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Shedding the past conditioning that holds you back will be as easy as taking off a dirty tee shirt and throwing it into the laundry.

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Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations
Guided Meditation V2.0


Get the results you’re looking for, and know they’re for your highest good. 

The Personal EJournal and the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations guided meditation make it simple to refocus your attention AWAY from the nagging of your Inner Critic and TOWARDS the Unconditional Love of your Divine Soul Knowing. That’ll definitely shift you into new horizons of full emotional freedom.

Whether you’re a newbie to meditation, or a practiced LightWorker, this mini-course contains great step-by-step information on how to get the most mileage out of the meditation.

The Spiritual Transformation EJournal is easy to use and will make all the difference in the world! It’ll help you to…

  • Decide what you want for right now. That most important “next step”.
  • Keep your thoughts focused in new directions.
  • Use simple measurements to keep you on track so you DO get what you want, because YOU CAN.

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