the ego-intellect is a powerful thing.  It doesn’t let go lightly of a belief system held near and dear to its identity.  For this reason, there are always ‘experts’ ready to disclaim the possibility of anything beyond their own concept of life.  It’s important to them to hang on to their own level of reality and so they do their best to collect others to validate it. Look at how Einstein reacted when thought progressed beyond his own theory of relativity.  He fought tooth and nail to hang on to it.  

We’re no different.  Moving between stages 1, 2 & 3 in our spiritual awakening process isn’t linear.  We can be happily sitting in stage three of total spiritual freedom when we encounter a new piece of information or idea.  It ripples like a shock wave through our current worldview.  Our first reaction is to resist the newness so we mentally jump backwards to stage one as we regroup our thoughts.  

If we release our resistance to Divine Light Vibrations right away, and ask for transformation into illumination, and allow the transformation, we’ll easily slide through stage two (finding the Light)  and back into the freedom of stage three.  If you don’t, you’ll hang out in stage one (fighting the Light) until you’re ready to quit fighting and move back into curiosity mode of stage two.

The good news is, we are living a leap in collective consciousness so this inflexibility of the ego-intellect is beginning to change. Your personal flexibility also grows with practice.  My sense is we’re going to start hearing more and more about alternative possibilities – both commercial and personal – based upon actual experiences rather than theory as more of us come out of the spiritual closet.

Secondly, and more importantly, any deeper spiritual awareness requires certain shifts in vibrational body, mind, psychic and emotional energy.

You can purchase the program or the services of a coach that will help you shift into deeper awareness, but you can’t purchase the actual awareness itself.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  You change every time you release an old belief system, a buried or not-so-buried fear, or an old emotion stored in the body.  If you don’t specifically ask for something in their place, out of habit, that old vibration or density of energy will come back.

Ask Divine Light for illumination

I suggest asking for ‘illumination’ simply because it makes more sense to ask for the entire cookie, rather than just a crumb. We get EXACTLY what we ask for, no more and no less. Plus, in asking for illumination, you’re also asking for a steady evolution in both your vibrational energy as well as your capacity to process new information not taught in collective and commercial social thought.

By the way, these principles of Divine Light Vibrations have been around for a long, long time in many different forms of language for many different religions and science.  I share them in a modern day language so you can  become aware on deeper levels how you’ve already been using them to create your life experience.  And can use them to create a new one if you so choose.

Have you come out of the spiritual closet yet?  And if so, how?

Share your insights in the comments below.  Your sharing not only shines your Light, it helps others to understand on deeper levels, too.

To discover more about yourself, why not listen to what your Divine Soul has to tell you? It knows you better than your ego-intellect ever could.   The Step-by-Step Video Guide is designed to help you learn how.  To get the most out of them, sign up for Good Stuff! Updates and you’ll get a FREE Spiritual Transformation eJournal designed to help your ego-intellect stay focused on what matters most.

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Principles present in this entry:

  • The Power of Thought
  • Knowledge Comes From Where You Place Your Attention
  • Divine Soul Conversations

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